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Holistic Remedies For Sinus Pressure

The Purpose Of Biofeedback

How To || Relieve Sinus Pressure || Through Natural Remedies BZ Cures Tips

Biofeedback is aimed at combating stress through relaxation techniques. You consciously manipulate your breathing, heart rate, and other usually involuntary functions to override your bodys response to stressful situations.

Biofeedback appears to be most effective for conditions that are heavily influenced by stress. Some examples include: learning disorders, eating disorders, bedwetting, and muscles spasms.

Biofeedback may be used to treat numerous physical and mental health issues, including:

  • asthma
  • chronic pain
  • stress or anxiety

Some people prefer biofeedback as a form of treatment for these conditions because its noninvasive and doesnt rely on medications. Other people pair biofeedback with more traditional treatment options to improve overall wellness.

Causes & Risk Factors

Any health situation that blocks off the vital drainage channels of your sinuses can cause a sinus infection including:

  • Respiratory infections like the common cold
  • Hay fever or exposure to allergens such as cigarette smoke, dry air and pollutants
  • Obstructions in the nasal or sinus cavities including nasal polyps, deviated septum, or nasal bone spur
  • Non-allergic rhinitis
  • Changes in air pressure
  • Infections resulting from dental problems
  • Physical injury to the sinuses
  • Bacteria, viruses, and fungi

The five most common bacteria that can cause sinus infections are: Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, Moraxella catarrhalis, Staphylococcus aureus, and Streptococcus pyogenes.

Risk factors for sinus infections include:

  • Having asthma
  • Being in the hospital, especially if the reason you are in the hospital is related to a head injury or you needed a tube inserted into your nose

Home Remedies For Sinus Pressure Relief

Sinus pain and pressure is a common ailment almost everyone has suffered from at least once in their lifetime. To put it in numbers, 37 million Americans have sinus problems every year. And these are just the ones that go to the doctor or the pharmacist for help. There are millions more who decide to treat themselves, at home, using natural sinus pressure relief remedies or simply sleep it off as doctors put it.

No matter into which category you fall, you should know that sinus problems are quite serious and should not be taken lightly. Even so, there is no need to run directly to antibiotics at the first sign of trouble. There are a lot of things you can do on your own, which is why we have put together this guide, to walk you through the best 10 home remedies for sinus pressure relief.

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Irrigate Your Sinuses To Help Ease Symptoms And Prevent Sinus Infections

Nasal irrigation is basically a method of using a saltwater solution to force out germs and plugged-up mucus residing in the sinus passages. Other terms for this are nasal wash, nasal douche, or lavage. Some people refer to it by one of the popular devices used to get the water in, a neti pot.

A small number of studies has found irrigation can improve symptoms, including one review published in September 2016 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Experts caution that it is important to use distilled or sterile water to avoid the rare possibility of introducing a parasite into your sinus passageways.

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Drink Lots Of Water And Get Adequate Rest


“I recommend drinking a lot of water because it thins the mucus,” Abi Hachem says. While there’s no evidence about the most effective quantity, he recommends drinking at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day.

You can also try drinking hot liquids like tea or soup to temporarily help relieve your symptoms. But you should avoid drinking alcohol, as it’s dehydrating and can worsen your congestion. If you’re taking an antibiotic for your sinus infection, drinking alcohol could increase side effects like upset stomach and drowsiness.

It’s also important to get about seven to nine hours of sleep each night to help your body rest and recover. “You want to get enough sleep and follow a normal sleep cycle so that all the hormones in your body are maxing out your immune system function,” Abi Hachem says.

Because getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult due to the pain and congestion, you can do the following to help you get more rest:

  • Use a neti pot before going to bed to help clear your nasal passages.
  • Sleep with your head raised by an extra pillow to help prevent mucus from pooling in your sinuses.

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Flush Your Nasal Passage With Saline Solution

Although there are a lot of ways on how to treat sinus pressure & pain that make you confused, the effectiveness of saline spray or washes such as neti pot are not ignored. Using saline spray will thin your mucus and remove it out of your sinus passages, according to Spencer C. Payne, a professor of rhinology and endoscopic surgery. Therefore if you suffer from discomfort or pain caused by sinus pressure, it is recommended using saline solution or any devices in order to make the sinuses moist and flush the bacteria out of your sinus passage. Saline spray also helps you to fight against the allergies and cold.

Natural Remedies For Your Sinus Pressure

If you have a sinus infection, it can be downright painful. The pressure and pain you experience in your cheeks and head can make it feel like something is about to explode inside your head. During this time of year, allergies are a big contributing factor to sinus issues.

If you have sinusitis, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis and effective long-term treatment to prevent the recurrence of this painful condition. Dr. Greg Levitin is an experienced doctor who can accurately diagnose and treat your severe symptoms from sinusitis. However, there are times, if your sinus headache symptoms are mild, that natural remedies can provide you with temporary relief.

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Saline Spray And Sinus Rinses

Using a saline solution, rinse your nose and sinuses with a neti pot or other irrigation system.

You can buy saline solution over the counter or make your own at home with distilled water and saline packets. Saline spray also comes in small bottles that you can spray directly into your nose.

Sinus rinses like these work by flushing mucus out of the nose and sinuses to keep things flowing freely.

Saline also has a natural decongesting effect, meaning it shrinks your swollen nasal tissues and makes it easier for you to breathe through your nose!

Try Quercetin A Powerful Herb Youve Likely Never Heard Of

Herbal Remedies : Herbal Remedy for a Sinus Infection

Quercetin is a natural plant component found in everything from onions and apples to green tea and red wine. Like many plant ingredients, it is an antioxidant. For sinus problems, quercetin has also been found to stabilize the cells in the body that release histamine the chemical that stimulates mucus secretion in the sinuses.

The Alternative Medicine Review article recommends quercetin as helpful for sinusitis, suggesting a typical oral dose of 400 to 500 mg taken three times per day.

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Natural Remedies For Sinus Infections

1. Top Foods & Beverages for Sinus Infections

  • Water Adequate hydration is the key to flushing out the virus from your system. Try to drink at least 8 ounces every 2 hours.
  • Chicken broth with vegetables This traditional remedy of bone broth helps soothe the nasal cavities and respiratory system, along with providing important minerals.
  • Horseradish Anyone who has accidentally eaten too much horseradish has experienced its potent ability to clear nasal passages. Mix some horseradish with lemon to make it even more potent.
  • Ginger Make a ginger tea and add raw honey to aid in recovery.
  • Garlic and onions Both of these vegetables help boost immune function.
  • Vitamin C rich foods Consuming foods high in vitamin C can boost the immune system and speed recovery from sinusitis.
  • 2. Foods & Beverages to Avoid

  • Sugar Decreases white blood cells that help fight off infection.
  • Fruit juices Although orange juice contains some vitamin C, it is not as high in vitamin C as whole fruits or vegetables. If you want to drink juice, dilute it.
  • Dairy products Milk and other dairy products are mucus producing so it is best to avoid them.
  • Refined flour and grains All refined grains can cause more mucus production.
  • Salt Without adequate water intake, salt can be dehydrating and slow healing of the inflammation of the sinuses.
  • 3. Oil of Oregano

    4. Grapefruit seed extract

    5. Vitamin C

    6. Garlic

    7. Echinacea

    8. Neti Pot

    9. Add Moisture

    10. Essential Oils

    Other Home Remedies For Sinus Headaches

    As well as the remedies discussed above, there are several other things you can do to ease or prevent a sinus headache

    Stay well hydrated and make sure you get plenty of fluids. Use a humidifier if you have one. Get plenty of rest. Avoid activities or known allergens that may trigger a sinus headache.

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    Symptoms Of A Sinus Infection

    The symptoms may be an exaggerated version of what you may have experienced when you just had a cold, but these more serious symptoms typically include:

    • A discharge from your nose that is thick, greenish yellow and foul smelling.
    • A headache at the front of your forehead and at your temples.
    • Pressure around your eyes and face and behind your nose.
    • Nasal blockage/congestion or an inability to breathe out of your nose.
    • Postnasal drip or discharge from your nose that runs down your throat.
    • Coughs and fevers.
    • Persistent or worsening cold symptoms.

    Best Home Remedies For Sinus Pressure And Pain 13 Effective Tips And Techniques You Should Know

    15 Natural Home Remedies For Sinus Infection (Sinusitis)

    Sinus pressure is the common disease for people. It happens when the lining of sinuses gets inflamed. The common cause of sinus pressure is viral infection. However, if you suffer from sinus pressure, you do not need to worry because the symptoms of sinus pressure will disappear for two or three weeks. The sinuses are the small air-filled cavities behind your forehead and cheekbone. The sinuses produce the mucus which can go through the small channel and drain into your nose. However, when you experience the sinus pressure, these channels are blocked due to inflamed sinus lining. Because the upper respiratory tract infection or a cold can lead to sinus pressure, you may develop the symptoms such as a yellow or green discharge from the nose, a block nose, tenderness and pain around your eyes, cheek and forehead, fever, toothache, bad breath and reduced sense of smell.

    There are many ways that help you to get rid of the pain and discomfort by taking prescribed pain killers like ibuprofen or paracetamol, using nasal decongestants, holding warm packs to your face, or cleaning your nose with saline solution. However, some treatments are expensive or may have some unwanted side effects. Therefore, it is time for me to introduce to you some best home remedies for sinus pressure and pain you can apply. If you concern, please read the article below on to know more.

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    When Should I See A Doctor

    These home remedies for sinus infections are great for acute infections in the upper respiratory system.

    But if five days or so pass and youre not seeing any improvement, or if things are getting worse, its probably time to see an ENT doctor.

    If you feel a lot more pressure behind your cheekbones and eyes or your nasal drainage has changed to yellow or green-tinged, its likely your sinus cavity has gotten infected from the blockage.

    If you have symptoms like a fever, body aches, chills, chest congestion, or a cough, something more serious could be going on. Especially in this era of COVID-19, its a good idea to get checked out just to be safe.

    If youve tried these home remedies without luck, contact ENT Associates of Lubbock to see what your next steps should be.

    What Causes Sinus Problems

    Sinus pain and pressure happens when the tissue in your nose and sinuses gets swollen and inflamed. That keeps the sinuses from draining properly. A change in temperature, allergies, smoking, the common cold — pretty much anything that causes swelling in your sinuses or keeps your cilia from sweeping away mucus — can cause problems.

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    Do These Things Work For Kids

    Sinus infections make everyone miserable, children as well as adults!

    Most of the tips above also work for kids, but antihistamines arent recommended for young children.

    Young children cant blow their noses well, so helping them thin and clear the mucus from their nose is beneficial.

    A nasal aspirator or a product like the Nose Frida can be a lifesaver in helping young children breathe through their nose.

    A warm bath can help clear the sinuses and take a childs mind off their illness.

    Kids are often fascinated by the condensation that forms on surfaces in a steamy room. To occupy them while a hot shower runs in the bathroom, try tracing pictures with them on the mirror!

    What Causes Sinus Symptoms

    How to Relieve Sinus Pressure | ULTIMATE Remedy for Relieving Sinus Pressure

    If you find yourself frequently dealing with sinus pain and sinus pressure, finding the cause is an important step toward finding sinus relief. Any time the tissue in your nose and sinuses gets swollen and inflamed, it can lead to sinus problems. Here are a few sinus problem causes to consider:

    • Temperature changes

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    Ways To Ease Sinus Pain Naturally

    Sinus pressure and pain are awful. They can make you feel like your head is going to explode. It becomes hard to focus, and lying down can be just as painful as sitting up. A good ear, nose and throat doctor can of course help with these issues, but sometimes you need relief at home to hold you over until you get there. Here are a few natural remedies that can help to ease sinus pressure and pain.

    Naturally Treating A Sinus Infection At Home

    The key to sinusitis relief is to promote natural mucus drainage from the sinus cavities. This drainage can be achieved by reducing the swelling and eliminating the blockage. The most common natural remedies for sinus congestion include the use of sterile water to break up the obstruction so that mucus can drain as intended. Two options for introducing water into nasal cavity involve the use of steamed water or a sinus rinse.

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    Important Tips And Different Ways To Get Relief From Sinus Headache

    Other than remedies using ingredients, here are some of the things you can incorporate in daily life to get relief from sinus headache.

  • Good Massage: Applying gentle pressure on the sinus regions (forehead, bridge of the nose and cheek bones with index and middle fingers helps get relief from the sinus headache. Use any essential oil while massaging for extra relief. You can also ask a friend for a gentle massage while you are sit back and relax.
  • Fluid Intake: When the nasal passages get congested, the tissues of the passage get inflamed and cannot drain out the mucus. Drinking plenty of fluids will decongest the nasal passages by thinning out the mucus and reduce the inflammation. Water, hot teas, soups, lemonade are the best in clearing up the mucus. You can opt for fruit juices as well but as they contain fructose, you will increase the calories unnecessarily.
  • Stretch Up: Exercising increases the heart rate just enough to break sweat which helps to clear the nasal passages. Aerobics, running or cycling for 15 minutes or even moderate exercise like brisk walk can help.
  • Breathing Exercise: Deep breathing exercises help in draining out the mucus and ease the sinus headache. All you have to do is to inhale slowly through nose and exhale slowly through mouth. Doing this for few minutes relaxes the tense muscles contributing to headache.
  • Pop couple of mentholated drops to get relief from the congestion. Though this doesnât provide results, it can provide some relief.
  • Home Remedies For Sinus Pressure With Hot And Cold Compress

    6 Easy Home Remedies for Congestion

    For this situation, the hot and cold compress is mentioned as the best solution. When you use this remedy, it can help to relieve the pressure as well as get the air and mucus moving easily. Here is the detailed instruction, which you can follow in order to get rid of sinus pressure:

    • Firstly, put a hot or warm towel across your sinus area on your face in 3 minutes
    • Next take the hot towel out
    • Then put on a cold towel for 30 seconds
    • After that, return to hot towel
    • Do this procedure for 3 cycles
    • Repeat this procedure 4 times per day
    • Keep doing until your condition is improved

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    When To See A Doctor

    Congestion can make it difficult to breathe, sleep, and even eat. If youre having trouble functioning even after trying natural remedies, youll want to pay a visit to your doctor. Its also important to see a doctor if you notice other symptoms, such as:

    • congestion that lasts longer than a week
    • trouble breathing

    Stay Away From Pollen

    Pollen allergies like hay fever causes nasal congestion. To get relief we suggest you minimize your contact time with the allergens. A good way to do this is to take your shoes off before you enter your home. Change your clothes and brush your hair or shower. Wash your face. Pollen can trigger allergies around your eyes and its good to clean that out. Regularly wash your sheets and pillow cases. Another tip is to keep your windows closed. You want to keep the pollen out.

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