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Facial Massage For Sinus Drainage

Should I Get A Massage If I Have A Sinus Infection


In the acute stage of infectious sinusitis, massage therapy is systemically contraindicated. However, massage is suitable for chronic and non-infectious cases of sinusitis, provided the client is comfortable. In general, acute sinusitis lasts about three weeks but it can last up to three months.

Where should I massage if I have a sinus infection?

Use your index and middle fingers to apply pressure near your nose, between your cheekbones and your jawline. Move your fingers toward your ears in a circular motion. You can use your thumbs instead of your fingers for a deeper massage. This should take 30 seconds to a minute.

What not to do if you have a sinus infection?

Dont drink alcohol You need plenty of fluids, but avoid cocktails, wine and beer. Even though alcohol is a liquid, it makes you dehydrated. It can also cause your sinuses and nasal lining to swell, making your symptoms worse.

When To See A Pro

See a doctor or massage therapist for a facial massage or if youd like to address specific medical concerns, including acne, TMJ, or scar reduction.

A professional will have the skill and expertise to tailor the facial massage to your specific needs. They can also recommend any additional treatments.

How To Do It At Home

You can give yourself a facial massage in the comfort of your home. Before beginning, clean your face and hands. Use a small amount of serum, oil, or cleansing balm so your fingers glide and roll over your skin easily. You can also use the surface of your palm.

Whether you have 5 minutes or an entire hour, you can put together your favorite elements to create an individualized facial massage routine. Repeat each stroke five times or focus on a specific area for 20 to 30 seconds. Use gentle but firm pressure.

There are several techniques you can use. Below are a few you can use to create your routine:

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What Is Nasal Congestion And How Is It Caused

The sinuses are designed as a network of small, hollow cavities inside the skull. They are generally found and connect behind the cheekbones and forehead, opening into the small nasal cavity. Sinus tissues produce mucus draining into the nose.

Sometimes, seasonal allergies or common colds cause blockage in the sinus tissues and create inflammation. So, these inflamed sinus tissues create swelling, and mucus doesnt drain properly. This congestion is called chronic sinusitis. Research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has shown that nasal congestion affects around 30 million Americans.

It Prevents Wrinkles And Promotes Smooth Skin

Pin on Living Naturally

We often associate wrinkles as a sign of aging, but theyre also a sign of stress, formed from frequent tightening of the muscles in our face.

As we said earlier, a facial massage can help reduce the effects of stress, and with that comes a reduction in wrinkles. A massage relaxes tight facial muscles, minimizing the lines and wrinkles. Combining a facial massage with moisturizers can increase the chances of reducing wrinkles even more.

A massage can also help maintain skin elasticity, protecting your skin against free radicals. Youll have a smooth, glowing appearance and avoid sagging and wrinkles.

Facials are meant to clean and revitalize the skin. At Body Restoration, we recommend a facial once per season. Our facial therapy involves:

  • A custom deep cleansing with a cleanser, cleaning oil specially designed for your skin type and an herbal toner
  • Steaming to open and cleanse your pores
  • Pressure point face massage to release tension and free congestion

If you would like to learn more, contact Body Restoration. Our team will be happy to work with you to find a skin care regime that leaves you looking and feeling better.

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Opt For Steam To Clear The Sinuses

You can help to relieve pressure using steam. One of the most commonly suggested options is to sit in a warm shower for at least 15 minutes, allowing the natural steam to do the work. You can also do this in a hot bath, but you will need to protect your skin from the heat.

If you cannot stand the heat of the water or you want it hotter, you can make your mini head sauna.

Place a bowl of boiled water on a table. Put your head over the bowl and use a towel over your head to help trap the steam within the area. You can breathe the steam in and out, naturally clearing the pressure within your sinuses and relieving the pain and discomfort in your ears.

If you want to go one step further, you can opt for some Vicks or another menthol cream within the water. Mint essential oil will also work. You only need a little to create menthol steam that offers more benefits to clear out your sinuses and relieve the pressure that has built up.

Avoid putting your head down while doing this. You want to keep it over the bowl in a semi-upright position. Putting your head down will cause more pressure on the sinuses and your ears.

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When Should I Go See The Doctor About A Sinus Infection

It is pretty easy to care for most sinus conditions on your own. However, if you continue to have symptoms that concern you or if your infections continue to happen, your primary care doctor might suggest you see a specialist. This could also happen if your CT scan shows something that does not look right.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Sinusitis, or swelling of the tissues of the sinus cavities, is a common condition with many causes, including viruses and bacteria, nasal polyps or allergies. Signs and symptoms may including facial pressure, fever and tiredness. You can treat symptoms at home by resting, taking over-the-counter products and increasing your fluid intake. Make sure you contact your healthcare provider if symptoms do not improve, if sinusitis happens often or if you have any symptom that worries you.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 06/04/2020.


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How To Drain Sinuses With A Massage According To Experts

A lot of people ask me how to drain sinuses with a massage. They just cant deal with the constant stuffiness, pressure, and nasal discharge. I get it. Ive been there. I started having sinus problems since I was nine years old.

At first, it started off with regular nasal discharge and puffiness. But, the older I got, the more my problems started to magnify. The occasional membrane inflammation turned into chronic sinusitis, and the constant runny nose was a pain to deal with.

Thats until I learned how to do a massage for sinus inflammation. Now, the whole sinus issues are more bearable. Plus, I can breathe through my nose which is something I couldnt even think of back in middle school.

If you want to learn the tricks to a facial massage for sinus problems, youve come to the right place. I decided to share all my knowledge and personal experience with you so that youll have a much easier time dealing with your sinuses.

Foods That Help Relieve Sinus Congestion

How to Give a Face Massage to Relieve Sinus Congestion

Sinus congestion has many reverberating symptoms that can ruin your day and put you out of commission. Sinus congestion is the fullness you feel in various areas across your face, head and neck caused by a blockage in the sinus cavities. Sinus congestion occurs when the mucus in your nasal passageway doesnt drain properly, leaving a build-up that blocks your sinuses.

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Other Ways To Relieve Sinus Pain

People can relieve sinus pain by combining sinus massage with the following treatments:

  • These medications help relieve congestion and sinus pain by reducing blood flow and swelling in the sinus membranes. Decongestants are available over the counter .
  • Nasal sprays: Nasal sprays contain saline to help loosen and thin mucus that has become trapped inside the nose. Some sprays also contain a corticosteroid, which reduces inflammation in the sinuses. Nasal sprays are available OTC.
  • Nasal irrigation: This type of personal hygiene practice involves using a nasal irrigation device or âneti potâ to flush saline solution through the nose. While most NIDs are generally safe, people should use them with caution. According to the

How To Drain Sinuses With A Massage

There are multiple massage techniques for you to try. These techniques work their way to the nasal passageway and promote healthy circulation. All you have to do is apply pressure to specific spots of the face and gently massage the area for a couple of minutes.

Since the body has four pairs of sinuses, you will need to work with each one. You can focus on one at a time, multiple, or all the pairs that give you problems. Here is how to drain sinuses with a massage.

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How To Relieve Sinus And Nasal Congestion

  • Give yourself a sinus relief massage.
  • You can use your fingers to gently massage your sinuses to get nasal congestion relief. For example, place your index fingers on both sides of your nose where the nose and cheek meet , and apply moderate pressure for 2 to 3 minutes. You can also use your index fingers to apply pressure on the bridge of your nose, right between your eyebrows hold for 2 to 3 minutes. This sinus massage will bring comfort to your nasal passages.

  • Irrigate your sinuses.
  • Flushing out your sinuses with salt water can help clear out mucus and other irritants and reduce inflammation of the mucous membrane, resulting in better drainage. This can be done with a neti pot, syringe or various other products that can be found in drug stores. When using a nasal rinse, be sure to use sterile or previously boiled water, and rinse and dry the device thoroughly after each use.

  • Take a decongestant.
  • Over-the-counter nasal decongestants reduce blood flow to the nasal membranes, which decreases swelling and congestion. They can help open up your nasal passages and decrease pressure in your sinuses. For fast relief, try Sinex⢠Severe All-in-One Sinus Liquicapsâthe non-drowsy formula contains a powerful pain reliever and phenylephrine, a safe and effective decongestant.

  • Try a nasal spray.
  • When To See A Doctor

    Combatting Sinus Congestion with Massage Therapy

    Usually, ear problems related to a sinus issue arenât severe and donât last long. Most of the time, they go away on their own. See your doctor if:

    • You have a fever.
    • You have head, face, or ear pain, or swelling that doesnât get better with non-prescription medication.
    • Your symptoms last for more than a week or keep coming back.

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    What Is Sinus Massage

    Sinus massage is an effective massage that produces gentle pressure and heat through fingers to release mucus buildup in the sinus. Melting and releasing mucus from the sinus will help to cure sinus congestion and also help in

    • Facial pressure and pain relief
    • Stuffy or running nose
    • Jaw pain
    • Easy release of postnasal drainage fluid flows down the throats back.

    Sinus massage has various techniques that effectively relieve sinus pain and mucus and provide relaxation and comfort. So, in this article, we will discuss 05 effective techniques of sinus massage.

    Performing A Basic Sinus Massage

  • 1Rub your hands and fingers together to warm your fingers. Warm hands and fingers are more comforting for the sinuses than cold hands and fingers. Cold hands and fingers can cause muscle tension.
  • One option is to place a small amount of oil on your palm . The oil helps to lessen the friction caused by your hands rubbing against your face. The scent of the oil may also help to promote relaxation. Good oils to use for a sinus massage include almond oil, baby oil, or castor oil. Just make sure to not get any of it in your eyes while you massage close to those areas.
  • 2Locate the indentation of the eye sockets. The indentation of the eye sockets are located on either side of where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of the eyebrows. When pressure is applied to this area, it can help to relieve colds, sinus congestion, frontal sinus headaches and tired eyes.
  • Use your thumbs. The thumbs are recommended because they tend to be stronger than other fingers. For other people, using the index finger may be more comfortable. Do whatever feels the most soothing and comfortable for you.
  • 3Apply finger pressure directly on the indentation of the eye sockets. Do this for one minute The amount of pressure you apply should be somewhere between pleasant and firm.
  • Then, press your fingers into the area and move them in a circular motion for two minutes.
  • Keep your eyes closed as you massage this area.
  • Apply firm and constant pressure on your cheeks for about a minute.
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    Stay Away From Dairy Products

    Some doctors hold the opinion that taking lots of dairy products when suffering from sinus drainage makes it worse by encouraging excessive mucus production.

    Should you stop using dairy products and realize that the problem has completely cleared, chances are that you are allergic to dairy products. Talk to your health care provider about it.

    Massage Therapy For Sinuses: A Trusted Method To Alleviate Pain And Congestion

    Sinus Self-Massage for Instant Drainage & Pressure Relief | Dr. Mandell

    Are you struggling with sinus issues? If youve been using over-the-counter medication to treat them, prolonged use can sometimes cause worsening of symptoms, damage mucosal tissue and produce more mucus through a rebound effect. Massage therapy for sinuses is a great way to remedy some of these issues:

    • Sinus drainage and positioning is taken into consideration during treatment
    • Manual drainage of sinuses, release of facial, pectoral and neck muscles to reduce tension and increase circulation techniques will be used to reduce swelling and congestion
    • Use of essential oils such as Japanese Mint can enhance decongestion effectiveness
    • Self-care techniques such as facial/sinus steams, self-massage to the face and sinuses and education about sinuses will be included with treatment

    Self-care at home

    Here are some steps on how to do a decongestion steam at home:

  • Heat up the water to boiling
  • Carefully pour the hot water into the bowl
  • Drape the towel over the back of your head
  • Set a time for 10 15 minutes
  • Shut your eyes and slowly lower your head toward the hot water until youre about 8 to 12 inches away from the water. Be extremely careful to avoid making direct contact with the water
  • Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose for at least two to five minutes
  • We recommend that you dont steam longer than 10 to 15 minutes for each session. However, you can repeat steam inhalation two or three times per day if youre still having symptoms.

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    What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Chronic Sinus Infection

    Chronic sinusitis emerges more insidiously than acute sinusitis. At times, however, the symptoms start suddenly and may resemble that of the common cold or acute sinusitis that just wont go away.

    Chronic sinusitis is most likely if you have two or more of the following symptoms:

    • Nasal congestion or stuffy nose
    • Mucus and pus-like discharge
    • Facial pain, pressure around your eyes and nose, or fullness
    • Partial or complete loss of your sense of smell

    Chronic cough, sore throat, and fatigue may also be seen in a chronic sinus infection. That said, these symptoms are not required for the diagnosis of chronic rhinosinusitis.

    Use Pillows To Encourage The Drainage From The Ears

    Sometimes there will be some blockage in the ears. You can get the fluid that builds up, due to it having nowhere to go or a previous infection. You will want to get it out of the ears as soon as possible.

    Rather than using a saline cleanser , you will want to encourage the draining of the liquid as soon as possible. The best way to do that is by focusing on the way you sleep and sit throughout the day.

    Arrange the pillows in your bed to help prop your body slightly. This will help to keep your head up and avoid the pressure going further into your ears and head theres nothing worse than trying to sleep when dealing with pressure around your sinuses! The pillows will also help to encourage the right positioning for the draining of the fluid. Keep your blocked ear closest to the bed for the best results.

    Even if the fluid does not drain out, sleeping like this will help you get a good nights sleep. This will encourage your immune system to work better, so you get rid of the sinus issues and pressure quicker.

    You may also find that the pressure is due to thetrapped fluid within your ear canal . Tilt your head to one side and jump up and down. Gravity can help to dislodge the water. You will feel it trickle out of your ear!

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    Optional Sinus Massage Tips

    For any of the sinus massages you try, if you dont feel like your sinuses are clear, feel free to repeat the massages every hour or so. Additionally, try out these optional tips for an even more soothing, relaxing, and effective sinus massage.

    • Place your hands on a heated-up microwavable hot pack or rub your hands together to warm them up a bit before massaging.
    • Lay down and place a microwavable hot pack on your forehead or under the back of your neck while you give yourself the sinus massages.
    • Add a drop of your favorite essential oils to your fingertips before massaging. Alternatively, try rubbing a drop of your favorite essential oil just below your nose for a calming effect. Menthol-based oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and spearmint work wonders for opening up your sinuses as their smell is a natural nasal decongestant.

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