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Sinus Pressure Points To Relieve Congestion

Steps To An Effective Facial Sinus Massage

Acupressure Points to Relieve Sinus Or Colds

Throughout the day, a comprehensive massage can prevent the build-up of sinus pressure throughout the major sinus groups. Practice will allow the sinusitis sufferer to follow these steps in a couple of minutes.

  • Begin the massage on the forehead and cheeks with gentle circles using the index fingers on the forehead and thumbs on the cheeks. The motion continues as the hands work upward.
  • Locate the v-shaped notch between the eyebrows and use both thumbs to apply firm pressure for 10 full seconds. Release the pressure and repeat three times. Move the thumbs outward approximately 1 centimeter and reapply the pressure in this area in three repetitions.
  • Using the middle fingers, locate the bony indentation on each side of the nose. Apply gentle pressure here for ten seconds.
  • Use to fingers to apply gentle pressure to the top of the nose between the eyebrows. Immediately following this, move the same two fingers to the underside of the cheekbone for a count of ten.
  • Create small circles of movement along the jawbone from the ears to the center of the chin. Relax the facial muscles with deep stretches, or yawing. Repeat this 10 times.

Low-grade headaches are the initial indicators that the sinuses require some gentle massaging. Use of these exercises will become habit and fewer medications will be required. Each person will devise a personalized approach to relieving sinus pressure throughout the day.

Promote Sinus Wellness This Season

Tis the season for sniffles, sinus pressure, and congestion, but with the help of a few pressure points, you can better support your sinuses and be able to breathe clearly again! Dont let sinus pressure get in the way of your workouts this season.

Pressure points stem from Traditional Chinese Medicine heard of acupuncture? Acupressure were actually the precursor to needles! Acupressure is a noteworthy method to promote sinus health, and is a quick and efficient method that you can do right in your own home.

The Center For Disease Control reports that roughly 28 million adults are diagnosed with sinus issues, making this health issue a concern for many. Additionally, many acupuncturists commonly see patients who are managing sinus problems and seeking relief.

The great news is, you can perform acupressure on yourself using your hands and fingers to find pressure points along certain places on your face and body.

Other Sinus Effects On Ear

The weight transforms you feel on a plane can be awkward. In the event that you as of now have sinus torment or weight, flying can be intense. Most probably, it is better to avoid air travel when youre having sinus issues, particularly in the event that they influence your ears.

Sinus-related ear issues can cause issues in the water, as well. While doing scuba diving ought to abstain from plunging when their issues erupt. Stuffy sinuses can make it hard or difficult to even out ear weight. That puts you in danger for damage.

In general, ear issues identified with a sinus issue arent extreme and dont keep going long. More often than not, they leave alone. See your specialist if:

  • Start getting fever.
  • You have head, face, or ear torment, or swelling that doesnt show signs of improvement with non-physician endorsed prescription.
  • Your manifestations keep going for over a week or hold returning.

All these remedies can work to obtain much-needed relief from ear blockage due to sinus infections. Relieving from the pressure and feeling at ease will sure make you feel better than ever. Once you drain out sinus effects from your body organs, you will be living a better life. However, if you think its not working good enough then you must consult a doctor.

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Common Pressure Points For Sinus Infection

Knowing pressure points for sinuses can help relieve congestion, sinus pain, and other pain-related symptoms. As your sinus infection can cause nondental-related toothache, you can also just click on this link for more information. Nevertheless, here are the primary acupressure points for sinus and pain relief and how to discover them:

Pressure Points Near The Hands And Arms

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The Online Acupressure Guide of Stanford University suggests three pressure points on the hands and arms that may help relieve sinusitis symptoms and ease your sinus pain.To find the first point, look for a small depression on your upper wrist, directly in line with your thumb. The next point lies just below your thumbnail, on the side of your thumb farthest away from the rest of your fingers.

To find the third sinusitis pain point, squeeze your thumb and forefinger together. Right above the crease between your forefinger and thumb, you’ll feel a ridge. Applying pressure to the middle of that ridge is “good for most problems from the waist up,” claims the Online Acupressure Guide.

  • The Online Acupressure Guide of Stanford University suggests three pressure points on the hands and arms that may help relieve sinusitis symptoms and ease your sinus pain.
  • To find the third sinusitis pain point, squeeze your thumb and forefinger together.

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Tip : Acupressure Liquefy Nasal Mucus Relieve The Feeling Of Pressure In Your Head

Nasal congestion is sometimes accompanied by a sensation of unpleasant to painful pressure in ones head. This feeling of pressure is caused by nasal mucus which does not drain out well enough.

By doing a couple simple steps you can promote mucus flow and ease the feeling of pressure in your head. Physiotherapist Marlies Ziegler, who often treats patients with nasal problems, is familiar with the acupressure points for nasal congestion and a feeling of pressure. I have had good experiences with acupressure for patients with cystic fibrosis, patients with rhinosinusitis and patients with nasal polyps. I give them acupressure as homework. The patients often report back that this often reduces their symptoms and discomfort. I myself use the acupressure points when I have nasal congestion from a cold. It provides short-term relief and improvement, says the physiotherapist.

She goes on to say, It is normal for it to hurt a bit when applying the acupressure, especially with nasal congestion. But afterward there is a feeling of release and it may feel warm to the touch. For acupressure or acupuncture for nasal congestion these spots are often worked in combination with other pressure points. Acupressure stimulates blood flow, which can trigger the positive effect.

Pressure Points Near The Nose

The points Gach refers to as “Welcoming Perfume” sit just outside your nostrils and can also help relieve sinus pain and nasal congestion. In addition to those facial points near the nose, “Sinus Relief Now” also lists the “Bitong” points. They sit on the nostril at the base of your nasal bone. To apply pressure to these points, simply pinch above your nostril with your fingers.

  • The points Gach refers to as “Welcoming Perfume” sit just outside your nostrils and can also help relieve sinus pain and nasal congestion.
  • To apply pressure to these points, simply pinch above your nostril with your fingers.

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Why Acupressure For Sinus Support

Acupressure on specific sinus points supports blood flow, mucus drainage, and promotes muscle relaxation. Consistent use of pressure points not only can clear up your sinuses quite quickly, but its an extremely cost-effective practice that is pharmaceutical-free its natural and easy for anyone to do.

Sinus Pressure Points To Relieve Sinus Pressure Congestion And Pain

Shiatsu, sinus pain and congestion

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

Sinus pain and pressure can be unbearable at times, which is why its good to be aware of the various sinus pressure points that can help relieve sinus pain.

This recurring and frustrating source of pain often becomes more noticeable during allergy season. The pressure is frequently a result of blocked nasal passages, which can lead to inflammation in the face and head.

Aside from seasonal allergies, sinus pressure is also a potential symptom of the common cold.

Pressure builds in these areas because of the construction of the sinuses. They are paired and found in the following four facial regions:

  • Frontal
  • Ethmoid
  • Maxillary
  • Sphenoid

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He Gu Or Large Intestine 4

Massaging this pressure point may help ease headaches and facial pain from sinus problems. LI4 is located on the back of your hands. So to apply pressure to these areas, hold your hand up, facing the thumb side on you. Then, place the opposite thumb on your hand where the muscle between your thumb and index finger bulges out. Another way to find it is to bring your thumb facing your pointer, which will create a hill structure on the back of your hand. After that, relax your hand once more, and apply pressure to this point using the finger of your other hand.

Using Eucalyptus Oil And Thyme Oil:

Eucalyptus have antioxidants properties which help to relieve sinus congestion, and it is the key ingredient in cough syrup. Add eucalyptus to hot boiling water and breathe the vapours. It will work as medicine and provides relief in congestion.

Thyme oil is also known as Thymus vulgaris and possesses antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-spasmodic, and medicinal properties. It is very beneficial in the treatment of sinus congestion, but Thyme oil is very potent and first diluted. It is applied topically to a mixture of any other in 1:1 ratio or in equal-proportion for better results.

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Sinus Pressure Points On The Back Of The Head And Neck

There are areas around the neck and base of the skull that present an opportunity to relieve sinus pressure. The pressure points in these areas are located in delicate, cavity-like areas where the neck and skull adjoin. There are two such points.

One of them is the specific point where the neck meets the skull. It is right in the middle of the neck/head, near the base of your hairline.

To find it, place your finger at your hairline and move it either up or down until you find the cavity. By squeezing the point with your thumb for about five minutes, it may help clear sinus pressure.

The other area is found on the neck close to the base of the skull. The points are located at the highest point of the neck, just below the base of the skull.

To find it, place both of your thumbs at the top of your neck point and slowly separate them until you feel the cavities . Access the point by pressing slightly in and up and holding for about five minutes.

Sinus Pressure Points On The Feet

8 Sinus Pressure Points to Instantly Relieve Congestion ...

There are also pressure points on the feet that may improve sinus pressure. Much like your fingernails, the toenails also have pressure points.

The areas, youll find, are almost identical to your fingernails with a few minor differences. Toenail pressure points are located at the base of the nail where it meets the skin.

  • Big toe: inside and outside corner
  • Every other toe : the outside bottom corner

Press each of these points lightly, and you may notice some sinus pressure relief.

Also, like your fingers, your toe tips have pressure points that may be useful in clearing sinus pressure. Use the same method as you would for fingertips.

Massaging the balls of your feet may also offer an answer to relieving sinus pressure. You can do it yourself, but its probably better to get someone else to do it. Who couldnt use a foot massage?

As youve seen, there are pressure points you can access from head to toe that may help relieve sinus pressure. Go through and test them all to see which might work for you.

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Use Of Pine Oil And Humidifier

This essential oil is extricated from the leaves of the pine or cedarwood tree and incredible antiviral, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be widely used to relieve sinus congestion. You can use in humidifier, vaporizer or steam inhalation. If you have no time, then you can carry a bottle of it and inhale it directly a few times.

A Foot Reflexology Routine To Help Ease Sinuses And Allergies

Seasonal allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to environmental irritants such as pollen. Based on the chart above, we can see that the following reflex points on the feet can, when stimulated, help you breathe a little easier. Use your thumb or index finger to press and hold each one for five seconds and see if it brings any relief:

  • The sinuses open up clogged sinus cavities.
  • The pituitary or “master gland” stimulates and balances hormone secretions of all other glands.
  • The thymus gland strengthens your immune system.
  • Your chest, lungs, and bronchials release congestion.
  • The solar plexus/diaphragm reduces stress and relaxes breathing.
  • Your adrenal glands produce cortisone/cortisol to reduce inflammation. Adrenalin boosts your energy level, often depleted by allergy symptoms.
  • The ileocecal valve regulates mucus production.

As you work your way across the foot, repeat a positive affirmation such as, “The Universe is providing me with ease, grace, and an abundance of breath.”Since allergies are our bodys response to our environment, you could also use, “I am at peace and in harmony with my surroundings.”

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Point : Under Your Cheeks

Found specifically underneath the understudy, this point can be found by following the way underneath the cheek until you locate a delicate point. The point will probably be very delicate when squeezing in and upwards again the cheek.

Point 5: Philthrum

This is a spot a considerable lot of you will know. Its found simply under the nose. There is a little depression that you can feel on your upper lip. To actuate this point press in and upwards against the base of the nose. This point is incredible in case youre going to wheeze or you feel sensitivities going ahead.

Point 6: Eyebrows

This point or rather, territory is situated along the edge of the eyebrow. An old shiatsu method places weight along this edge. Press upwards with your thumbs and gradually move outwards. Its an awesome weight point for easing weight behind the eyes.

Sinus Pressure Points on The Neck and Head

There are a few extraordinary pressure points for easing sinus pressure connected with sinus conditions on the neck and around the base of the skull. These pressure points are situated in the cavity like, delicate points as the neck meets the skull. Basically there are 2 points that you can use to relieve from conditions regarding sinus conditions.

Sphenoid And Ethmoid Sinus Massage

How to Relieve Sinus Pressure using a Simple Reflexology Technique

Your sphenoid sinuses are located behind your nose and right between your eyes, while the ethmoid sinuses are in the bone that divides your nasal cavity from your brain, so these two are quite close together. Heres how to properly massage both your sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses to open up your sinuses, breathe better, and reduce sinus headaches in a pinch:

  • Take your index fingers and place them on the sides of your nose bridge.
  • Feel around for the area right between the corners of your eyes and your nasal bone.
  • Put slightly firm pressure on that spot with your index fingers for around 15 seconds.
  • Next, make a slow downward stroke down the side of your nose bridge.
  • Repeat steps three and four once or twice.

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Causes Of Blocked And Runny Noses

Most people have runny or blocked noses from a cold caused by a viral infection. If the runny nose just wont go away and accompanied by a feeling of pressure and a headache, it might be due to sinusitis . If the runny nose recurs annually in the spring or summer and it is accompanied by sneezing and itchy eyes, hay fever from allergies should be considered. If you suspect sinusitis or an allergy-related runny nose, you should have a doctor look into it in any case.

Pressure Points To Promote Sinus Wellness

  • LI20 This is a point that is on each side of the nose, in the space where your nose and cheeks meet. Place a finger on one or both sides and gently apply pressure.
  • BL2 These points are located on your upper face, where the bridge of your nose and the inner side of your upper eyelid meet. Apply pressure to one or both sides.
  • Yintang Also known as the third eye, Yingtang is located between your eyebrows. Apply pressure or with a couple of fingers.
  • SI18 These are points on both sides of your face, just below your cheeks. Place a finger on the edge of the corner of your outer eye and follow it down to your cheeks this is SI18.
  • LI4 LI4 or He Gu is located on the back of your hands. These points are between your thumb and index finger. With your thumb close to your hand, find where the muscle bulges out from your thumb and index finger. Relax your hand and place pressure on this point its typically a sensitive spot so youll know when youve found it.
  • GB20 These points lie on the back of your head, right where your head and neck connect. Find these points by placing your hands at the bottom of your neck and gently move your head back. Find the grooves that are next to your spinal cord, and place pressure.

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Five Ways To Relieve Sinus Pressure

The pain, facial pressure and congestion of sinus infections affect more than 26.9 million Americans roughly 11 percent of adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Most sinus infections, also called sinusitis, do not need to be treated with antibiotics, and will usually go away within 7-10 days.

One of the most annoying symptoms is the sinus pressure around the eyes, head and cheeks. Fortunately, there are several home remedies and medications that can help provide relief.

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