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Air Purifier Or Humidifier For Sinus

Runny Or Stuffy Nose: Humidifier Or Air Purifier

Review of OneConcept Baltic Air Cooler Fan Humidifier Purifier for Treatment of Hay Fever/ Sinusitis

A runny or stuffy nose can be a symptom of a cold or allergies, says Dr. Bailey. If you have other symptoms, like lethargy, achy joints, or a sore throat, you likely have a cold, and a humidifier could help relieve your symptoms.

On the other hand, if your runny nose is accompanied by watery eyes and sneezing, or if it acts up in certain seasons, like spring and fall, then its probably allergies. In that case, an air purifier is the way to go because it cleans indoor air of the allergens youre reacting to.

These particles could include dust mites, mold, pet dander, and cockroaches, says Melanie Carver, chief mission officer at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Pollen and outdoor air pollution can also seep into your home and affect your indoor air quality.

If you have asthma and allergies, its a good idea to consider use of an air cleaner as part of a multipronged strategy to help limit your exposure to allergens and asthma triggers, Carver says.

When Humidity Levels Rise

The point of a humidifier is to raise moisture levels. But too much of a good thing can harm your health in new ways. In your quest to combat too-dry air, be sure you dont make it too humid, either.

If indoor humidity is above 50 percent, fungi or mold will thrive, Carver says. Mold spores can get in your nose and cause allergy symptoms. They can also get in your lungs and trigger asthma.

You can measure humidity in the air with a hygrometer, like this one from ThermPro. Hydrometers are often part of indoor thermometers. Levels should be kept between 30 to 50 percent, says Carver.

Envion Fs200 Air Purifier & Humidifier Combo

This 25-inch combo ranks top on this list because it comes with two extra features. A fan and plus an inbuilt ceramic heater! If you were to purchase each item separately, youd need $360-$460, but guess what? The Envion FS200costs less than $250!

Youd think that it comes with a complicated menu since its a 4-in-1 combo. However, the menu panel just has a couple of knobs for the heater and humidifier. The air purifier control is a simple slide button thats synonymous with the 90s radio cassette players.

So, how does it work? A fan located at the back draws in air and directs it to the HEPA filters for purification. Next, purified air moves to a rotating dehumidifier cloth thats partially dipped inside a small bucket of water. This air moves to the ceramic heating then finally exits through the front grill.

Youll need to purchase a new set of HEPA filters annually. However, if you live with more than one pet indoors, its advisable to do replacements after six months. Why? Because pets produce high amounts of fur, mites, and dander that contaminate your living spaces at high rates.

The ceramic heater doubles up as a purifier because heat sterilizes air coming from your HEPA filters. Heat kills any finite microorganisms that penetrated the HEPA filters. Its also effective in eliminating unwanted smells.

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What Causes Dry Air In A House

You may have heard that warm air can hold more water than cold air. Let me explain fully:

Water in the air is made up of tiny molecules. These zip around, and get faster when the temperature is warmer, and slower then its colder. When its too cold, they will condense back into liquid water.

Naturally, warm air tends to have a lot more of these water molecules zipping around, because theyre moving too fast to become liquid. On the other hand, cold air has a lot less, since much of the water molecules turn back into a liquid.

When we take cool air inside our homes and heat it, this warm air feels dry because its got no new water molecules in it. We take the small quantity of water from cool air, and heat it up. So while normal warm air has a ton of water, air thats been heated doesnt. This is why it gets super dry. And this is what a humidifier solves.

Do I Need A Humidifier Or Air Purifier

Best Humidifier For Sinus

Both humidifiers and air purifiers can benefit your health, but they do so in different ways, says Dr. Bailey.

Generally speaking, If you have allergies, asthma, or respiratory/lung issues, an air purifier is what you will want, he says. Thats because particles in your homethink dust, dander, and moldcan trigger allergy symptoms, like a runny nose or watery eyes. These same allergens can aggravate asthma.

If your symptoms are due to a cold, however, a humidifier is the way to go. It wont make the cold go away, but it could improve your symptoms. If your chest, nose, and ears are congested, the humidity in the air helps to break that congestion up and allows these channels to drain, explains Dr. Bailey.

Heres a closer look at various symptoms and whether an air purifier or humidifier would be best.

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Increase The Effectiveness Of A Humidifier

Buying and installing a humidifier in your home is not the only way to relieve symptoms indicative of an onset of sinusitis. You can maximize the effects that the moisturized air has on your sinuses by sleeping with your head in an elevated position, to facilitate drainage after your mucus has been thinned.

Sleep in an elevated position

Flushing out your sinuses with a neti pot is also helpful. Consider using damp towels soaked in warm water placed over the face for further relief and easy breathing.

Can I Use Both An Air Purifier And Humidifier Together

Because both an air purifier and a humidifier perform completely different functions , they can be used together, even in the same room. However, you should avoid placing them too close together because the moisture from the humidifier could clog filters or otherwise limit the effectiveness of the air purifier. For instance, if a HEPA filter were to be consistently damp because the output of a humidifier was directed into it, the dampness could promote the growth of mold or bacteria on the filter. This can avoided by placing them at opposite ends of the room.

To operate effectively, both air purifiers and humidifiers need to be properly maintained. For a humidifier, this means frequent cleaning. Its also important to use distilled water with ultrasonic humidifiers to avoid adding mineral particles to the air, which might be harmful to your lungs, particularly those of young children and infants . For an air purifier, maintenance primarily means replacing filters regularly.

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How Can Humidifiers Ease Sinus Problems

There are a lot of things that can cause dry air, like furnaces, air conditioners, and cold winter. When the air youre breathing is too dry, this causes the mucus in your nose and your sinuses to stop flowing correctly. If the mucus stops flowing, youll become congested, which can then lead to sinus pain or sinusitis.

In order to counter these sinus problems, you need to add some humidity to the air your breathing. This adds moisture to the air you breathe, which then moistens your nose and sinus passages, increasing your mucus flow.The best way to do this is to use a humidifier in the areas you frequent, like your home or office. You can even use them while you sleep to combat insomnia caused by these breathing issues.

Best Humidifier For Sinus Problems: Our Therapeutic Picks

Venta: Humidifier, Air Purifier & Diffuser in One!!

According to studies, an average of 37 million Americans experiences some form of sinus issue every year. Sinus problems can cause difficulty breathing and discomforts that can diminish the quality of your life. There are also people who suffer from recurring or chronic sinus problems that prevent them from doing the things they like to do due to the discomforts.

There are a lot of natural ways for you to relieve sinus problems such as congestion. You can use aromatherapy, do a nasal rinse, go for a facial massage and install a humidifier in your home. The latter is something you can easily do not just as a form of treatment but also as a preventive measure.

A humidifier works in delivering more moisture into the air, which helps in alleviating nasal congestion and moisturizing the nose for easier breathing. It also helps eliminate unwanted allergens in the air.

Today, we will show you which of the humidifiers out there is worth buying. We chose the ones that helped others treat their sinus issues and those that are equipped with features that promote convenience and ease of usage.

In This Guide

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Which Product Is Better For Your Needs

Which product is better for your needs will depend mostly on your needs. If you have a little baby, both of these devices are beneficial, and I cant say which one you should pick. Or for patients with asthma problems or allergic reactions, both of these products are must-have.

However, if you only have concerns about viruses and infections caused by dry air, then a humidifier is a better choice for you since, with a humidifier, you will keep humidity at the desired level. On the other hand, with an air purifier, you can breathe clean, fresh air filtered, and all pollutants removed. That fact is one huge reason to buy an air purifier. But to help you out I decided to make two lists for you:

What Else Can You Do To Relieve Sinus Symptoms

To treat or reduce dry, irritated, or congested sinuses, you may also want to consider the following strategies:

  • Irrigate your nasal passages. You can use a neti pot or bulb syringe to gently rinse your nose with slightly salty water. Healthcare professionals also often recommend over-the-counter nasal rinse kits for patients with congested sinuses.
  • Alternate compresses. To ease sinus pressure, place a warm, wet cloth over your nose and forehead for several minutes. Then replace the warm compress with a cool, damp compress. Rotate the two several times.
  • Identify allergens. If your nose is stuffy or congested and your eyes are red or irritated, there may be something in your environment thats causing an allergy. Pets, pollens, and chemicals are common culprits. Try to limit your exposure to known allergens.
  • Limit drying medications. Some sinus medicines can cause a dry mouth, nose, and throat. Others can actually trigger rebound congestion if used too many days in a row. Talk with a pharmacist or healthcare professional about better alternatives.
  • Stay away from irritating chemicals. Some people have a strong sensitivity to harsh cleaning chemicals and beauty products with artificial fragrances.
  • Find out if another health condition is the culprit. Nasal polyps,

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Mooka Top Fill Humidifier

This humidifier provides a fine mist with 4 stages of filtration which can remove limescale and minerals in hard water. This effective device is helpful to provide the perfect level of humidity for body absorption and better breath and sleep. This wide opening design allows you to clean smoothly by your hand in every nook and cranny.

There are 3 adjustable mist output modes with 4L large capacity which allow providing service up to 16 hours within just one refill. The humidifier sensor indicates real-time humidity to set mode by adjusting the environment. You can get relief from cough, congestion, allergy even insomnia because better breath improves your congestion and sleep both.

This bright black color and attractive look can be a perfect choice for your office, bedroom, or other places. It doesnt affect your sleep because its extremely silent. You can set timer options from 1 to 12 hours and get all-day freshness with one filling.


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Can You Use A Humidifier And Air Purifier In The Same Room

8 Best Humidifiers for Sinus Problems (Jun. 2019 ...

Yes, you can use an air purifier and humidifier together in the same room. Both air purifiers and humidifiers have different functionality as one removes airborne pollutants and the other add moisture to the air for better breathability. However, you will need to keep them at least 2-3 feet apart or separate them with each at the opposite ends of the room. The excess moisture dispersed from the humidifier could clog or damage the HEPA filter and carbon filter when placed too close. For the best of both worlds, consider getting the best air purifier humidifier combo as listed here.

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Signs Of Dry Air At Home

  • Breathing TroubleIf you have trouble breathing and feel like your throat is dry, you may have dry air at home. Check how you feel in the morning. If you are waking up with a dry, itchy nose or throat, then you most likely have dry air in your home.
  • Dry Skin And LipsAnother sign of dry air at home is having dry skin and dry lips. If your lips are chapped and cracked, this is a sign. If your skin is cracking and sometimes even bleeding because it is so dry, then this can be another sign of dry air.
  • Warping Wood, Cracking PaintIf you notice that the wood in your home is warped or the paint on your walls is cracking, this is a sign that your home doesnt have enough moisture. Hardwood floors and paint need normal moisture levels to avoid this problem.
  • Getting ZappedIf you frequently find yourself zapped when you touch clothing or furniture, then your home has excess amounts of static electricity. Why does that happen? Dry air creates static electricity buildup.

Innoo Tech Ultrasonic Purifier

Are you looking for a small air purifier and humidifier that you can carry around with just one hand? The Innoo Tech Ultrasonic Purifier matches this need perfectly. You can actually mistake if for an electric kettle except the purifier weighs heavier. This makes it ideal for kids play areas or home fitness rooms during yoga sessions.

Innoo Tech is friendly to the ears at all settings. It uses an internal vaporization unit to convert water into mist. You wont hear any noise because this unit uses conduction to heat up water inside a special 300 ml container. Here, you add a few drops of aroma oils. Theres an air outlet above the container that directs steam from the container to your living space.

So, how does this unit purify air inside confined spaces? Aroma oils contain disinfectants that activate when combined with steam. The steam kills all microorganisms present in your living space as well as eliminate bad smells.

The 300ml container requires cleaning every two weeks. Youll only need soap and water to gently scrub it then leave it out to dry for 20 minutes. Use a dry cloth to wipe the outer casing. Remember to keep the base dry at all times to avoid electrocution.

The Best Air Purifiers:

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Pricing: Air Purifier Vs Humidifier

As for pricing, the humidifier is definitely the least expensive appliance between these two. A good air purifier can run you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, while the humidifier is generally priced under $100.

You could also get a combination unit, but they do cost a little more for the convenience of not having to buy one or the other separately.

What Happens If You Forget To Switch It Off And The Humidifier Runs Out Of Water

PowerPure by Aerus AP03 Combination HEPA Air Purifier & Ultrasonic Humidifiers

If it happens, then your unit can overheat, or even it can short-circuit. It can lead to fire or explosion. So, try to alarm yourself, or make a habit of shut-off your unit on the regular basis.

Further, if you are a person who forgot things, then try to find a humidifier that comes with an auto shut-off feature. This feature will prove life-saving for you.

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What Is A Humidifier

A humidifier is a totally different device. The primary purpose of a humidifier is to keep humidity at proper levels. In winter, when people are mostly inside, the air in the room is mostly dry. People use various heaters to heat their homes, which in return, drys air. Dry air is the number one cause of virus infections. If you want to stop viruses, you need to keep the room on a proper humidity level. A humidifier can also help against asthma and other respiratory problems that can be caused by dry air.

Can You Combine Them

In general, you can, because neither of them has some side-effects when it comes to health.

But, it all depends on the conditions you are in.

I mean, you can use a humidifier to moisturize the air and, for example, calm down nasal inflammations, while having the air purifier at the same time to clean the air.

But, if you already have high humidity in your home, then using a humidifier would do more damage than harm.

On the other hand, an air purifier can’t do any damage. But, for certain health issues, the purifier simply doesn’t do what’s needed and you are just wasting the energy.

My recommendation? Combine both if you live in areas where it’s always hot .

You most likely have dust and dirt issues, and the high temperature combined with dry air.

In this situation, you will benefit from having both appliances run at the same time, or using a model that has both in one.

Or, if you live in an area where the “spring and summer are eternal” and there’s pretty much pollen all the time, you would definitely benefit from both the humidifier and the air purifier.

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