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Sinus Lift And Implant At The Same Time

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Crestal Sinus Lift and implant placement with Mallet – Dr. S. Lombardo

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What To Expect With Bone Graft Procedure

Bone grafting is performed usually under local anesthesia. Sedation can be used for extremely anxious patients. Dr. Nodesh will place the sterile bone particles in the site as previously planned.

He will determine if a collagen membrane is needed to protect the bone graft material during healing. Either a resorbable or a non-resorbable suture will be used to secure the surgical site.

Understanding Sinus Lift Surgery

In order for a dental implant to be successful, the quantity and quality of the bone where the implant would beplaced must be sufficient. It is not uncommon for patients to lose bone in the upper jaw, specifically between themolars and premolars which is also the same space between the jaw and maxillary sinuses on either side ofthe nose. This bone loss may be due to a maxillary sinus too close to the upper jaw, reabsorption, periodontaldisease, or tooth loss. Consequently, patients may have an insufficient quality bone for implant placement.

In sinus lift surgery, also known as sinus augmentation, a periodontist lifts the sinus floor and develops new bonefor dental implant placement. It is a complex procedure that should only be performed by a dental specialist. Sinuslift surgery is an especially appealing option for those whose only tooth replacement options would be loosedentures. Loose dentures are less advantageous than dental implants, as they do not particularly look or functionlike natural teeth. Dental implants are also better for jawbone health in the long run.

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Why You May Need A Sinus Lift Before Dental Implant Surgery

A sinus lift is not a procedure that most people think about before dental implant surgery, but it is a process that may be necessary for some. The lift entails raising a portion of the sinus floor to allow new bone to develop. The practice makes it easier for a dental implant to fit in a target area. Our dental team at Premier Periodontics is highly skilled in this bone grafting technique that can increase your candidacy to make implant dentistry possible in Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Olympia, or Redmond, WA.

Preparation For A Sinus Lift

8  Augmentation Grafting of the Maxillary Sinus for Placement of ...

The bone used for a sinus lift comes from your own body and is either autogenous or allogeneic. Its removed from your mouth or other areas of the body, usually the hip or tibia.

Youll need x-rays before the sinus lift can be completed. The dentist studies the anatomy of your upper jaw using a CT scan. This allows the dentist to measure the density of your existing bone accurately and determine how much more bone youll need for the sinus lift.

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Recovering From Sinus Lift Surgery

Patients should place a gauze pad over the surgical area for a half-hour immediately after surgery. This gauze padshould be changed regularly until the bleeding has subsided. This will usually take 45 to 60 minutes. It isencouraged to begin gentle rinsing as soon as possible while avoiding any vigorous rinsing or touching the woundarea. Furthermore, it is important for the patient to refrain from blowing their nose for at least the next fourweeks. Patients should also try to avoid sneezing if this is not possible, they should only sneeze with theirmouths open.

The amount of discomfort one feels after the procedure varies on an individual basis. In any case, neglectingpost-operative care is likely to result in unnecessary infection, pain, and swelling it will also increase the riskof any possible complications. Thus, it is vital to follow the specific post-operative care instructions provided bythe periodontist.

What Is Ridge Augmentation

A common use for bone grafting is ridge augmentation. Ridge augmentation can recapture the natural contour of your gums and jaw after the loss of a tooth as a result of trauma, congenital anomalies, infection, or periodontal disease.

Achieving an ideal amount of gum and bone as a support for surrounding restorations or implants may require hard and soft tissue reconstruction. After the loss of one or more teeth, your gums and jaw bone may become indented where the tooth or teeth used to be.

This occurs because the jaw bone recedes when it no longer is holding a tooth in place. Not only is this indentation unnatural looking, it also causes the replacement tooth to look too long compared to the adjacent teeth, and this can create an area that is difficult to keep clean.

Ridge augmentation uses bone and tissue-grafting procedures to fill in the indented area of the jaw and gums, to leave you with a smooth gum line that coexists with your restoration or dental implant.

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Learn About How A Sinus Lift Can Work For You In Bellevue Wa

You can ask our dentists at Premier Periodontics in Bellevue, WA for help with a sinus lift if you require one before a dental implant procedure. You can visit our location in Bellevue, or you can visit one of our other practice locations in the state of Washington, including Everett, Kent, Redmond, Olympia, Mercer Island, and Kirkland. Talk with us today to learn more about our services.

Helping More Tennesseans Become Candidates For Dental Implants

Patient Guide To Sinus Lift Bone Grafting For Dental Implants

Many people whose jaws could not support dental implants in the past can now have implants placed and restore their oral health thanks to bone grafting procedures. To learn more about how bone grafting can help you regain your smile, contact Southern Oral & Facial Surgery today we would be happy to schedule you a consultation at one of our convenient office locations in Franklin, TN, and Thompsons Station, TN.

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A Sinus Lift Is A Surgical Procedure That Is Sometimes Needed Before Getting Dental Implants Which Is Performed To Increase The Amount Of Bone To Strengthen The Implant Area

In occasions where there is bone loss, the sinus must be moved up in order for a bone graft procedure. A sinus lift for dental implants is needed when the implant area is on the upper jaw. If the jawbone needs a bone graft, the doctor will likely need to move the sinus up. Without the extra support from the bone graft and sinus lift, a dental implant is more at risk of failing, and can also cause a perforation of the sinus membrane.


First, a series of x-rays are taken to get a better idea of the current state of the jaw to indicate whether or not sinus lift surgery is the right decision. Incisions are made in the gums by the dentist to expose the jawbone. The dentist then can cut a hole into the bone, which allows the dentist to push the sinus slightly upwards enough for a successful future procedure. The bone graft material is then packed into the bone . The gums are then stitched closed. The sinus lift is a procedure that takes 90 to 120 minutes and 2 to 3 days of healing time.



You will be sent home with all necessary information on recovering from a sinus lift. Youll receive information on when you will be able to blow your nose, managing pain, and other helpful tips to keep you comfortable in the days following surgery.

What Is A Sinus Lift

It’s a surgical procedure which grafts bone to the upper jaw at the position of the molar and premolar teeth. The maxillary sinus membrane is lifted upwards to make space for the additional bone.

The sinus system has several parts but it’s the maxillary sinuses which sit closest to our teeth. You might sometimes get a toothache when you have congestion or a bad cold this is because the pressure on the sinuses transfers to the tooth roots in the upper jaw.

The technical name for this procedure is a maxillary sinus floor augmentation, but you may also hear the terms sinus augmentation and sinus graft used. A specially-trained dental clinician, periodontist or oral surgeon carries out the surgery.

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Restore Jaw Strength With A Bone Grafting Procedure

When you lose a tooth, if it is not replaced, over time, your jaw bone may deteriorate, or resorb. The amount of resorption is dependent on how long the tooth has been missing and your overall health.

Later, if you want the missing tooth replaced, the lack of jaw bone makes it difficult for a dental implant to be placed successfully.

Why Do I Need Sinus Lift Procedure

Burbank Sinus Lift Bone Graft for Dental Implants Case Example

If you have been indicated for or need dental implants for replacing missing tooth/teeth, a sinus lift is needed if there is insufficient bone height in the upper molar/pre-molar region of your mouth.

The reason for a lack of bone may be several: You may have naturally large maxillary sinus/ jaw anatomy or there may be alveolar bone loss due to tooth/teeth loss.

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How We Can Help

Our practice incorporates state-of-the art-imaging and various sedation options to help ensure that your restorative dentistry procedure is as accurate and comfortable as possible. Our doctors are also able to provide comprehensive dental services from any necessary preparatory procedures to the placement of your restorations, saving you time and money without having to visit multiple specialists for your treatment.

Can Dental Implants Be Placed At The Same Time As Bone Grafting

on April 28, 2016

Recently a few patients have been asking how long they have to wait to have a dental implantplaced after bone grafting. Some are concern about having to wait too long while others wonder whether a longer waiting period is better. There are some general norms that we follow but there is no “law” governing this. A few years ago, when I was Chairman of the Clinical Practice Guideline for Dental Implants workgroup, a joint committee between the Ministry of Health and the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, we emphasized that guidelines are exactly what they are, to serve as a guide. Guidelines are not rule books that we have to follow because every patient is different and every clinician has different experience and expertise. A dentist who follows the guidelines is not necessarily doing the right thing. Conversely, one who deviates from the guidelines may not be wrong. Ultimately, it is the clinical judgment of the dentist of what is in the best interest for that particular patient, based on his knowledge of his own skills and limitations. So, back to the question of how long to wait for implant insertion after bone grafting…

Waiting time between bone grafting and implant insertion and range from zero days to a year or more. That sounds like a very wide range but that is exactly how things can turn out.

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Sinus Lifts And Dental Implants

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A sinus lift is a procedure designed to increase the amount of bone on the upper jaw before affixing dental implants. If there is little bone at the position of the molar and premolar teeth, the sinus will need to be lifted to make space for a bone graft. The recovery period for a sinus lift is six months, after which implants can be added successfully.

Sinus Lift Recovery Time

Sinus Lift and Dental Implants

Immediately after your surgery you may experience swelling in the area and bleeding from your mouth or nose. You’ll probably feel uncomfortable for a few days afterwards, but most patients don’t experience major discomfort. If any bleeding continues for more than two days, or pain and swelling get worse, you should contact your dentist immediately.

There is a risk of the sinuses becoming infected, but your dentist will give you medication to protect against this. You’ll have to be careful not to sneeze or blow your nose heavily since this can move the bone graft material or dislodge your stitches. If you are prone to allergies, your surgery will probably be scheduled for a time of year when these won’t flare up.

After 7-10 days you’ll return to your dentist so he can check the progress of your healing and remove your stitches, if they haven’t dissolved by themselves. You’ll have several more visits during the healing process to check everything is going as planned.

You need to take care to protect the area that has undergone surgery. The sinuses are particularly susceptible to damage while you recover. The following tips will aid healing from a sinus lift:

There are also some everyday actions and activities you should avoid:

Dr Eyad Tariq

In the video below, Dr. John Thousand IV describes what you should do after sinus lift surgery, and what you can expect during your sinus lift recovery experience.

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What Is A Dental Implant

A dental implant is a titanium screw that replicates a root to anchor in a screw-retained crown, that allows you to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants are the most innovative technology on the market to replace missing teeth. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or IV sedation, varying on the patients level of comfort. In order for a dental implant to be stable, sometimes bone grafting may be necessary. This can be performed at the time of extraction or at the time of implant placement. Bone grafting is needed to aid in supporting the implant if there isnt enough bone available. Once the implant is placed it will need time to osseointegrate, which means allowing the titanium implant to bond to the bone. After the implant has fully healed, a custom crown and abutment will be made. An abutment will screw into your implant, then the crown will be either screwed into the abutment or be cemented on top depending on the tooth. This will now be your new permanent tooth.

Sinus Lift/ Elevation For Implant Placement

One of the main criteria of implant placement for replacement of the upper back teeth is to prevent damage to the sinus floor. In situations that the floor of the sinus is too low, the sinus floor must be elevated and the space must be augmented with bone graft materials to create enough vertical space between the jaw bone and the floor of the sinus for dental implantplacement. The bone used in a sinus lift may derived from your own body , from animal like pig , or from a cadaver .

This procedure is called sinus lift/elevation. A sinus lift surgery usually should be performed by an expert specialist such as a periodontist or an oral surgeon. The healing period for conventional sinus lift procedure is at around 7-9 months and additional 4 months should be considered for integration of the implant too.

Our specialists in Vancouver Dental Specialty Clinic use advanced Guided Bone Regeneration and implant placement at the same time. This procedure eliminates a long healing period required for conventional approach.

A prefabricated ring of processed allogenic donor bone that is placed press-fit into a trephine drill-prepared ring bed. This is a novel approach for 3D reconstruction of bone and sinus lift allowing a single-stage bone graftand implant placement. The simultaneous implant decreases the surgical steps compared to a usual bone graft, reducing healing time and quicker time-to-teeth. The overall cost and surgical complications will be reduced with this approach.

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Sinus Lift Cost In Mckinney Plano And Grapevine Texas

The cost of a sinus lift can range anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000. This cost can fluctuate depending on the patients insurance provider or lack thereof. Additionally, if IV sedation or extractions are needed, this increases the price. When a patient is spending this much money, it is important to choose a surgical specialist who will get the job done right.

Should You Get A Sinus Lift And An Implant At The Same Time

Dental Implants

Typically, the sinus lift is performed before the implant for one crucial reason: for the bone to heal. Many studies indicate bone grafts take about three months to heal fully. Because the post is being inserted into the bone, it makes sense to let the bone graft heal before inserting a titanium rod into it. There are a few other circumstances in which a sinus lift and implant should not be done at the same time:

  • If there is a sizeable infection present
  • If bone scans and pre-surgery exams indicate that there might not be enough stability to perform the implant immediately

However, depending on the size of the bone graft and the individual circumstances of a patient, a sinus lift, and an implant can be done at the same time. Each case must be examined individually by the dentist before this decision can be made. Opting to do this two procedures at the same time can potentially reduce healing time by 8-12 weeks so long as the implanted tooth has enough stability to undergo the rigors of chewing.

Whether you opt for a sinus lift and implant at the same time or you choose two separate surgeries, remember to closely follow any after care instructions from your dentist to ensure the smoothest healing.

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