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Cold Vs Sinus Infection

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One of the most frequent complaints that patients have during the winter months is the common cold. Runny nose, stuffy head, headache, coughing, and fatigue seem to plague everyone at some point between September and April. But how do you know if your cold is more than a cold? And when should you seek treatment for those cold symptoms?

Well break it down for you and share the symptoms and common treatments, as well as let you know when you should go to your local walk-in or urgent care clinic. Keep this handy guide close by to help you navigate the cold season.

The Common Cold

Referred to as rhinitis in the medical world, the common cold is something just about everyone deals with at some point. Colds are viral, meaning treatments like antibiotics will not work. So what do you do if you have a cold? Treat the symptoms.

These are the most common symptoms of a cold:

  • Cough
  • Fatigue

Treating a Cold

When you have a cold, you need to treat the symptoms and take steps to make yourself more comfortable. Most doctors recommend overt-the-counter medications:

Some healthcare providers recommend using a nasal irrigation system like a neti pot or saline rinse. This can be effective at helping your body rid itself of the excess mucus that comes along with colds.

When you have a cold, you should also increase your fluid intake and get plenty of rest. Warm, clear fluids can help thin mucus secretions and be soothing for sore throats and head congestion.

Sinus Infections

Can I Go To An Urgent Care Center For A Sinus Infection

by Social Joey | Dec 1, 2018 | Family Health, Healthy Living, Urgent Care Clinic, Walk In Clinic

Sinus infections can come with a lot of facial pain. Therefore, you might automatically think you have to go straight to an ear, nose and throat specialist for care.

However, this isnt the case. The qualified physicians at our AFC Urgent Care TN locations are happy to help you with your sinus infection so that you can get back to feeling your best as soon as possible.

How Much Is A Minuteclinic Visit At 1504 Northeast 2nd Street Hickory Nc With And Without Insurance

MinuteClinic® prices in Hickory range anywhere from $35 to $250 depending on the service, which makes us 40% cheaper than urgent care centers. Please visit our service price list and insurance information page to see detailed pricing and insurance breakdowns. At CVS MinuteClinic®, most insurance plans are accepted. We recommend contacting your insurance company prior to your visit to be sure that the service you are seeking will be covered. How much you will have to pay out of pocket will depend on your insurance coverage. If you do not have insurance or prefer to pay out of pocket, you may pay with cash, card, or check. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the case. Lab tests and additional services may result in additional charges.

Cant make it in for a visit? We also have Video Visits, which enable you to see one of our health care professionals from the comfort of your own home as an alternative for just $59 per visit. Currently, a Video Visit is not covered by insurance and is not required to get treatment.

Sometimes you need health care that’s quick and accessible. When your child is throwing up or you feel like you’re starting to come down with a nasty cough, seeing a provider right away can make a big difference in recovery time. And when you’re sick, you probably don’t feel like going too far away from home. Your Hickory, NC MinuteClinic® can help when you need a prescription or some professional medical advice without a lot of hassle.

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How To Treat A Sinus Disease

Sinus disease treatment depends on what is causing the inflammation. In general, sinusitis is rarely difficult to treat unless it occurs frequently. Frequent sinus infections, or chronic sinusitis, may require evaluation and treatment by a specialist. Antibiotics can be helpful in bacterial sinusitis treatment.

Viral sinusitis usually lasts just seven to 10 days and can be effectively treated with rest, fluids, and over-the-counter antihistamines, mucolytics, decongestants, nasal sprays, or saline washes. Avoid Afrin or similar medications due to rebound issues. Antibiotics are not effective in treating viral sinusitis.

Visit any FastMed location for evaluation and treatment of sinusitis. FastMeds professional and knowledgeable doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat sinusitis in a friendly, convenient manner.

Common Causes & Risks

DIY Sinus Rinses

The common cold is the most common cause of a sinus infection. This is caused by a virus and cannot be treated with an antibiotic.

You have a higher risk of contracting a sinus infection if you get a cold, suffer from allergies, have a medical condition such as HIV or cystic fibrosis, are a smoker, or have a nasal passage condition such as a deviated septum or nasal polyps.

While it is rare for sinus infections to cause any serious conditions, it is still possible. Meningitis, bone infections, or vision problems can be complications of sinus infections.

Its also possible to develop chronic sinus infections, where symptoms may last for more than twelve weeks. Chronic conditions flare up frequently throughout the year and are not easily made better by medications.

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Grapefruit Seed Extract Acv Echinacea

Thank you all. I have suffered from sinus infections for my entire life, now in my 30’s. Previously, I have always just gone to the doctor for antibiotics if salt water nasal irrigations did not clear it up. A recent gnarly infection that would not clear up, even after a round of azithromycin , had me searching for natural remedies. I hit it with the triple attack of apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract and some echinacea drops with the acv. Amazingly, the sinus infection cleared up in 2.5 days. I did feel better after first irrigation. I would imagine neti pot achieves similar result, I’ve just always used the baby squirt bulbs.

I’m a convert, can’t believe how great the grapefruit seed extract worked! Thanks again for everyone’s testimonials, otherwise I would have never tried it. Paying it forward.

To clarify, for natural remedy rookies like myself that may read this:

– grapefruit seed extract , 4 drops added to your nasal irrigation salt water…make sure not too much salt or it will irritate your nose. I use about 8 oz. water, enough salt to taste it but not strong, 4 drops gse. Stir and squirt into each nostril three times each day until symptoms gone.

– apple cidar vinegar taken orally with 8 oz water, 1 table spoon acv.

-echinacea taken orally mixed in water, 2 droppers of .5 ml, twice a day

Hope this helps other sinusitis / sinus infection sufferers as much as it did me!

Natural Remedies For A Sinus Infection And Sinusitis

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses, and can be either chronic or acute . There are many causes of sinusitis and sinus pain, including viral and bacterial sinus infections but it can also be caused by other sources of inflammation, including allergies.

Approximately 1 in 10 people will experience a sinus infection at some point in their lifetime, and the pain associated with it can be debilitating and greatly impact ones quality of life. Symptoms can include congestion, pain or pressure in the face, nasal discharge or post-nasal drip, as well as a reduced ability to smell. Patients likely wont have a fever.

While common treatments for sinusitis include antibiotics and even surgery in extreme cases, you dont need to resort to such drastic measures if you prefer a more natural route. There are many natural remedies for sinus infections and sinus pain, including the ones below.

1. Enjoy a Cuppa Something Hot

Turns out grandmas chicken noodle soup is good for more than simply soothing the soul, so go ahead and enjoy a cup of the good stuff. The hot steam from the soup may be its chief advantage, although studies have reported that ingredients in the soup may have anti-inflammatory effects.

2. Grapefruit Seed Extract

3. Salt Water Rinse

4. Steam

5. Skip the Booze

6. Pressure Points

7. Clear the Mucus

8. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

9. Turn Up the Heat

10. Turmeric

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

12. Avoid the Pool

13. Breathe Deep

14. Oregano Oil

15. Change Your Diet

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Can I Treat A Sinus Infection At Home

If you have a true sinus infection, you will eventually need to visit a medical professional. But in the early stages you can help ease your symptoms with one or more of these treatments:

  • Irrigation. Gently flushing your nasal passages can help relieve congestion and irritation. It is best to use saline solutions from a pharmacy for flushing through each nostril. If you make your own solution, use filtered, sterile, or distilled water.
  • Hydrate. Drinking plenty of water helps loosen mucus and relieve nasal congestion. Proper hydration is also important in helping your bodys immune system function optimally for a quicker recovery.
  • Steam. Breathing in steam can help open your nasal passages and ease your pain. This can be accomplished over a bowl of warm water or in a hot shower.
  • Rest. Getting adequate rest is vital at all times, especially when your body is fighting a bad cold or infection. You may find that keeping your head elevated will help you breathe better and rest more comfortably.
  • Remember that at-home treatments should be discontinued if symptoms arent improving. A timely visit to the urgent care can help speed recovery and get you feeling better quickly.

    If you are in need of sinus infection treatment and your regular doctor is unavailable, make a visit to M.D. Express Urgent Care. With 6 convenient locations open 7 days a week, The Doctor is Always In!

    Services Provided At Our Clinic

    Frequent Sinus Problems? Dr. Bikhazi Discusses Outpatient Surgery for Sinusitis

    MinuteClinic® employs highly qualified family nurse practitioners throughout the state of North Carolina. Our practitioners can do all of the following:

    • Diagnose common health problems
    • Advise patients on health topics
    • Perform examinations and physicals
    • Administer vaccinations
    • Recommend patients to medical specialists when necessary

    We provide a wide variety of services at our clinic, from administering routine physicals to patching up minor injuries. A few of the health problems we frequently treat include:

    • Contagious illnesses, including coughs, colds and flu
    • Ear infections
    • Non-emergency injuries
    • Skin conditions such as eczema

    Our clinic also provides checkups, health screenings, women’s services and immunizations. See our website for a full list of the services we offer.

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    Timely Treatment For Sinus Infections

    Sinus infections can be painful and take time to heal. At MedExpress, we understand that you want to get better, fast. Thats why our centers are open 8 – 8 every day with no appointments necessary. Our caring, friendly medical team can help determine whether or not you have a sinus infection and recommend the proper treatment so you can start feeling better.

    Find Relief From A Sinus Infection Fast In Brooklyn Ny

    If youre dealing with the painful symptoms of a sinus infection and want to find relief fast, visit MedRite Urgent Care in Brooklyn, New York. We are a walk-in medical center that offers professional care to area residents and visitors seven days a week. When you visit us, a licensed provider will see you quickly, evaluate your condition, and administer the treatment you need to start feeling better.

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    Other Tips For Preventing And Treating Sinus Infections

    • Use a humidifier at night to open nasal passages.
    • Take hot showers and inhale the steam.
    • Get plenty of sleep and avoid stress.
    • Get plenty of fresh air.
    • Elevate your head while sleeping to help drain sinuses.
    • Exercise regularly.
    • Take fermented cod liver oil capsules to boost your immune system.
    • Seek treatment at the first sign of a cold or allergies so they dont lead to sinus infection.
    • Avoid pollution.
    • Avoid using chemicals that emit strong fumes.
    • Wash your hands often as bacterial and viral infections are most common causes of sinusitis..

    Have you tried any of these home remedies for sinus infection? Do you know of any others we havent mentioned? Weve round up a separate article discussing tea tree oil to treat sinus infection that you can check out. Share your experience with us!

    What You Can Do For A Sinus Infection

    Remove Sinus Infection Within Minutes With A Kitchen ...

    If you have a sinus infection, there are plenty of things you can do to help relieve your symptoms.

    • Use a saline nasal spray or a Neti Pot to rinse your sinuses
    • Use a humidifier to moisturize your sinuses
    • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen
    • Try over-the-counter decongestants
    • Drink plenty of fluids increase your water intake to 10-12 glasses of water a day.

    Your sinus pain and pressure may be a sinus infection. Get relief today by visiting a MedHelp urgent care clinic near you. Walk-ins are welcome.

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    Braintree Sinus Infection Treatment At Afc Urgent Care

    Sinus infections can occur at any time of year, especially as you battle colds and congestion throughout the winter and seasonal allergies throughout the spring. The infection forms after fluid is trapped in your sinuses, the air pockets located in your face behind your eyes and around the nasal cavity. Sinus infections are common after an allergic reaction or cold has healed.

    Find Afc Urgent Care Denver Locations Near You

    We provide five convenient locations for families and patients of all backgrounds to get immediate sinus pain relief. If youre interested in getting the care you need ASAP, please find your nearest AFC Urgent Care Devner location below. Our urgent care clinics are:

    • Walk-in friendly
    • In-network for most Colorado insurers
    • Open extended hours

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    How Do You Treat A Sinus Infection At Columbia Urgent Care

    It is essential to treat your sinus infection as quickly as possible, as discomfort and the inflammation can grow and become more intense. If you begin to show symptoms of a sinus infection, it is crucial to come to our facility right away for immediate treatment. Although sinus infections typically last up to two weeks, they can continue to worsen, making daily living, focusing, and participating in life very difficult. Here at Columbia Urgent Care, we have board-certified physicians who will discuss with you the symptoms you are experiencing as well as your medical history. Typically, the best way to treat sinus infections is to start with medications. Most medications will be decongestants, antibiotics for the infection, and an antihistamine to help with the inflammation.

    Please keep in mind that antibiotics are only effective if your sinus infection is caused by bacteria. We will not prescribe antibiotics if we believe you have a viral infection. In this case, antibiotics will not be effective, and we will not prescribe them. We are mindful of the tendency for doctors to overprescribe antibiotics. Unfortunately, with viral infections we can just help you manage the symptoms until the infection has run its course.

    We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel better.

    Extract Of Grapefruit Seeds:

    Mayo Sinus Clinic Offers Answers to Sinus Problems (part 1 of 2)

    How to get rid of a sinus infection and cough? The extract of grapefruit seeds contains a chemical which is antimicrobial and antiviral in nature. This is one of the reasons that many nasal sprays and Sinus infection medication have grapefruit seed extract as an active ingredient. The chemical can destroy the pathogens. You can add it in a spray and take it four times a day.

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    How To Get Rid Of Sinus Infection By Natural Remedies

    Sinus infections are medically known as sinusitis or rhino sinusitis. . The condition is characterized by the inflammation, infection and swelling in the nasal cavities. In most of the cases, sinus infections are caused by virus which stays in the nasal cavities even when all other symptoms have faded. Sometimes, fungi can also result in sinus infections or sinusitis. In this article we will study the causes and How to cure sinus permanently?


  • 5 Bottom Line:
  • Steaming With Apple Cider Vinegar

    Sinus infection treatment with steam and vinegar

    After a lifetime of sinus misery, stumbled on this idea. Sinus infection for past 6 mos. Began steaming with plain water 1 week ago. Helped a bit. Tried the vinegar and water steam and it is amazing. Clearing up my sinuses, can breathe almost normally for the first time in years. So impressed, have begun drinking a small shot of vinegar once a day. Very happy with the results.

    You know, all of these comments sound sort of complicated.

    Here’s what I do: dip a couple of cotton swabs in h2o2. Insert the swabs into the nostrils…one nostril at a time Ease the swabs back until only an inch is sticking out…and leave them for a minute or so.

    After you remove the swabs give your nose a good blow. Voila! I do this two or three times a day if I’m sick. It’s definitely great before bed if you’re congested. And it keeps a sinus infection from grabbing hold.

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    I have used hydrogen peroxide for sinus infections and it does work. You need a neti pot, I use the one from the chemist that comes with the saline sachets. Put 1/2 to 1 sachet into the pot and dissolve with small amount of really hot water. Then top up to a warm water temp up to the line marked on the bottle.

    Then mix in a teaspoon of Baby Shampoo and give it a shake to make it sudsy. The baby shampoo will help to dissolve the bio films that protect the bacteria from both the salt solution and antibiotics.

    – Hope this helps. xx

    Hydrogen Peroxide

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