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Emergen C For Sinus Infection

First Let’s Look At The Ingredients In Emergen

Emergen-C Immune Plus with Vitamin D Raspberry# The Beer Review Guy

The main ingredients advertised in Emergen-C and many immune-supporting supplements are vitamin C and zinc. What I believed was the obvious draw with Emergen-C was the vitamin C for cold prevention. But while vitamin C has the reputation of being a savior if you’re getting or already have a cold, there isn’t actually much scientific evidence to back either of those claims up.

It’s true that vitamins, including vitamin C, are crucial for our daily functioning and are healthy to consume. But if you already have a cold, it won’t actually help shorten the duration of a cold very much maybe a day, tops, according to Harvard Health.

Emergen-C is a vitamin C supplement, and theres no evidence that it benefits people with the cold or influenza or affects your propensity to get the cold or the flu, says Amesh Adalja, MD, an infectious disease physician and a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The same goes for a respiratory virus like the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Dr. Adalja adds that its misguided to think that vitamin C is a panacea for respiratory viruses. Supplements arent evaluated by the FDA, and he worries that if people depend too much on vitamin C supplements or believe they will cure a cold or flu, it could steer people away from the number one preventive measure: the flu vaccine.

Another thing: Emergen-C isnt as effective if its expired.

What Kind Of Sinus Medication Can I Take

I have a cold and I can feel it starting to get in my sinuses. Is there any kind of sinus medication that I can take to stop it from developing into a sinus infection?

Try plain Mucinex. I get the 12 hour maximum strength one. It’s my go to when I’m feeling sick or have any sinus pain/pressure. Just remember to drink more water. It helps to get the mucus out. For any pain/pressure use Advil or Ibuprofen.

It all depends on your age, allergies and what your parents preference! All of which I can discuss with your parents if need be 🙂

Wow, if only a single medication worked for everyone! I take Advil cold and sinus and double up on the Emergen-C for the week, and it seems to do great. But for my honey, I have to give him Mucinex cold and sinus and double up on the Emergen-C. He also has to use sinus spray. My daughter, gets a saline sinus wash when she starts to feel runny and get a scratchy throat, then some Emergen-C for the week, and hot mint tea sweetened with honey. She doesn’t need meds. I think the key is to catch it early, get the vitamin C on board to boost the immune system, and if you are prone to sinus infections, try different antihistamines to see if you can prevent the drainage in the first place. is the world’s largest online destination for care. We connect families with caregivers and caring companies to help you be there for the ones you love.

Health Dangers Of Ascorbic Acid

Whole food vitamins occur in small doses and are not toxic since the vitamin is complete in its integral working form. It requires nothing from the body, and triggers no immune response . If natural vitamin C is consumed in too high a dose, the body simply expels it through urine.

However, synthetic vitamins have many toxic effects from mega-doses and can trigger an immune response. High levels of vitamins C supplements are know to cause :

  • Diarrhea

And thats just the beginning

1. Affects Your Capacity To Exercise

Rather than keeping you in tip-top shape, vitamin C supplementation actually decreases training efficiency. This is because ascorbic acid impairs your muscles mitochondrial function and adaptability to exercise .

2. Increases CVD Risk

Daily intake of 300mg+ of vitamin C increases risk of cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes. When compared to food sources of the vitamin, only supplemental vitamin C showed a positive association with CVD mortality .

3. Causes Kidney Stones

In a Swedish study, high-dose vitamin C was linked to kidney stones in men .

The most common type of stone is a mixture of calcium and oxalate, a substance found in many foods.

Some people break down vitamin C into oxalate, which may explain the connection with kidney stone formation.

As little as 500 milligrams per day can be enough to cause a problem, although the study was conducted with 1000mg of the supplement .

4. Causes Organ Damage

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Can Vitamin C And Other Immune Boosters Help A Cold


When you feel a cold starting, are you tempted to reach for a bottle of vitamin C or an immune booster at the drugstore to fight off a sore throat or runny nose, thinking a boost of vitamins will help ward off additional symptoms or shorten the length of a cold? The reality is that, for most people, taking a supplement like this doesnt do a whole lot to help.

In fact, there are no studies that show that taking an artificial supplement like vitamin C for a cold has any benefit at all. But what I tell my patients is, if it makes you feel better, then theres no harm in taking it, as long as I know about it so I can make sure it won’t harm you.What is Vitamin C and how does it impact your immune system? People use vitamin C as an immune supplement. Your body needs vitamin C for several reasons including the repair and growth of tissues. A severe deficiency in vitamin C can cause scurvy, a condition that causes weakness, gum disease and skin problems.In your immune system, the vitamin also impacts prostaglandins, lipids that aid in the recovery of tissue damage or infection. Prostaglandins help control your bodys inflammatory and infection response and this is where people get the idea that taking a vitamin C supplement will help their cold. The vitamin also aids in:

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Are There Downsides To Taking Emergen

The tolerable upper limit for vitamin C, as set by the Institute of Medicine, is 2,000 milligrams a day. Beyond that you run the risk of getting kidney stones, and youre probably beyond the point where theres going to be any benefit anyway, says Dr. Curry. Excess vitamin C has also been shown to cause diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal cramps.

Dr. Curry cautions patients who want to take Emergen-C or similar products to pay attention to their dosage and to not exceed this upper limit. That means dont take several doses of Emergen-C in a day, and be careful when taking it alongside other supplements that may also contain vitamin C.

Some studies have also suggested that vitamin C can interact with certain medicines, including some statins and chemotherapy drugsand it likely wont protect you if youre coming down with a more serious illness like the flu. If youre unsure about whether vitamin C might affect your current medication regimen its always a good idea to check with your doctor.

Harney & Sons Organic Peppermint Tea

Helps with: Sore throat, cough

If your mom ever served you warm tea with honey when you were sick, she was on the right track. Austin-based, Sarah Talbot, a registered nurse and physician’s assistant with FetchMD, has been helping to treat COVID-19 patients through telemedicine. She told Insider that warm tea with honey, as well as throat lozenges, can help to soothe a sore throat or cough.

An easy, at-home approach is to combine lemon juice and honey in hot water. But if you want more flavor, try Harney & Sons Organic Peppermint Tea with honey stirred in.

While there isn’t any evidence that honey can help fight the COVID-19 virus, research does show honey boosts healing in general through antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, among others, reports a 2018 study in Molecules. Research also shows it’s potentially more effective at reducing coughing in children than a lot of other remedies, including OTC cough suppressants.

As for the tea, scientists have found peppermint teas and oils may contain illness-fighting effects. The menthol in the plant, among others, has excellent antibacterial properties, according to a 2018 study in the Journal of Oleo Science. Other herbs, oils, and teas are also being studied, with some mixed results, including elderberry, chamomile, and more.

Other peppermint teas work but we like Harney & Sons as the tea is made from 100% Oregon-grown peppermint leaves.

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Do Immunity Boosters Really Work

If youve ever sniffled down the cold and flu aisle, desperately searching for an over-the-counter supplement to rid you of your misery, youre not alone. The popularity of products like Airborne and Emergen-C has soared in recent years, thanks to manufacturers claims that their active ingredients can boost or support immunity, fight illness, and shorten the duration of colds and flus. The marketing of some products has led many consumers to believe that ingredients like vitamin C, echinacea, and zinc are cure-alls. But is there any evidence to support the claims, and are immunity boosters really worth the investment?

Heres a look at some of the most popular products on the market.

Human Nasal Epithelial Cell Cultures

Home Remedies for Chest Cold, Flu, Bronchitis, Sinus Infections etc.

This study was performed at the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Beijing TongRen Hospital. The study protocol was reviewed and approved by the local ethics board of Beijing TongRen Hospital, Capital Medical University. Informed consent was obtained from all the participants.

Human uncinate process was endoscopically obtained from 8 adult patients who had cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea, nasopharyngeal angiofibroma or nasal septum deviation, without acute rhinosinusitis, chronic rhinosinusitis or allergic rhinitis.

Primary culture of human nasal epithelial cells was established using an adaptation of the methods published by Nlend et al.. The dissected mucosa was incubated in 0.05% protease in DMEM overnight at 4°C. After protease treatment, epithelial cells were released by vigorous shaking and were harvested by centrifugation. The cells were plated on collagen-coated glass coverslips at a density of 5×105/ml. The medium consisted of DMEM/F12 supplemented with 10 g/ml insulin, 5 g/ml transferrin, 0.36 g/ml hydrocortisone, 20 ng/ml triiodothyronine, 7.5 g/ml endochelial cell growth supplement, 100 U/ml penicillin and 100 g/ml streptomycin. Cells were grown in an incubator at 37°C in 5% CO2. The medium was changed every other day.

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How To Get Emergen C

Quick review on Emergen-C Immune + Ive used it for years and just decided to share it with you. To me I feel the product really works I hope this video is helpful. Emergen-C Immune + Vitamin C Daily Immune Support.Affiliate Disclosure.As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases..Amazon link. Questions?Please take a moment to subscribe to my channel also hit the bell next to subscribe so you can get notified of new videos I post..Thanks for watching..

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How to Take Emergen C. Step 1. Tear open a packet of Emergen-C and dump the contents into a small glass. Step 2. Add four to six ounces of cool water to the glass. Stir briskly with a spoon.

Emerge And See Everyday Nutrition

Emergen-C Original Formula is our most popular product for immune support and with good reason! Every fizzy flavor features essential nutrients, including 1,000 mg of Vitamin C and other immune supporting antioxidants , 7 B Vitamins to enhance energy naturally, and electrolytes to replenish post-workout.* Emerge and See more great days!


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A Burst Of Nutrition No Water Needed

Emergen-C Chewables have more Vitamin C than 10 oranges^ in every serving! They also contain Vitamin B6 and Biotin to support energy naturally, and key antioxidants to provide immune support.* No water needed!


Original formula

The Dangerous Truth About Emergen


Emergen-C® is a vitamin C-based powder that you consume by mixing it into a glass of water.

Its heavily advertised as being the ultimate cold prevention and cure and is often given to children.

Although naturally-occurring vitamin C can have great health benefits, the same cannot be said about the synthetic version of the vitamin.

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How Do I Take Emergen

Immunity support products like Emergen-C usually come as a powder packet. You make a drink with the powder by emptying the packet into a cup and mixing it with 4 to 6 oz of water. If the flavor is too strong, you can add more water. Dont take more than one packet a day.

Emergen-C also comes as a gummy. The recommended daily dose is no more than three gummies a day.

But other brands are also available. For instance, another popular vitamin C supplement brand Airborne comes as chewable tablets, dissolvable tablets, and gummies. Emergen-C and Airborne can be found at most pharmacies, grocery stores, and major retailers. Many other brands have vitamin C and other vitamins as well.

Are There Side Effects Or Risks To Consider

Taking an increased amount of vitamin C for a short period of time is generally considered safe.

Vitamin Cs tolerable upper intake level is 2,000 mg per day for adults ages 19 and older.

Emergen-C packets contain 1,000 mg each. This means that you can probably still consume vitamin C through your diet without hitting the max UL.

Consuming 2,000 mg or more may cause:

Emergen-C contains far lower levels of all of the other vitamins and minerals on its ingredient list. No other ingredient comes this close to the respective UL for adults.

Talk to a doctor or other healthcare provider before use if you:

  • take prescription medication

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What The Evidence Suggests

Emergen-Cs claim to fame is a high dose of vitamin C. But studies on this topic have been inconclusive at best, says Dr. Curry. The research has not been very high quality, and the results have been mixed, he says.

A 2013 Cochrane Review found that 1,000 milligrams a day of vitamin C seemed to help prevent colds in people who were very physically activemarathon runners and skiers, for example. But those benefits didnt translate to other studies on more general populations.

That was a little surprising, and we still dont really know why this was the case, says Dr. Curry. But there seems to be something about the combination of being really physically active and taking vitamin C that may be protective. He adds that the study was only able to show an association between high doses of vitamin C and fewer colds, and not a cause-and-effect relationship.

The review also noted that while some studies have shown a link between vitamin C and shorter cold duration, others have shown no benefit. Given vitamin Cs low cost and relative safety, the authors wrote, it may be worthwhile for common cold patients to test on an individual basis whether therapeutic vitamin C is beneficial for them.

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What Can I Take Instead Of Emergen

Sore Throat Remedies

Cold symptoms can last up to 10 days, which might seem like a long time while youre pregnant. Colds often resolve on their own and dont need treatment, but there are safe cold medication options in pregnancy. Head to our GoodRx guide on safe cold medications during pregnancy to learn more.

As a reminder, always talk to your healthcare provider before trying any new medication while pregnant, even if its an OTC supplement or medication.

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Flush With A Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation, a traditional Ayurvedic treatment, has been used for thousands of years to treat congestion and sinus problems by removing mucus and debris from the nasal cavities. You can find a variety of nasal irrigation devices at natural grocers or pharmacies. Try a neti pot, a small ceramic pot specially designed to irrigate sinuses, or a squeeze bottle. Fill either one with 1 pint of lukewarm distilled water mixed with 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Check the health department guidelines in your area your tap water may contain low levels of bacteria and protozoa that can stay alive in the nasal passages and cause potentially serious infections in some individuals. During the day, keep nasal cavities clear with sprays designed to moisturize and soothe sinuses. Look for formulas made with xylitol, a sugar alcohol derived from fruits and vegetables thats been shown to reduce the risk of sinus infections.

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