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Sinus Allergies At The Beach

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Allergy Relief in Palm Beach, Florida | Aspire Allergy & Sinus

Because sinus infections typically start off as colds, steps you take to ward off cold-causing rhinoviruses also help safeguard your sinuses.

One of the most important precautions is to keep your nasal passages moist. You can do this with the help of an over-the-counter salt water spray. Keep a bottle handy, and give each nostril a blast several times a day.

Everything You Need To Know About Tree And Spring Pollen Allergies 2021

Compared to the rest of the U.S., midwinter and early spring in Jacksonville is a really beautiful time of year.

Although, our mild temperatures tend to attract folks from more frigid regions, that doesnt mean our cool seasons are completely free of any downsides. In fact, if youre allergic to tree pollen one of the most common allergens we have here on the First Coast you know this all too well.

Another downside? Jacksonville regularly ranks among the Worst Cities for Spring Allergies. In 2021 Jacksonville comes in at #30 in the US .

Across most of the country, trees dont release their pollen until early spring. But, thanks to our temperate climate here in North Florida, local trees usually start producing an abundance of pollen starting in February . Although January 2021 was a bit cooler than normal, we still saw a big uptick in pollen and air quality issues in February.

If you suffer from tree pollen sensitivity, heres a helpful guide for tree pollen allergies and our best advice for controlling a reaction this spring season.

Common Beach Allergy Triggers

Allergy triggers at the beach sometimes show up in a non-traditional manner due to the unique climate, as well as activities you might only do at the ocean.

Lets go over these triggers and how they are disguising themselves at the beach.

Sun Allergy

A sun allergy is described as any irrational immune system response to sunlight. This conditional affects up to 15% of the U.S. Population. Check out my Complete Guide to Sun Allergies post if you suspect you are experiencing a sun allergy.

Avoiding sun allergies

Avoiding the sun is one way to avoid a sun allergy, but not cool when you are at the beach. Alternatively, applying high-quality sunscreen to help control sun allergy symptoms may help.

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Most Common Beach Allergy Symptoms

You may be suffering from allergies at the beach if you have one or more of these symptoms.

  • Itchy eyes and/or watery eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Post-Nasal Drip
  • Itchy ears and/or throat
  • Rash
  • Oral Allergy Syndrome

These are not necessarily all the symptoms of allergies, but they are more common than others. Unfortunately, these symptoms can be part of non-allergy-related conditions like a cold.

Now that we have covered the most common symptoms of allergy, especially at the beach, let dive deep into the common beach allergy triggers.

What Do You Do If Youre Caught Off Guard Without Allergy Medicine

Allergy Specialist Doctor

Heres a great, quick remedy treatment you can use in case you find yourself in a situation where you cant take medication or avoid your triggers.

First, check the pollen forecast. Then use nasal saline rinse or irrigation several times throughout the day during the worst of the tree pollen season. The saline irrigation removes pollen particles from the surface of your nasal passages, clears thick or crusted nasal drainage and soothes irritated nasal membranes.

There are a number of studies that found that patients with allergic rhinitis or chronic sinusitis who use regular saline rinses have less bacterial load and require fewer antibiotics. Using a rinse may also reduce your need for medication to control allergies.

You can buy saline rinse or irrigation kits at any drugstore and many grocery stores. These kits usually use a squeeze bottle or gravity to direct saline through the nasal passages. A common squeeze bottle technique is to position your head downward and rotated slightly to the left . Gently squeeze some of the solution into your right nostril the solution will come out through your left nostril. Now repeat on the other side.

Ready or not, tree pollen season is here! If you havent already prepared and expect youll need help this season, be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment. This is a gorgeous time of year that should not be missed by staying indoors. Dont suffer, were here to help.

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Pollen Allergy Testing And Treatment

The good news is that you dont have to suffer through tree pollen season. Be sure to contact an allergy and asthma specialist for a formal allergy evaluation, preferably before the season begins or very early in the season. You may already know that you have a seasonal allergy, but do not know just which pollen you are allergic to. Allergists can determine the specific pollens that are causing your problems and can tell you when that pollen is expected to be in the air.

Your allergist will take a detailed history of any reactions youve had, then if indicated, he or she can test for allergies to identify the culprit allergen and determine the best course of treatment.

The most common method of testing for pollen allergies is a simple skin prick test. At our office, we use a very fine stylet that is lightly pressed against the skin. The stylet introduces individual pollens and other allergens to the immune system in your skin. If youre allergic or sensitive to a particular allergen, a small pink raised bump will appear within minutes where the skin prick test was placed.

For some people, a blood test may be the best option to determine your allergic sensitivity. A small amount of your blood is taken and tested to check for antibodies that respond to specific allergens. Depending on your allergy test results, we can offer guidance about the best and most direct course of action for your symptoms.

Real Information For Real Relief

If youâre experiencing allergy symptoms, a personalized treatment plan can improve your overall health and quality of life. We approach the diagnosis of your allergy sensitivities and symptoms seriously.

Allergists at Virginia Sinus Center will develop an allergy treatmentplan specific to you, your allergies and your needs.

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Does Living Near The Ocean Help With Allergies

Living near the ocean can help with allergies, it just depends on what you are allergic to. Most days, the beach can provide allergy relief from seasonal allergies due to high winds coming from the seas.

These winds keep inland pollens from blowing toward the ocean. However, if winds shift, your allergies may flare-up.

Symptoms Of Sinusitis And Allergies

Suffering from allergies in Palm Beach? Explore treatment with Aspire Allergy & Sinus

Sinusitis and allergies can cause swelling in the nasal passageways, leading to a stuffy nose, or congestion. They both can cause headaches and a feeling of pressure along the sinuses, resulting in pain on the face.

However, there are certain distinctions that can help determine whether youre experiencing an allergic reaction or sinusitis.

Allergies can come without warning or with seasonal changes. Sinusitis typically follows a cold or other viral infection.

A person might be having an allergic reaction if they have:

  • Symptoms that come and go or appear only at certain times of the year
  • Symptoms that appear only in specific situations, like at a pet store
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Watery, clear, or thin discharge from the nose
  • Constant sneezing

by Alan S. Berger, M.D. | Nov 11, 2016 | GERD, LPR, Silent Reflux

The holidays are here again and whether your favorite food is turkey or apple pie, its going to be a problem if you suffer from reflux. We are heading into the home stretch of food-focused festivities and the only way you are going to enjoy them is if we help you get reflux under control.

The most common types of reflux are LPR and GERD. LPR stands for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux, or Silent Reflux, and GERD stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease. Both are digestive diseases and both cause discomfort that needs to be properly diagnosed. Here are the signs and symptoms of each type of reflux.

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The Similarities And Differences

Before we get too deep into the specifics, its important to understand why allergies and sinus infections are often viewed as one in the same. The top reason is that they have extremely similar symptoms a runny nose could as easily be part of a sinus infection as part of allergies. However, thats not the only reason. Sometimes they cause one another. Sometimes they even have the same triggers, which makes identification even more complicated. Excess pollen in the air is the biggest example of this. Pollen triggers allergies, but it can also make breathing more difficult if you happen to have a sinus infection. Luckily, there are some key differences that can help you distinguish between sinus infections and allergies.

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Can Seasonal Allergies Give You Food Allergies Too

It’s truesometimes seasonal allergies turn into food allergies. What’s more, you can predict the foods you might be allergic to based on what sets off your hay fever. It’s called oral allergy syndrome, sometimes shortened to OAS.

OAS can be extremely frustrating, as a person can often go for a long timeyears in factwithout reacting to one of these foods. Why do seasonal allergies sometimes cause food allergies? It turns out certain food proteins resemble allergenic pollens. It only happens in raw fruits, vegetables, and some tree nutscooking the food changes its proteins and makes it harmless.

If you know what atmospheric troublemaker causes your hay fever, you can also learn what foods to be careful around. Here is a list of common allergens and the food allergies they can inspire:

  • Ragweed: Melons, bananas, cucumbers, zucchini, sunflower seeds
  • Birch pollen: Apples, cherries, carrots, kiwis, almonds, celery, plums, peaches, kiwis
  • Grass: Tomatoes, celery, peaches, oranges, melons

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Allergic Rhinitis Is A Common And Debilitating Disease

  • Allergic rhinitis affects around 18% of people in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Allergic rhinitis predisposes people to more frequent sinus infections.
  • People with allergic rhinitis are often tired due to poor sleep quality.
  • Moderate or severe allergic rhinitis can affect general health, impair learning, increase time off work, and reduce productivity.
  • Around 80% of people with asthma have allergic rhinitis, which can make asthma difficult to control.

What Is Allergy Testing

Symptoms Of Sinusitis And It

Our board-certified team uses the most advanced allergy testing procedure to ensure accurate results. Modern allergy testing types are safe and result in little to no discomfort. Various allergies from seasonal to food and medicine allergies may involve a unique allergy testing procedure. Our process ensures that your allergy test results are precise and thorough.

We take the time to review your medical history and ensure that we provide a comprehensive testing plan to address all of your underlying issues. It is important to understand the full spectrum of your allergies to put a highly effective treatment plan into action for you.

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The Pool Can Sometimes Leave You Sneezingheres How To Avoid Post

If you find yourself with a runny nose after swimming, youre not alone. One study found about 35 percent of swimmers reported temporary nasal congestion after swimming. The symptoms can start anywhere from immediately after getting out of the pool to a few hours later.

The bad news: If youre highly sensitive, then swimming does appear to have a short-term negative effect and can create temporary sinusitis. The good news: The stuffy nose doesnt seem to correlate with long-term problems on the whole, and there are some ways to help decrease the symptoms.

Should I See A Specialist For Headaches Caused By Allergies

If over-the-counter medications and lifestyle changes do not fix your allergy headaches, this can lead to additional problems associated with nasal allergies, such as chronic sinus infections. When allergies cause congestion over a significant period of time, this can eventually cause sinus blockages, which can lead to a sinus infection.

If your allergy headaches and other allergy symptoms persist, it is important to see an allergy or sinus specialist. This specialist can perform an allergy skin test to evaluate your allergies, and even conduct a sinus CAT scan to evaluate your sinuses. An allergist can also recommend stronger, prescription treatments that may be more effective than over-the-counter medications for relieving your symptoms.

If you are struggling to stay on top of your headaches and other allergy symptoms, the experts at Aspire Allergy & Sinus are ready to help. Contact us to make your first appointment and start feeling better faster!

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Misconceptions About Tree Pollen Allergies

Most people assume that trees with large or fragrant flowers must be the cause most allergy problems, but actually the opposite is true. Trees with showy flowers have larger, stickier pollen that quickly falls to the ground. As a result, flowering trees depend on insects to carry their pollen. Since these pollen arent blowing in the wind, youre less likely to inhale them and develop allergies to them.

Another common misconception is that you cannot develop seasonal allergies as an adult if you didnt have them as a child. Allergic reactions can come on rapidly and appear even in adulthood. It is also common when people move to new regions and are exposed to allergens they may not have been exposed to where they previously lived.

Also, people believe that there is little to no pollen near the beach but pollen can be airborne and carried for hundreds of miles well into our beach areas. While our beaches do have lower pollen counts, they also have wild grasses and plants that can increase allergic reactions.

Matching Treatment With Medical Condition

Florida Allergy Sufferers We Have Your Solution! | Aspire Allergy & Sinus

Obviously, the important point in determining which treatment is the right one is to correctly identify which medical condition you may be troubled with. While the symptoms from your allergies wont be helped at all by balloon sinuplasty, neither will your chronic sinusitis be helped by allergy medications or an allergy shot.

The key to all this is to consult with your doctor about exactly which symptoms you are experiencing, to have an understanding of what you are allergic to, and what triggers may be present in your household or extended environment. It is also helpful to be aware of local allergy seasons which may impact your health. The key elements to look for in any diagnosis of the cause for your symptoms are the actual duration of your symptoms, the possible presence of allergy season, and if necessary, a thorough examination by your primary care physician. Taken all together, these factors should provide a fairly clear diagnosis for whether youre suffering from allergies or sinuses.

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Is Allergy Season Getting Longer

Does it seem like your allergies are getting worse? If you’ve noticed more sniffling and sneezing in the off-season, you’re not alone. The allergy season is growing longer.

For 16 years, the allergy season has lasted 11 days to a month longer. Why? The answer seems to be warmer temperatures. With warmer than usual temperatures, pollen can be found in the air longer. Higher levels of CO2 in our atmosphere also help plants grow more quickly and easily, causing them to produce pollen more intensely, too. Warmer weather also worsens pollution, which can aggravate allergies and asthma.

What Should I Do Now That I Know What Causes Winter Allergies In Florida

Dealing with allergies during any season can be a miserable affair. Unfortunately, since allergies seem so ubiquitous and can disappear for months, its common to deem allergies as annoying but unavoidable.

However, visiting an ENT doctor can be transformational, especially for those with chronic allergies. Dr. Napoleon G. Bequer is one of the most experienced ENT and balloon sinuplasty doctors in the Tampa and West Palm Beach areas. He and his staff at Sinus Solutions of South Florida have helped thousands of patients get long-term relief from seasonal and/or chronic allergies in just a few short appointments.

Its never too early to get out in front of your winter allergies. For more information, call us at 561-790-7744 or request a consultation online today.

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Sinus & Ent Conditions We Treat

Also known as a sinus infection, this nasal sinus disease is often brought on by a virus and causes your nasal cavity to become inflamed or infected. Your ENT treatment for sinusitis will vary depending on your particular sinusitis causes and circumstances.

Whether your allergies are seasonal or chronic, the symptoms are always a pain, and if left untreated, they can lead to further sinus complications and infections.

We all snore occasionally however, chronic snoring can point to other sinus issues, reduce your quality of sleep, and even strain your heart .

Sleep apnea occurs when your airway either collapses or becomes blocked during sleep. It not only disrupts your rest, but makes you more susceptible to mood changes, hypertension, glaucoma, and other conditions.

Caused by chronic inflammation, nasal polyps are benign, teardrop-shaped growths that hang from your sinuses or nasal passages. Nasal polyps can cause infections, breathing issues, postnasal drip, and more complications.

The bone and cartilage that separates your nostrils, known as the nasal septum, can be crooked increasing your likelihood of experiencing frequent sinus blockages and infections. Septoplasty in Tampa is possible but may not be your only option.

How Nasal Allergies Can Cause A Sinus Problem

Fall Allergies in South Florida

Common allergens that irritate the nasal passages include pollen, pet dander, dust mites, dirt and so on. Allergic people will react to these allergens by producing chemicals such as histamines. In the nose, the result can be swelling of the inside nasal layer. The swelling may be incredibly painful and bring on cold-like symptoms due to excessive mucus production.

It can be tricky to tell the difference between a sinus infection and a problem caused by allergies. Both conditions can lead to overproduction of mucus and result in a runny nose or congestion. You may also feel sinus pressure from swelling of the nasal passages. Nasal allergies can sometimes lead to itchy eyes, which are less likely with an infection. Speaking to an ENT doctor in Johns Creek, Canton, or a nearby Georgia location will help with a diagnosis.

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