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Will A Sinus Infection Make My Teeth Hurt

Is It Sinus Pressure Or A Toothache

Why Do My Teeth Hurt With A Sinus Infection?

Did you know that sinus pressure can cause symptoms that closely mimic a regular toothache? Sinus congestion and infections can cause your upper teeth to hurt as if you had a cavity or even an abscess. In this blog post, youll learn why sinus pressure can cause a toothache, how to tell if a toothache is related to sinus pressure, and what to expect if you go to the dentist with possible sinus pressure issues.

When You Should See A Doctor

It is recommended to come in for treatment for tooth pain if you experience a toothache that:

  • Lasts for a long amount of time
  • Doesnt go away once your sinus infection has cleared up
  • Causes extreme discomfort

Your dentist will be able to determine the root of the pain as well as how it can be treated.

Sinus Infection Complications Affecting The Brain

An even more rare, and more serious, complication of sinus infection would be the infection spreading to the brain. The brain is protected by the blood-brain barrier, whose function is to separate circulating blood from the brain and the fluid of the central nervous system. Its very difficult for sinus infection to be able to cross this border, despite the proximity of the sinuses to the brain.

The blood-brain barrier is semipermeable, however, and it is possible on rare occasions for an infection to get through from the sinuses to the brain. If a sinus infection spreads to the brain, it can be a life-threatening condition, leading to swelling of the brain, meningitis, or brain abscess.

Symptoms might include:

  • Severe headache, and
  • Swelling in the face.

Most of these symptoms would require an emergency visit to the doctor, even without an association with a sinus infection.

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What Are Some Natural Home Remedies For Dealing With Ragweed Allergies

Taking Vitamin D helps support the immune system as well as drinking a lot of fluids. It is a good idea to avoid dairy products, as they have been shown to increase mucous production. Stay inside during days with high pollen count and make sure to wash hair and pillowcases frequently to control the allergens near the face.

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Natural Remedies For Chronic Sinus Infections

How Are Sinus Infections Related To Toothache? : Dental Implants

Natural remedies for sinus infections may not fully cure your symptoms, but they can work to reduce them. Examples of these approaches include:

  • Drinking plenty of fluids.Fluids help to thin out mucus, which makes it easier to pass through your sinus passages. You know youre drinking enough when your urine is pale yellow.
  • Applying warm compresses. Create a warm compress using a soft washcloth and warm water. These compresses help to open your sinus passages and soothe swollen facial tissues to make breathing easier.
  • Using a neti pot. A neti pot is an alternative to saline nose sprays. You can buy these at most drugstores and online. They look like a small tea pot with an elongated spout. You fill the pot with sterile water, insert it into one nostril, and pour in the water so it comes out the other nostril. Here are step-by-step instructions.

In addition to these measures, its important to get plenty of rest. Getting enough sleep at night enables your body time to heal and maintain a healthy immune system.

Taking steps to keep your nasal passages draining well can help you avoid sinus infections. Examples of healthy habits to practice include:

You can also ask your doctor for additional prevention recommendations that target the cause of your sinus infection.

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Can Sinus Infection Cause Lower Tooth Pain

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How To Relieve Sinus Toothache Pain:

The effects of sinus toothaches are known to escalate due to certain types of movement, due to shifting sinus pressure. Because of this, one of the best ways to relieve pain is to limit movement. Pain may ease when sitting in a stationary position or lying down. There are also a few other remedies that you can try before opting for traditional treatment.

Here are some things you can try to ease pain:

  • Flush Out Your Sinuses Using premixed over-the-counter saline solution can help out your sinuses by moisturizing them and clearing out allergens in your nasal pathway. You shouldnt be too reliant on these products, as they can cause congestion to rebound and be even worse than before if used for more than a short timeframe.
  • Drink More Fluids Water especially is essential in relieving the severity of a sinus infection. When you are properly hydrated pressure is released and drippage will be reduced.
  • Hot Liquids and Steam Along with water, drinks like hot tea and eating soup can help greatly comfort the affected areas. Hot showers are also very helpful in a similar way due to the steam releasing pressure and opening up your nasal cavity.

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Understanding The Sinus Cavity Anatomy

To know more about how a sinus infection can cause tooth pain, you must first understand the sinus cavity anatomy. This cavity is made up of maxillary, ethmoid, sphenoid, and frontal sinuses. The frontal sinuses are located near the forehead, slightly above the eyes. The sphenoid sinuses are located behind the eyes. The maxillary and ethmoid sinuses are located on each side of the nose. All these sinuses filter, warm, and moisten the air in the nasal cavity. They also produce mucus which cleans the nose.

If these sinuses become blocked, you are likely to suffer from a sinus infection. This infection will cause congestion and pressure in your sinus cavity. Since the roots of your upper back teeth are near your sinus cavity, these teeth may become painful when you are suffering from this infection.

Talk To Your Doctor About Sinus Pains In Teeth

How To Figure Out if Your Patient Has a Toothache or Sinus Infection

If you are unsure whether a sinus infection or dental problem causes your toothache, see your doctor. They will ask you about the symptoms to determine the cause of the pain. If a sinus infection causes the pain, the doctor will advise you to take over-the-counter medications. These medications will alleviate the pressure in your sinuses and clear any mucus present.

If you take these medications for some time and notice that your symptoms are not reducing, probably another issue is causing the pain. When this is the case, you will need to visit a dentist to determine the issue. The dentist will perform an x-ray to examine your oral cavity and mouth to determine if the pain is due to tooth decay or abscesses.

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Is Pain From A Sinus Infection Or Dental Decay

  • 07 Oct, 2020

Doyou have a toothache, or is the pain from sinus pressure? With thestart of cold and flu season, some patients may wonder if they havean achy dental emergency or a viral infection. If you’re not surewhether your facial discomfort has a dental cause, take a look at thequestions to ask right now.

WhereIs the Pain?

Youhave four pairs of sinuses above the eyes, on the sides of thenose , on the sides of the bridge of thenose , and behind the eyes. An upper respiratoryinfection, either viral or bacterial, can spread to the sinuses. Theinfection can cause inflammation and pain, pressure, ordiscomfort in these areas.

Dentalproblems can cause pain or pressure in some of the sinus areas. Thismay include sinus-like pressure or an achy feeling in the upper, backteeth. If you experience this type of dental discomfort, you may needto visit both the dentist and the doctor to determine the root cause.But if the pain is in the lower teeth or towards the front of yourmouth, it’s not likely you have a sinus type of infection.

HowDoes the Pain Feel?

Thereare different types of pain. These can give you, your doctor, andyour dentist clues as to what’s wrong with your mouth or face.Pressure or facial pain may point to a sinus issue especially ifthe pain and discomfort worsens when you move vigorously or bendover.

WhatOther Symptoms Do You Have?

WhatDoes the Dentist Say?

Doyou need a dental exam? Contact the office of BradleyPiotrowski, DDS, MSD, LLC,for more information.

Sinus Infection Complications Affecting The Eye

The sinuses are located above, below, behind, and between the eyes, so it is possible for a sinus infection to spread to the eye socket, but this is a very rareand very seriouscomplication, potentially leading to permanent vision damage or blindness. Pain around the eye, or even behind it, isnt necessarily a sign of a sinus infection that has moved to the eye. Because of the location of the sinuses, its normal to feel pressure and discomfort around the eyes.

If you have or have had a sinus infection, and you experience any of the following symptoms, it could be a sign the infection has spread to the eye:

  • Sudden, blurry vision
  • Eye redness,
  • Swelling around the eyes.

If you have any of these symptoms, its a good idea to contact a doctor right away, as emergency IV antibiotics may be needed, in addition to other treatments.

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How Do You Relieve Sinus Pressure In Your Teeth

Some individuals will find relief from a sinus infection and tooth pain through home treatments. Common strategies include: using a humidifier and/or neti pot, eating spicy foods, staying hydrated, and careful, limited use of over-the-counter medicine.

But patients who struggle with severe sinus infections, sinus infections that wont go away, and chronic sinus infections may need to take a proactive approach.

Swollen Gums From A Sinus Infection

Sinus Pain In Teeth

Swollen gums are among the most commonly observed symptoms of a sinus infection. To know more about this problem, read this HealthHearty article.

Swollen gums are among the most commonly observed symptoms of a sinus infection. To know more about this problem, read this HealthHearty article.

Sinus cavities are present on those facial bones, which are located behind the eyes and nose area. These tiny cavities play a crucial role in the respiratory system. They filter out all dirt, debris, and pathogens that enter the respiratory passage, and prevent them from entering the lungs. Thus they protect the body from several infections. Medically, sinus infection is known as sinusitis. In this condition, the sinus cavities get irritated and inflamed. Some of its key signs and symptoms are: nasal congestion, post nasal drip, cough, headache, earache, and swollen gums.

Home RemediesThere are some simple home remedies, that can tackle the swelling and tenderness of the gums. They are as follows:

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene: The simplest way to eliminate the infection-causing bacteria from the gums is with proper oral care. Brush your teeth three times in a day. It should be followed by flossing, which cleans up the hidden corners of the gums, where your brush cannot reach. Finally, use a mouthwash, which can destroy the bacteria growing inside the mouth.

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What To Do If Your Temporary Crown Hurts

If your temporary crown hurts, its a good idea to call your dentist. Pain can be a sign that theres an underlying issue that needs treatment. Its especially important to speak with your dentist if you think you might have an infection.

While waiting to see your dentist, try to keep the area clean. You should still brush and floss around the area carefully.

Can Teeth Problems Cause Sinus Infection

Sometimes, a tooth infection can lead to a sinus infection, called odontogenic sinusitis. Odontogenic sinusitis can be caused by trauma, infection, decay, or abscess in the maxillary teeth, with infection spreading from the teeth to the maxillary sinuses. This can happen when the roots of the teeth are very close to, or even protruding into the maxillary sinus. This proximity would generally not be an issue unless the tooth becomes infected.

Sometimes recurring sinus infections can even be a sign of tooth decay. When tooth decay causes a sinus infection, its called Maxillary Sinusitis of Endodontic Origin . In some cases of MSEO, the patient may not feel sensitivity or discomfort in the teeth, so it can be difficult to diagnose.

If problems of the teeth are causing sinus infection, simply treating the symptoms of sinus infection wont resolve the issue. If the source of the infection is with the tooth, you will have to have a dentist or endodontist provide treatment. If the sinus infections persist after managing dental issues, its a good idea to consult an ENT.

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How Do I Know If I Have Toothache Or Sinus Pain

This pain is usually centralized and felt in a specific tooth. Sinus infection pain is a less intense and less localized feeling that is usually described as more of an aching feeling than a sharp or severe pain. It may also be felt over a wider area, impacting an entire section of the jaw instead of a single tooth.

Can A Sinus Infection Make Your Teeth Hurt

Why do all my Teeth Pain | Sinus /Cold Infection and Teeth pain

Its hard to imagine a way to get sick thats less pleasant than a sinus infection. When youre suffering from a sinus infection, you have to deal with all the usual suspects: a throat ache, a stuffy nose, a foggy head, and general aches and exhaustion. However, did you know that a sinus infection can come with other less-common symptoms as well? For example, some people who have recurrent sinus infections complain about aches in their jaw and teeth. Is this a new dental problem, or just one more downside to having a bad cold or two? Can a sinus infection make your teeth hurt?

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Gum Pain: Causes Treatment And Remedies

Your gums are soft, fleshy tissues that support and protect your teeth, however, in case of gum pain, it can be a sign of irritation, intention, or injury to both your teeth and gums.

Gum pain is often a temporary symptom, however, other times it may require dental treatment to prevent further health complications.

Moreover, it can often be annoying that can occur for a number of reasons.

It can be due to something as simple as brushing too hard, having canker sores, or wearing dentures, retainers, or braces.

However, in the case of women, it can be due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, or menopause, or it could be due to the time-around period.

In other cases, it can be a sign of more serious oral issues like thrush, gingivitis, or periodontitis.

Keep on reading to learn more about gum pain in detail.

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Are There Tests To Check For Sinusitis

People with a sinus toothache will sometimes go to a dentist thinking they have a dental problem. When their dentist is unable to find one, they may be referred back to their primary care provider for further examination.

In addition to a physical exam and a review of your medical history, your healthcare provider may perform tests to determine the underlying cause of the inflammation. This is particularly true if your symptoms are severe, recurrent, or resistant to OTC treatments.

Tests and procedures include:

  • Nasal or sinus swab: The sample of mucus from deep inside the nose can be sent to a lab to check for bacterial, fungal, or viral infections.
  • Nasal endoscopy: This involves the insertion of a thin, flexible tube with a fiber-optic camera into your nose to view the sinuses.
  • Computed tomography : This is an imaging technique that composites multiple X-ray images to create three-dimensional “slices” of the sinuses.
  • Allergy testing: If an allergy is suspected but the cause is unknown, allergy tests may be used to help identify the allergens.

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How Can You Tell The Difference Between An Abscessed Tooth And A Sinus Infection

In the case of an infection in more than one sinus cavity, you may experience additional pain behind your nose and eyes as well. Pain in the sinuses is typically dull, continuous, and increases in intensity when an abscessed tooth is present. A tooth that has been abscessed will likely cause you to feel a sharp pain if you touch it.

A Breakdown Of Your Sinuses

Sinusitis Pain In Teeth

Every time you breath through your nose, air travels through your sinuses then down to your lungs. Your sinuses are basically hollow cavities in your upper jaw bone. They are also lined with a pink membrane similar to the one lining your stomach. When this lining gets infected or inflamed, as sinus infection has developed. This is also commonly called sinusitis.

Symptoms of a sinus infection include pain above your eyes and behind your nose, cough, sore throat and, yes, even tooth pain.

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