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Air Purifier For Sinus Problems

Can Air Purifiers Also Cause Sinus Problems

2 In 1 Anti Snoring & Air Purifier – Tested & Reviewed

Yes, air purifiers which have dirty air filters can also contribute to the exacerbation of sinus problems. This is because overloaded filters cannot get rid of the pollutants present in the indoor air.

Furthermore, if you use your air purifier in high humidity conditions, there is a chance that there is mold colonies present in the filters, which in turn can generate spores, thereby further degrading the air quality.

Final Thoughts: Can Air Purifiers Cause Sinus Problems

Do air purifiers cause sinus problems? There is no definitive answer, as everyone reacts differently to air purifiers. However, it is possible that they can cause or worsen sinus infections in some people. If you experience any symptoms of sinus problems, be sure to see a doctor. In the meantime, try using a humidifier and avoiding smoke and other pollutants to help relieve your symptoms.

Car Air Purifier Pricing

Youll find that car air purifiers can be found in just about every price range. You can find tiny, wearable options or small devices that plug right into your cigarette lighter socket for between $20 and $50. These compact options are affordable, but they arent very powerful. More potent car-ready products that fit into your cupholders, onto your dashboard, or elsewhere within your vehicle can run between $50 and $200. For the most powerful options, or car air purifiers that have advanced smart features, you should expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $450.

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Can Air Purifiers Really Relieve Your Allergies

The experts featured in this article agree that air purifiers can help relieve allergiesbut you need to choose one that fits your needs and take care of it properly. Remember that these remove allergens from the air only you still need to clean hard surfaces at home as usual.

In addition to purifying their air, Kamel notes that allergy sufferers will also want to look within and treat their bodies with care for long-term allergy relief. Eating well, staying active, and getting enough rest can all go a long way in easing symptoms.

Final Thoughts Can Air Purifiers Cause Sinus Problems


For a quick summary on the question Do air purifiers cause sinus problems?

All-in-all, an air purifier will help provide your office or home with clean, fresh air removing toxins and pollutants that irritate many lung problems.

But, if you are experiencing sinus issues after using a purifier, check to make sure of the following:

  • Proper placement of the air purifier
  • That you arent right next to the air purifier
  • That the air purifier isnt emitting ozone gas
  • Whether the air purifier is set too high or not

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Germguardian Ac4825e Review: User Reviews

The GermGuardian AC4825E has excellent reviews, at 4.5 stars on Amazon and 5 stars on the companys webpage. Amazon users who like this air purifier say that they noticed a big difference in asthma and allergy symptoms after starting to use the air purifier. One notes: When my sister came from out of state, she asked if our cats ran away. She said our home had zero odor or scents, which is what I was going for. Another reviewer wrote that they had stopped having to dust so frequently.

Many of the reviewers who give the GermGuardian low ratings complain of issues with circuit boards that burn out, causing a burning smell in their homes.

Blue Pure 211+ Review: How Easy Is It To Use

The Blue Pure 211+ is fairly easy to set up. Simply take the top of the unit off by pressing a button on either side to release the top of the unit. Fit one of the two fabric filter sleeves provided and replace the top of the unit before plugging in and powering on. A large button at the front of the unit is incredibly touch-sensitive requiring just the lightest of touches to power on the purifier and set the preferred level.

The purifier comes with three settings. The quietest and most energy-efficient setting operates at 38 decibels, about the same as a quiet library, so its ideal for nighttime use. The middle setting operates at 49 decibels, which is a little quieter than moderate rainfall, while the third and noisiest level setting clocks in at 56 decibels. Thats around the same as background music.

The customizable fabric pre-filter may not be to everyones taste but the purifier works perfectly well without it. Owners can vacuum the fabric or toss it in a low-temperature wash whenever it needs a clean.

The removable filter needs replacing every six months and the manufacturer recommends vacuuming the inside of the unit when replacing the filter. Subscription deals for filters are available on the manufacturers website.

The Blue Pure 211+ covers areas of up to 600 square feet, making it ideal for homes with medium to large rooms or office spaces.

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Levoit Air Purifier Ultra Quiet

This cleaner is simple to install, has many features, and performs admirably. The very thorough, simple, simple manuals accompanying this cleaner are provided. Generally, the initial setup of this air purifier only takes a few moments since it has an easy-to-follow manual.

There are numerous operating options for this cleaner. The turbine features three settings, with the lowest being the quietest, and the highest being the loudest. Additionally, you can configure a timer, and it will turn off once the timer runs out.

The options of this cleaner can also be locked, which is a useful function. Also, the sleep option of this cleaner allows it to remain silent. Buyers may turn off the lit screen.

At maximum, it performs a great job of clearing up small spaces change to low to preserve the pollution levels. The air purifiers output has a fresh scent. It works quickly and effectively to replenish air.

Best With Washable Filter: Winix 5500

Best Air Purifiers 2022 – 72 Purifiers Objectively Reviewed

Cleaning the filter of the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier feels like less of a chore thanks to its washable design, which is made from activated carbon granules to ensure the effective removal of household odors. Combined with its HEPA filter and PlasmaWave technology, the 4.7-star rated model keeps your air clean of dust mites, pet dander, pollen, germs, and other airborne pollutants. Set it to auto mode so it can scan the quality of your air on its own with its smart sensors and get to work when needed.

“We could not be more pleased with the results,” . “It is quiet, effective and easy to clean. No more dust or lint covered intakes. The fart test actually works and every time one of the dogs gets near it the red light comes on for a while. The washable charcoal filter and pre-filter makes this unit save a lot of money in filter replacement.”

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Benefits Of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have many benefits. They can reduce allergies and asthma symptoms, improve the quality of air, kill bacteria and viruses, and even remove toxic smoke and fumes from the air. In addition, they can be used in offices, homes, or schools to improve the overall health of people who are exposed to harmful gases and particles.

There is a lot of confusion about whether air purifiers cause sinus problems. Some people believe that the filters in air purifiers can be a major contributor to sinus infections, while others believe that all machines emit some kind of chemical that can irritate the sinuses. In general, it is thought that exposure to polluted air can increase your risk of developing a sinus infection, but the exact mechanism by which this happens is not fully understood.

Symptoms of sinus problems can include congestion, a runny nose, headache and fatigue. While there is no single cause for these conditions, air purifiers are often suggested as a potential culprit. According to some studies, air purifiers can actually worsen sinus problems by releasing small particles that can aggravate the condition. Additionally, some air purifiers work by emitting electronic noise which can also trigger headaches and fatigue. For these reasons, it is important to consult with your doctor before purchasing an air purifier.

What Are The Symptoms Of Sinus Problems And How Can An Air Purifier Help

Table of Content

Sinus problems are the result of inflamed or swollen nasal passages caused by allergies, colds or infections. Symptoms often include congestion, pressure in the face, sneezing and sinus pain.

While sinus problems cant always be medically treated for example, when theyre the result of airborne allergens they can usually be managed with medication or home remedies . An air purifier is another option that many people find helpful in alleviating their symptoms. The good news is that there are a variety of different types available on the market these days to suit your needs and budget. Lets explore some options now.

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Types Of Car Air Purifiers

In-Cabin Air Filters

Like we mentioned earlier, an in-cabin air filter is really your best line of defense against all of those airborne irritants and pollutants that can make their way inside your vehicle. These filters are built right into cars, usually right behind the glovebox theyre able to clean up the air as it flows through your HVAC system. Its your first filtering mechanism, and its one you may not think about regularly. However, they do have to be replaced every so many miles, so youll need to stay on top of this filter every few months.

Ozone Generator Air Purifiers

If youre utilizing an air purifier thats an ozone generator, you have a device thats particularly great for tackling odors. These car air purifiers use electrical currents delivered by your cigarette lighter or a battery to essentially sterilize your car air flow, getting rid of the bacteria that can cause odors. Instead of masking smells, these devices can be used to kill off odors completely, with no added fragrance.

Plasma Generator Air Purifiers

Plasma generator air purifiers, which are also called ionic air purifiers, are an auto accessory that targets odors and other unwanted air pollutants or particles at a molecular level. These devices emit positively or negatively charged ions, which trap those unwanted particles and break them down. These car air purifiers, too, can target odors as well as impurities in the air, making them a great companion for your in-cabin air filter.

Germguardian Ac4825e Review: Performance

2 IN 1 Anti Snoring &  Air Purifier Relieve Nasal Congestion Nose Clip ...

We tested the GermGuardian AC4825E under three conditions: the normal air in the room, the air after 10 matches were burned, and the air after five incense were burned. We tested each of these conditions on both the lowest and highest settings.

In 15 minutes on its lowest setting the GermGuardian cleared 13% of the smallest particles our air quality monitor tested when the air in the room was normal, 42.5% after the matches were burned, and 10% of 2.5 micron particles after the incense were burned. We werent able to calculate how much it reduced the smallest particles after the incenses were burned because there were too many for our air quality monitor to register.

In 15 minutes on the highest setting, the GermGuardian cleared 41% of 0.3 micron particles in the normal air, 63% after the matches were burned, and 75% after the insenses were burned. On the high setting, the air purifier had cleared enough of the smallest particles from the incense in the first 15 minutes in which we ran it, so we could calculate a reduction. However, it didnt quite live up to reducing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns as promised.

Our tester notes that she has two cats, so there was likely quite a bit of cat hair picked up in the filters, too.

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Best Large Room Air Purifier Protects A Whole Family From Breathing Diseases

Air Purifiers Benefit Your Skin

While a large space air purifier absorbs and kills pollutants in the indoor air, it also protects your skin from toxins that trigger itching, acne, and other uncomfortable skin conditions. Air purifiers can slow down aging and heal acne by keeping your skin free from germs.

Air Purifiers Help Prevent Headaches Caused by Allergens

A very common type of headache is a sinus headache. This is caused by allergens in the air that cause pain in the area around the head. When a large area air purifier works its magic, it kills these allergens ing your big room and prevents you from inhaling them.

Air Purifiers Purify the Air While Cooking

Cooking releases heat, whether you’re frying potatoes, roasting meat, or baking a cake. When you cook, it releases tons of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other chemicals into the air that are unhealthy and smelly. A large air purifier helps eliminate these toxins, keeping your kitchen smelling clean.

Air Purifiers Protect Your Walls From Mold

Humidity can cause these unsightly spots to appear on your walls. Not only is this mold unpleasant to look at, but it can also lead to health problems like infection and irritation. A large space air purifier is a great way to suck up those mold spores and kill them in a big house, while keeping your wallpaper intact.

Air Purifiers Clean the Air from Pet Hair

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Best Price: Silver Onyx Air Purifier

The first entry on our list is a very small but powerful device that can purify rooms up to 500 square feet. It features a true HEPA and activated carbon filter and can trap debris 0.3 microns small. 0.3 micron sized debris is the size range that 90% of sinus irritants lie in.

If that wasnt enough, the Silver Onyx also has a UV sanitizer to eliminate germs in the air too. All in an appliance that you can easily set on the floor, desk, or counter top.

The Silver Onyx Air Purifier has a 5-stage cleaning system. The pre-filter takes care of pet hair and larger pollutants, while the HEPA H13 activated carbon filter removes finer particles from the air. The UV light and ION generator round out the cleaning process by taking care of odors.

With its five speed setting and automatic mode, you have plenty of options when it comes to air purification. The Auto mode will analyze the quality of air and adjust accordingly, this helps with keeping things as efficient as possible. Running at full speed, the Silver Onyx consumes only 24 watts of power, thats an average of 9$ per year, when run 8 hours per day.

A built-in indicator alert lets you know when it is time to change the filter, which lasts about 6 months with regular use. Ideal for rooms up to 500 sq. ft., this air purifier is small in size but not in results. With a 4.6 rating on BreatheQuality.com, this is one of the favorites among reviewers for its ability to clean the air of a room despite its small size.

What Are Sinus Problems And What Causes Them

Air Purifier | Getting Started (Shark® Air Purifier)

The sinuses are a group of hollow spaces in the bones around the nose. They are lined with mucus-producing cells that help to filter the air we breathe and protect us from bacteria, viruses, and other particles. When these cells become irritated or inflamed, they can produce too much mucus, leading to congestion, pressure, and pain. Sinus problems can be caused by a variety of things, including allergies, colds, and infections.

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A Common Treatment For Sinusitis

  • Nasal Irrigation: As per various researches, nasal irrigation proves useful in developing and curing both acute and chronic sinusitis. Nasal irrigation is done using nasal solutions that can also be made at home. The solution is used by spraying it in the nose using a nasal sprayer or by using a sinus rinsing system.
  • Common Medications: For short-term relief, the use of nasal decongestant spray such as Oxymetazoline is recommended. The use, however, should be limited to not more than 3 days otherwise, it may aggravate the condition. Decongestants of any type are not recommended for people suffering from prostate issues, high blood pressure, Glaucoma or sleep difficulties. Consulting a doctor is the best option before using any of the over-the-counter medications.
  • Antibiotics: Antibiotics are used when other methods like nasal steroid spray, pain medications and sinus irrigation have not produced the desired result. It is better to consume any antibiotics only after consulting with your doctor. Inappropriate use of antibiotics may cause the development of superbugs that causes serious infections.
  • Nasal Air purifier For Sinus Although these methods are effective, all of them are a cure to the problem. What is actually needed is a preventive mechanism. Nasal Air purifier for sinus is one of the most time-proven ways to get rid of allergens and pollutants.

    How Do We Test Air Purifiers

    Every air purifier for allergies in this guide has been tested to the exact same standards, using the same processes. We created a series of tests to measure particles of different sizes, to see how each air purifier performs with certain types of impurities. We use a particle counter for all our testing, and our equipment is capable of measuring the smallest pollutants that can be removed from the air by a purifier.

    We start by running an ambient air quality test, where we run the air purifier in multiple rooms in a home to see how it performs at the regular setting, and the highest possible setting . We make note of readings after 15 and 30 minutes to see the speed at which the machine removes particles from the air. We also measure the noise levels generated by the fan, to comment on how noticeable the purifier will be in an average home.

    We then test different particle sizes using matches and incense to generate different types of smoke, taking measurements at regular intervals and on different speed settings.

    Our testing also takes into account the size of the unit, the cost, ease of use, availability of additional parts, and the energy use on the lowest and highest settings. Finally, we check online user reviews to see what people think, and we test for any persistent problems or defects that we read about.

    As per our testing policy, we fully disclose all our findings in our reviews.

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