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Sinus Pressure And Tooth Pain

Throat Irritation And Cough

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As discharge from your sinuses drains down the back of your throat, it can cause irritation, especially over a long period of time. This can lead to a persistent and annoying cough, which can be worse when lying down to sleep or first thing in the morning after getting up from bed.

It can also make sleeping difficult. Sleeping upright or with your head elevated can help reduce the frequency and intensity of your coughing.

What Are Sinus Cavities

Sinus cavities are four air-filled spaces just under your eyes. The job of your sinuses is to produce mucus that moisturizes the inside of your nose. This mucus layer is important because it protects your nose from dust, dirt, micro-organisms and pollutants in the air. The mucus in your nose moistens and warms the air that you breath, and also serves as a filtering system to keep dust out of your lungs.

Unfortunately, sinus cavities can easily become irritated and infected. The moist, warm environment created by your sinuses can become a Petri dish for viruses and bacteria. Once the sinuses become infected, its very difficult to eliminate the germs because the environment is so perfect for their survival.

Is Your Tooth Pain Caused By Blocked Sinus

Theres no worse experience than tooth pain. It can be a throbbing, aching feeling that radiates from your mouth to your jaw. Eventually a tooth pain can give you a terrible headache. If youre really unlucky, your tooth pain can lead to nausea, migraines and joint pain.

But is the source of this pain simply your teeth? Its important to get to the root cause of the problem. There is a chance that your tooth pain is caused by a blocked sinus. If you suffer from chronic nasal congestion as well as toothaches, the two might be related. Read ahead for valuable information that can help you in a dental emergency.

Its time to stop letting tooth pain run your life. No more missed days at work and missing out on time with your friends and family! Stop suffering and get to the root of the problem! If your tooth pain is caused by chronic nasal congestion, a natural sinus remedy can solve the problem.

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Oral Health Problems Causing Sinus Infections

A sinus infection and toothache doesnt just go hand in hand, but also other oral health problems. There are also instances where poor oral health may cause a sinus infection instead. The bacteria in an infected tooth can penetrate the bone and eventually into your sinuses. This is also common in patients who do not clean their dentures at night. The same bacteria under your dentures can penetrate your sinuses and cause a sinus infection. Sinus infections also have many overlapping symptoms with TMJ. If your doctor tells you that you dont have a sinus infection but youre still suffering from certain symptoms like a toothache and frequent headaches, it might be TMJ instead. We can help you treat TMJ.

Whats The Difference Between Sinus Pain And A Toothache

Sinus Headache Or Toothache Topamax Treatment + headache ...

There are several indicators that can help you tell the difference between sinus pain and pain from a toothache in the same area. Among them:

  • Location of the pain. Dull, generalized pain is more likely to be sinus-related, while sharper pain that is concentrated around one tooth is probably due to a problem with that tooth.
  • How the pain responds to changes in altitude. If your pain gets worse when you go down a flight of stairs or put your head between your legs, it is probably related to a sinus condition.
  • Whether the pain is on both sides of your jaw or just one. Sinus problems almost always affect both sides of the sinus cavity. Dental problems are usually present in just one tooth.

Paying close attention to your symptoms can help you determine which cause is more likely. Be sure to tell your doctor or dentist about your observations to help them make the correct diagnosis.

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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder And Ear Pain

Many adults experience ear pain as a result of a temporomandibular joint disorder . As noted, the temporomandibular joint is located close to the ear canalit acts as a hinge where the lower and upper jaws meet. This joint controls the chewing/biting motion when eating food.

People with TMD often have at least one predisposing factor . When the teeth dont fit together, biting can cause stress on the jaw joint due to the uneven pressure being applied to the joint spaces.

In addition to the excess pressure on the jaw, TMJ pain is also defined as constant and dull or sharp and severe pain along the jawline and surrounding areas of the face and neck. The pain may progressively worsen with everyday chewing and swallowing.

The disturbance to the ear region may create a popping or clicking sound, as well as limit your ability to widen the jaw when opening your mouth.

All of these contributors to TMJ syndrome may cause one or more of the following issues:

  • Pain of the joint, known as myofascial pain
  • Dislocated or damaged jaw joint
  • Arthritis of the jaw

Dentists dont know exactly what causes TMD, but it could arise from problems with the jaw muscles, whiplash or even bruxism , arthritis, or stress.

Why Do I Feel Extremely Tired After Sinus Infection

Although sinus infections are very common and some people experience chronic or recurring sinus infections, it still takes a lot of work on the bodys part to deal with a sinus infection.

A common side effect both during and following a sinus infection is fatigue, as the body expends energy fighting the infection. Additionally, many of the symptoms which cause discomfort during a sinus infection can make it difficult to sleep, causing you to feel more tired during the day.

Studies have long shown a connection between chronic sinus infections and chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a condition in which no amount of sleep seems to relieve your fatigue. Although the connection has been observed medically, no causal relationship between the conditions is yet known.

If you have persistent sinus infections causing you discomfort, contact us today to see how we can help.

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Considered the best sinus surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Alen Cohen is an expert at successfully treating patients through the use of minimally invasive techniques for the surgical management of nasal and sinus disorders.


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Natural Remedies For Sinusitis

Its normal to want to treat the current sinus infection quickly. That said, it is a good idea to get to the root of the problem. Treating your chronic nasal congestion can end your toothaches for good. This will let you get back to your normal life.

Once you treat the tooth pain, you can tackle your underlying problem. Here are some natural remedies for sinusitis:

  • Flush your sinuses. Use a neti pot or a saline solution to flush your sinuses. This will also keep them moist.
  • Do not over-use nasal sprays. Over the counter, nasal sprays are habit forming and can cause more problems than they solve.
  • Try a bromelain supplement. Bromelain is an ingredient in pineapple stems and can help reduce swelling in the body. Check with your doctor before taking this supplement.
  • Steam your face. Hot steam can really moisten your sinuses and loosen mucus. Try a hot shower or a steam tent.
  • Drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated is key when it comes to a natural remedy for sinusitis.
  • Spicy foods. Chili peppers, mustard, and horseradish can all help clear your sinuses.
  • Try a humidifier. This will keep the air in your home moist and easy to breathe.

Is It A Sinus Headache Or Migraine

Heal Your Eustachian Tube Dysfunction with Ginger

If you have sinus pain with no congestion, you may actually have a migraine. If you are congested and have an extremely painful headache, you may have either a migraine OR a sinus headache.

Migraines are more common, but sinus headaches do occur and can be just as painful. Thats why were explaining how to get rid of sinus pain.

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Can Teeth Problems Cause Sinus Infection

Sometimes, a tooth infection can lead to a sinus infection, called odontogenic sinusitis. Odontogenic sinusitis can be caused by trauma, infection, decay, or abscess in the maxillary teeth, with infection spreading from the teeth to the maxillary sinuses. This can happen when the roots of the teeth are very close to, or even protruding into the maxillary sinus. This proximity would generally not be an issue unless the tooth becomes infected.

Sometimes recurring sinus infections can even be a sign of tooth decay. When tooth decay causes a sinus infection, its called Maxillary Sinusitis of Endodontic Origin . In some cases of MSEO, the patient may not feel sensitivity or discomfort in the teeth, so it can be difficult to diagnose.

If problems of the teeth are causing sinus infection, simply treating the symptoms of sinus infection wont resolve the issue. If the source of the infection is with the tooth, you will have to have a dentist or endodontist provide treatment. If the sinus infections persist after managing dental issues, its a good idea to consult an ENT.

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How Can I Tell The Difference Between Sinus Tooth Pain And A Real Toothache

There are ways to tell the difference between sinus tooth pain and a genuine toothache.

Sinus tooth pain is usually:

  • Continuous pressure or discomfort
  • Isolated in the maxillary teeth
  • Accompanied by other symptoms of sinus infection
  • Increased when bending down, moving the head, or standing.

Although sinus toothache is typically only present in the upper molars, an infection that lasts a long time can cause referred pain to travel to the lower teeth as well.

Tooth pain or toothache with a dental cause may be:

  • Focused on only a single tooth
  • Sharp or causing sensitivity when biting hard, hot, or cold food
  • More severe pain than the pressure of a sinus toothache and
  • Progressively uncomfortable or painful,

If you have upper molar pain or discomfort, and a dentist has ruled out dental causes, it may be a good idea to consult with a physician to determine if the problem could be in your sinuses.

Sinus Pressure And Tooth Pain

Sinus pressure with sensitive upper teeth

How is sinus pressure and tooth pain related? Do you have an occasional cold or the nasal congestion that comes with suffering from a seasonal allergy? This is the time of year that many allergy sufferers begin to get some of the stuffiness they may not have had to deal with since the autumn.

Treatment is best accomplished by preventing the pressure from developing. Some people can’t prevent it, but most of us can by taking over the counter decongestants like otravin tablets. A person who has had pressure build up enough to make the teeth hurt knows that even after they have begun to take a medication to relieve the pressure the pressure dissipates only after several days. Some people also find relief using a decongestant spray. A dentist should be contacted if the pain persists even after the sinus pressure subsides or if the pain is sharp, keeps you up at night, or is not spread over several teeth, but seems more confined to one tooth. Pain of these types is usually caused by something other that sinus pressure and will likely need more extensive treatment to cause it to subside. People who suffer from the condition described do not need to just “tough out” a cold or allergy outbreak. Relief can be significant especially if decongestants are sought before the pain starts or just after it has begun.

Ask your dentist if you have questions about how a cold or allergies can affect your teeth.

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Sinus Infection Complications Affecting The Eye

The sinuses are located above, below, behind, and between the eyes, so it is possible for a sinus infection to spread to the eye socket, but this is a very rareand very seriouscomplication, potentially leading to permanent vision damage or blindness. Pain around the eye, or even behind it, isnt necessarily a sign of a sinus infection that has moved to the eye. Because of the location of the sinuses, its normal to feel pressure and discomfort around the eyes.

If you have or have had a sinus infection, and you experience any of the following symptoms, it could be a sign the infection has spread to the eye:

  • Sudden, blurry vision
  • Eye redness,
  • Swelling around the eyes.

If you have any of these symptoms, its a good idea to contact a doctor right away, as emergency IV antibiotics may be needed, in addition to other treatments.

How Do You Relieve Sinus Toothache

Since the pain you are feeling is brought about by infection, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. If the pain is unbearable, though, here are some things you can do to alleviate the discomfort before you go to your appointment:

  • Keep drinking water. Extra fluids can help thin your mucus so that it drains from your sinuses easily.
  • Eat green vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, leafy greens, and bean sprouts. foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon which help prevent the effect of histamines.
  • Add foods that are rich in calcium and Vitamin C to your diet as these help counteract histamines, too.
  • Use a saline solution to rinse your sinuses. This will help clear the cavity while moisturizing your sinuses.
  • Breathe in steam, like the vapor from a bowl of hot water, or take a hot shower and breathe in the warm, moist air. This helps open your nasal passages and relieves sinus pressure.

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Sinusitis And Toothache Connection Explained

A sinus inflammation or a sinus infection can cause a severe toothache. You are diagnosed with sinusitis when the tissues surrounding the sinuses get swollen and inflamed. The resulting tooth pain can be a result of drainage from the infection or sinus pressure. Its often felt in the upper back teeth those closer to the sinuses.

Gum Pain: Causes Treatment And Remedies


Your gums are soft, fleshy tissues that support and protect your teeth, however, in case of gum pain, it can be a sign of irritation, intention, or injury to both your teeth and gums.

Gum pain is often a temporary symptom, however, other times it may require dental treatment to prevent further health complications.

Moreover, it can often be annoying that can occur for a number of reasons.

It can be due to something as simple as brushing too hard, having canker sores, or wearing dentures, retainers, or braces.

However, in the case of women, it can be due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, or menopause, or it could be due to the time-around period.

In other cases, it can be a sign of more serious oral issues like thrush, gingivitis, or periodontitis.

Keep on reading to learn more about gum pain in detail.

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Is Your Toothache A Sign Of Sinusitis

Toothaches can range in presentation from mild to throbbing pain, to affecting an entire side of your face. There are many causes of a toothache including decay, gum disease, or other conditions in the mouth. However, a lesser-known, yet not uncommon reason for a toothache is the presence of sinusitis.

What Are The Signs Of Sinus

Tooth pain that arises from the sinuses often comes with other symptoms. A stuffy or runny nose is a common symptom that might occur if you have a sinus infection. Severe infections can cause a fever, postnasal drip, and fatigue.

The pain from a sinus infection might change depending upon your position. Bending over sometimes changes sinus pressure in a way that increases the tooth pain. People with sinus-related pain may notice that their cheekbones ache if they are pressed.

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How To Do A Nasal Rinse

Nasal saline rinses are a good way to treat discomfort and congestion. They can help flush out mucus, debris, and irritants, and soothe nasal passages.

A neti pot can be used to do this. You fill a pot with a saline rinse that you can buy.

  • Place the spout of the pot against one nostril.
  • Tilt your head to the side.
  • The saline will pour out of the lower nostrilthanks to gravity.
  • Repeat steps with the other nostril.

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