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All Natural Sinus Infection Remedy

Natural Home Remedies For A Sinus Infection

Make A Homemade Remedy For Sinus Pain| Sinusitis Treatment| Relief| Using All Natural Ingredients

If you are one of the more than 30 million Americans who find themselves suffering from sinus infections , then you understand the daily struggle. Depending on the day or the season, your symptoms may range from a minor inconvenience to a major battle. Youâve battled to breathe, battled to sleep, battled to focus at work, all the while dealing with headaches, coughing, ear pain, and so much more. The good news is that sinusitis treatment is available and it does not always require invasive and risky surgical procedures.

Too often people find themselves confused and frustrated as they desperately seek the elusive sinusitis cure. This search sometimes drives sinusitis sufferers to the extremes from a constant rotation of ineffective over-the-counter medications to invasive and irreversible surgery. Some sinus sufferers are so disillusioned by these options that they choose to do nothing and are resigned to living without any relief from these agonizing symptoms. The good news is that real and lasting sinus infection treatment options are available and it is possible to find relief without risky surgery or complicated pharmaceuticals.

Irrigate Your Sinuses To Help Ease Symptoms And Prevent Sinus Infections

Nasal irrigation is basically a method of using a saltwater solution to force out germs and plugged-up mucus residing in the sinus passages. Other terms for this are nasal wash, nasal douche, or lavage. Some people refer to it by one of the popular devices used to get the water in, a neti pot.

A small number of studies has found irrigation can improve symptoms, including one review published in September 2016 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Experts caution that it is important to use distilled or sterile water to avoid the rare possibility of introducing a parasite into your sinus passageways.

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How To Get Rid Of A Sinus Infection: Try These Methods Today

Sinus infections can really lower your quality of life, especially if they occur often. So if you’re looking for how to get rid of a sinus infection, try these methods to see if they work for you.

While surgery can be effective, it’s also quite invasive. If you live or work in the Scottsdale/Phoenix Metro area, please give the Sinus & Allergy Wellness Center a call today for an appointment to learn more. The Phoenix area specialty sinus clinic offers an alternate method that’s both quicker, in-office, less expensive, and more effective. Call 480-567-7098 to learn more about this method of treating sinusitis and see if you are a candidate!

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Medical And Pharmaceutical Options For Sinus Infections

The medical profession would have you believe thatsinusitis is a complicated problem and there is no cure for it. Well this is totallyfalse! The main cause of a sinus infection is not complicated at all and once you fix this, you literally wonthave to worry about sinusitis again.

But what are the medical options available for treatinga sinus infection? Well, antibiotics, pain killers, decongestants, analgesics,mucolytics and steroids are the common pharmaceuticals prescribed byphysicians. And although these may give you relief initially, they do come withside effects and also become less effective the more you use them. Eventually, itgets to the point where they actually do very little . Then when all of these methods fail the last medical option available is radical surgery. Butsurgery rarely fixes sinusitis, and in many cases, can even make things worse! . Many people who do opt for thesurgery also require additional operations after to repair other problems andcomplications that develop as a result of the initial surgery. Someone with adeviated septum, however, can usually benefit from having surgery, but this procedureis typically reserved for patients with a badly crooked septum usually sufferedfrom a severe broken nose or other acute nasal trauma.

How To Get Rid Of A Sinus Infection Naturally

Home Remedy for Sinus Infections

Sinus sufferers who want real relief without pharmaceutical side effects have discovered that natural home remedies for sinus infections are safe and highly effective. These solutions target the underlying inflammation, promote natural sinus drainage, and help prevent additional infections.

The safest and most effective natural solutions involve the use of water in the form of liquid, vapor, or mist. Water penetrates the blockage allowing mucus to drain naturally so that the sinuses can begin the healing process. These solutions have the added benefit of helping to reduce the intensity and duration of sinus symptoms and improving quality of life.

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Why Does It Work

The salt rinse alone is awesome. Salt or salty solutions can draw water out of bacteria through their cell membranes and this dehydration can reduce or prevent the chemical reactions they rely on to live and reproduce. So you can imagine how this might work in your sinus cavities. Adding to that fact, Ear Nose and Throat Specialists say that when you rinse your nose with this saltwater and baking soda mixture, it washes crusts and other debris from your nose. Saltwater pulls fluid out of the swollen membranes of your nose. This decongests the nose and improves airflow. Not only does this make breathing easier, it helps open the sinus passages. Studies show that this mixture of concentrated saltwater and baking soda helps the nose work better and moves mucus out of the nose faster.

So yes saline water is awesome! That being said, you should know that the kicker in this remedy is the iodine. I have written about the benefits of both iodine and salt in my book but iodine is seriously the powerhouse in this remedy. Let me show you why.

Viruses Studies have shown that povidone-iodine has an antiviral action while not affecting the cell hosts. In fact, povidone has a very wide virucidal spectrum, covering both enveloped and nonenveloped viruses, such as adeno-, mumps, rota-, polio- , coxsackie-, rhino-, herpes simplex, rubella, measles, influenza, and even the dreaded human immunodeficiency viruses. BOOM!

Natural Treatment For Sinus Infection #8 More Reliefremedies/sinus Drainage Remedies

To finish off, heres a couple of sure fire reliefremedies for your sinus infection to help drain and clear those nasal passages quickly if you find that nothing else is working. You definitely cant go wrong with any of these age-old remedies

Saline rinse: This one is the most used externalcleanse and flush for sinusitis. Although it doesnt actually get rid of sinusinfections as such, it does clear the nasal passages and give you excellentrelief, usually within 24 hours. Simply mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt or Himalayan pink rock salt and ½ teaspoon ofbaking soda in 1 cup of warm, filtered water. Using either a bulb syringe orneti pot , tilt the head back and gently squeeze thesyringe or pour the mixture directly into each nasal passage. Allow it to drainout the opposite nostril or into the mouth but do not swallow. Make sure youspit out the mixture as this will contain bacteria and other toxins. Repeatthis process 3 times daily.

Betadine and Salt Rinse: This is just a turbo-boostedversion of the standard saline rinse. And yes it does work even better! Justpurchase some antiseptic Betadine from your local pharmacy oronline and add 5-7 drops to 1 cup of warm filtered water, along with 1 teaspoonof sea salt or pink rock salt and ½ teaspoon of baking soda. Use a bulb syringeor neti pot and flush out each nostril in the same way as the saline rinse.Repeat 2-3 times daily for best results.

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Inhale Menthol And Camphor

Another inhaled odor that can help open up sinus passages is menthol, which is an ingredient in popular ointments that are used specifically to treat a stuffy nose. These ointments also contain eucalyptus oil and camphor, which combine with menthol to create a powerful scent that immediately relieves sinus pressure. This ointment can be rubbed on your chest and under your nose to deliver its soothing benefits. Unlike eucalyptus oil, this ointment should not be placed in the mouth.

Drink Lots Of Water And Get Adequate Rest

Natural Remedies for Sinus and Nasal Problems

“I recommend drinking a lot of water because it thins the mucus,” Abi Hachem says. While there’s no evidence about the most effective quantity, he recommends drinking at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day.

You can also try drinking hot liquids like tea or soup to temporarily help relieve your symptoms. But you should avoid drinking alcohol, as it’s dehydrating and can worsen your congestion. If you’re taking an antibiotic for your sinus infection, drinking alcohol could increase side effects like upset stomach and drowsiness.

It’s also important to get about seven to nine hours of sleep each night to help your body rest and recover. “You want to get enough sleep and follow a normal sleep cycle so that all the hormones in your body are maxing out your immune system function,” Abi Hachem says.

Because getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult due to the pain and congestion, you can do the following to help you get more rest:

  • Use a neti pot before going to bed to help clear your nasal passages.
  • Sleep with your head raised by an extra pillow to help prevent mucus from pooling in your sinuses.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Manuka Honey H2o2

2 User Reviews

I went through 3 operations for severe nasal polyps that were so bad, I started developing rings under my eyes. Very hard to focus and concentrate and feeling very tired like I had a bowling ball in my head! After a year or 2 they kept coming back and you have to imagine your worst congestion 100 X magnified.

I had my last operation 3 years ago and about this past early February it started coming back with a vengeance. I started taking 1 teaspoon of apple cider mixed in a hot glass of water. On top of that I bought New Zealand Manuka honey Cup of hot water with a heaping teaspoon of this and a teaspoon of organic cinnamon. Once in the morning and once at night.

Finally took Hydrogen peroxide 3% dipped in a q tip till very saturated and for 1 minute on each side of the nose, slowly worked it through each nasal passage all the way back. I’m a new person and my sense of smell is returning. Feel like I did right after my operation. I do this consistently every day. It works! Good health to everyone! Len

Baby Shampoo

I got a nasty sinus infection during the first week of January 2008. I went to my doctor a couple of weeks later and over the next few months I was given a variety of antibiotics, nasal sprays, singular, Claritin and a neti pot. I tried the silver spray and even used grape seed oil, oil pulling and apple cider vinegar but nothing worked until last week when my doctor gave me this simple advice.

Do You Want To Get Rid Of A Sinus Infection Without Antibiotics

Sinus infections are also known as rhino-sinusitis or sinusitis. It is a common infection that is characterized by the inflammation of the cavities around the passages of the nose.

When your sinuses are healthy, they are occupied by air, but in sinusitis, the tissues lining your sinuses become swollen, filled with fluid and blocked. This also allows germs to grow, thereby causing an infection.

Sinus infection is characterized by nasal congestion, nausea, dizziness, fever, coughs, toothache, sore throat, irritability, halitosis, runny nose, fatigue, etc.

Sinus Infection Natural Cure is a comprehensive handbook that provides simple yet effective methods of healing sinus infection. With the use of the natural home remedies described in this book, the symptoms of sinus infection will clear completely within 42 hours. The herbs recommended in this book work effectively in fighting bacterial and fungal infections, as well as healing inflammations caused by such infections. Unlike prescribed drugs, they work fast and there are no side-effects.

Sinus Infection Natural Cure is for you who want to stay away from throat infections and have a healthy airways. As a bonus, extensive list of antimicrobial home remedies has been provided as alternatives for you to choose.

What are you waiting for? Take the chance and heal yourself using these fast and natural home cures.

  • 5.25 x 0.15 x 8 inches
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    Natural Remedies For Your Sinus Pressure

    If you have a sinus infection, it can be downright painful. The pressure and pain you experience in your cheeks and head can make it feel like something is about to explode inside your head. During this time of year, allergies are a big contributing factor to sinus issues.

    If you have sinusitis, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis and effective long-term treatment to prevent the recurrence of this painful condition. Dr. Greg Levitin is an experienced doctor who can accurately diagnose and treat your severe symptoms from sinusitis. However, there are times, if your sinus headache symptoms are mild, that natural remedies can provide you with temporary relief.

    Natural Remedies For Sinus Infection

    Sinus remedy

    There is nothing more miserable than being inflicted by sinus inflammation. On normal days, the bones around the eyes, cheeks, and nose are lined with membranes that produce mucus. This substance is responsible for warming up inhaled air and filtering out viruses. Once the membrane is congested, it becomes inefficient because the mucus still continues to accumulate.

    To prevent that from happening, it is best to identify the causes for sinus infections and do something about them. Among the most obvious and common causes are as follows:

    • Food allergies
    • Fungal infection
    • Yeast overgrowth

    Then again, we cant always prevent sinus infection, especially if our immune system is weak. Nonetheless, it can be treated. And the good news is the remedies can be found in the comforts of your homes. Here are some solutions that help speed up recovery from sinusitis.

  • Proper Diet
  • When infected, be sure to eat in moderation. Focus on consuming beans, lentils, soups, whole grains, lightly cooked veggies, and cold-pressed oils. Steer clear from foods that encourage the formation of mucus, such as eggs, chocolates, flour products, sugar, processed foods, and dairy products. Also, drink plenty of water.

  • Neti Pot
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Natural Herbs
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
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    Do These Things Work For Kids

    Sinus infections make everyone miserable, children as well as adults!

    Most of the tips above also work for kids, but antihistamines arent recommended for young children.

    Young children cant blow their noses well, so helping them thin and clear the mucus from their nose is beneficial.

    A nasal aspirator or a product like the Nose Frida can be a lifesaver in helping young children breathe through their nose.

    A warm bath can help clear the sinuses and take a childs mind off their illness.

    Kids are often fascinated by the condensation that forms on surfaces in a steamy room. To occupy them while a hot shower runs in the bathroom, try tracing pictures with them on the mirror!

    Naturally Treating A Sinus Infection At Home

    The key to sinusitis relief is to promote natural mucus drainage from the sinus cavities. This drainage can be achieved by reducing the swelling and eliminating the blockage. The most common natural remedies for sinus congestion include the use of sterile water to break up the obstruction so that mucus can drain as intended. Two options for introducing water into nasal cavity involve the use of steamed water or a sinus rinse.

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    Natural Treatment For Sinus Infection #1 Probiotics

    According to Chinese medicine, sinus infections andseasonal allergies are almost always related to gut and intestinal problems.This makes sense as 80% of your immune system is actually located in yourdigestive system. When you have an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the stomachand colon, your immune system cannot function properly or fight off any foreigninvaders. The bad bacteria also take over and thrive in unlikely places such asyour nasal passages, causing both acute and chronic sinus infections.

    If youhave a sinus infection and/or any of the accompanying health problems we listedearlier, you will very likely have a toxic overload of bad bacteria in yourbody. So to kill off these nasty little creatures you need plenty of goodbacteria . The way it works is the friendly bacteria basically runthe bad guys out of town then take up residence themselves which is a goodthing of course!

    In addition to this, certain probiotics produce hydrogen peroxide as a natural by-product. And hydrogen peroxide is a powerful bacterial killer and excellent remedy for sinus infections! .

    Best Ways to Get Your Probiotics

    H2o: A Natural Alternative To Sinus Infection Antibiotics

    Sinus Infection Causes and Remedies Over the Counter All Natural

    One of the most powerful solvents on earth is nothing more than pure water. Water is used in many applications as a thinner, cleaner, and diluter. When it comes to a sinus infection, water can be used in much the same way to thin mucus, clean the sinuses, and dilute a blockage, which is one of the major sinus infection vs cold benefits. Getting rid of your sinus infection may involve the use of liquid, mist, or vaporized water.

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    Herbal Tea Made From Black Pepper Leaves

    Black pepper belongs to the family of Piperaceae. It is widely used for cooking and for making natural medicines. Native to Kerala , the use of black pepper dates back to ancient times. In fact, it was greatly traded in those days. It is available throughout the year and has multiple benefits. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties and is a great source of vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium, iron, dietary fibers, and manganese. Black pepper is well admired in treating diarrhea, heart disorders, anemia, pyorrhea, indigestion, jaundice, muscular strains, impotence, cough, cold, constipation, respiratory problems, and so on. This is one of the most popular home remedies for sinus infection in Asian countries. To try this remedy, follow the steps given below:

    • Step 1: Take few fresh leaves of the black pepper plant and wash them thoroughly.
    • Step 2: Boil them in water for few minutes.
    • Step 3: Allow the concoction to cool down.
    • Step 4: Strain and drink it for a week.

    How Does This Work?

    The reason black pepper leaves are highly helpful in the treatment of sinusitis is their active oxygenated compounds. Also, they have a lot of alkaloids while the main being piperine, which acts as a depressant on the central nervous system and has pain-relieving, anti-fever, insecticidal, and anti-inflammatory effects.

    Black Pepper Is Not Good, If:

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