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Is It A Toothache Or Sinus Infection

Dont Wait For Emergency Dental Care

Is it toothache or sinusitis?

Never ignore tooth pain! Toothaches often indicate serious problems that will only get worse without treatment. If you have a toothache, make an appointment at Appletree Dental as soon as possible. We will examine your mouth to determine whether your toothache is from a dental infection or sinus pressure.

Severe tooth pain could be a dental emergency! Toothaches that keep you up at night need to be treated right away. Contact us to schedule an emergency exam. Well make room in our schedule and provide the treatment you need to stop the pain and prevent further infections.

Sinus Pain Or Tooth Pain How To Tell

Nasal inflammation in the sinuses is usually caused from allergic reactions. Indicators are watery eyes, a running nose, itchy nose and eyes, consistent sneezing, and dark circles starting to form under the eyes.

Once the nasal cavity is inflamed, this can lead to sinus infection or sinusitis, which frequently occurs because of these conditions. Some symptoms of sinusitis are loss of smell or taste, pain in the teeth, sore throat, sinus headaches and pressure, bad breath, and fatigue. There are two types of sinusitis: acute, which is short-term, and chronic, which lasts for weeks at a time.

When To Call A Healthcare Provider

As aggravating and debilitating as sinusitis can be, it generally does not require urgent medical care. However, there are exceptions, particularly with regard to a severe sinus infection.

See your healthcare provider immediately if:

  • Your sinus symptoms are accompanied by a high fever and chills.
  • The sinus pain is severe and spreading.
  • Your symptoms persist for more than 10 days despite appropriate treatment.

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Understanding The Sinus Cavity Anatomy

To know more about how a sinus infection can cause tooth pain, you must first understand the sinus cavity anatomy. This cavity is made up of maxillary, ethmoid, sphenoid, and frontal sinuses. The frontal sinuses are located near the forehead, slightly above the eyes. The sphenoid sinuses are located behind the eyes. The maxillary and ethmoid sinuses are located on each side of the nose. All these sinuses filter, warm, and moisten the air in the nasal cavity. They also produce mucus which cleans the nose.

If these sinuses become blocked, you are likely to suffer from a sinus infection. This infection will cause congestion and pressure in your sinus cavity. Since the roots of your upper back teeth are near your sinus cavity, these teeth may become painful when you are suffering from this infection.

What Are The Causes Of Sinus Tooth Pain

Can a Toothache Cause a Sinus Infection?

A toothache caused by sinus issues is due to the upper teeth being in proximity to the maxillary sinuses. You can find your maxillary sinuses inside the cheekbones and on the top of upper jaws. Due to several reasons, the maxillary sinus can become infected, which causes it to swell, and the congestion results in pressurization. The lower part of the maxillary sinuses also exerts pressure on the nerves in the roots of your back teeth that are located in your upper jaw. This pressure can cause pain and discomfort.

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Can A Sinus Infection Cause Pain In Other Teeth Other Than The Molars

Its unlikely that a sinus infection will cause pain in other teeth other than the top back molars. Since the roots of the top back teeth are close to the sinus cavity, pain during a sinus infection is most likely to occur in this area. A toothache in the front teeth or lower teeth may be a clear sign of a dental problem and should be checked by your dentist in The Woodlands. If youre experiencing jaw pain, its also wise to see your dentist. This discomfort can be attributed to many things, including a sinus infection, tooth troubles, or a misaligned bite.

Long story short, any type of tooth pain should be looked at by your dentist. If they determine the cause isnt related to something happening in your mouth, they may refer you to another type of doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Sinus Pain Caused By Teeth

If you have any dental pain or discomfort associated with your teeth, please feel free to contact the office of Dr. Scott Young with any questions you may have, or visit us at to schedule an appointment or consultation. Dr. Young and his team serve The Woodlands, Houston, Kingwood, Spring, and Conroe areas.

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How To Tell The Difference Between A Toothache And Pain From A Sinus Infection

It certainly is possible that you could happen to get an actual toothache while you also have a sinus infection. So how can you tell the difference betweentooth pain from a sinus infection and tooth pain that could mean infection and needs to be looked at by a dentist? A toothache is usually localized pain felt in a single tooth. Usually, you will not be able to chew on the side of the toothache. Once it progresses, you may feel constant, unrelenting pain. The nerves of the teeth are very sensitive. If an infection or abscess is present in any, the pain is sharp.

On the other hand, pain due to sinus pressure is often generalized to all the teeth on the side where youre feeling pain. You may have some trouble eating, but the pain will not be as sharp instead, its more of a dull aching pain throughout the jaw and teeth on that side.

If youre unsure if your pain is from your teeth or just due to sinus pressure, a dentist can always take a look. X-rays can detect any infection present.

What Are Natural Remedies For Acute Sinusitis In Children

How To Figure Out if Your Patient Has a Toothache or Sinus Infection

The primary natural remedy for acute sinusitis in children is rest. The best way to combat sinusitis is to take a break from strenuous activity because this will make the infection less likely to spread. Its also vital for kids with sinusitis to avoid things that can worsen their symptoms, such as using a humidifier or getting a cold compress.

Other natural remedies include:

  • Pineapple juice and honey gargles
  • Vitamin C tablets

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Can A Sinus Infection Cause A Toothache

A sinus infection can cause dental pain. According to an older article in the British Dental Journal, the most common sinus infection site that causes dental pain is the maxillary sinus.

The sinuses, teeth, and gums all share similar nerves that can transmit pain signals.

Inflammation due to sinus infection or dental disease can press on these nerves, leading to pain. A person may interpret these signals as dental pain.

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How To Tell The Difference Between Sinus And Dental Problems

It can be very difficult to tell if your toothache is caused by a sinus problem or a dental problem. Here are some indicators that tooth pain is sinus-related:

  • Nasal or sinus congestion is present
  • Pain is only felt in the upper back teeth
  • More than one tooth is affected
  • There is no sensitivity to hot or cold but it hurts to chew or bite

How Do You Know What Kind Of Toothache You Have

Sinus Toothache: Causes and Symptoms

In most cases, the symptoms of a sinus toothache are very similar to those of a regular toothache so it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. Both types of toothache can cause considerable pain and discomfort. A toothache that is related to a sinus infection or sinus inflammation is usually felt in the upper molars. Usually, discomfort can be felt in more than one tooth.

If your toothache is caused by an oral health concern, the pain is likely to affect just one tooth and may feel more intense than a sinus toothache. Certain movements may exacerbate the pain of a sinus toothache because sinus pressure can move with the movement of your body.

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How To Relieve Sinus

Its always best to see your dentist if youre experiencing any type of tooth pain. He or she will assess the situation to ensure your own diagnosis is correct. Your dentist may also be able to prescribe medication to mitigate the pain and discomfort.

In the interim, here is what you can do to relieve tooth pain from sinus pressure:

  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water
  • Eat foods that are known to reduce inflammation, as thats largely the cause of sinus-induced tooth pain.
  • Add Calcium and Vitamin C to your diet Calcium-rich foods, such as broccoli, asparagus, leafy greens, and bean sprouts, can counteract histamines, which are inflammation-causing elements. Dont skimp on the orange juice or other citrusy foods that are packed with the power of the essential Vitamin C.
  • Eat food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, like the ones found in salmon, are also great for combating inflammation.
  • Breathe in steam with hot, moist air. This will open your nasal passages and relieve sinus pressure.
  • Rinse your sinuses with a saline solution. Saline solutions clear any discharge and moisture the sinuses.

Do I Have A Sinus Infection Or A Toothache

Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection, can have similar symptoms to a toothache, and you may be wondering which may be affecting you. The good news is that your dentist in The Woodlands knows the difference between the tell-tale signs of a toothache versus those of a sinus infection. Lets take a look at the similarities and differences.

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Do You Have Sinus Pressure Or A Toothache

Whether you are suffering from a sinus infection or tooth pain, chances are your daily life is being affected. While these two ailments may seem to be harmless, they can easily turn more serious and require medical or dental intervention. It can be difficult to know where the pain is coming from when it gets severe, so knowing the tell-tale signs is essential so you can schedule an appointment with the right medical professional.

What To Do About Tooth And Sinus Pain

Can Sinus Infection cause toothache? – Dr. Sangeeta Honnur

When your face hurts, its not easy to identify the cause on your own. Thats why you should always make a dental appointment if you have tooth pain so Dr. Touni can help you find relief.

We examine your mouth and ask about your symptoms. In most cases, we can diagnose impacted teeth and related issues with mouth X-rays.

If you have an impacted tooth thats causing sinus problems, Dr. Touni typically recommends extraction. In mild cases, he may use eruption aides to help your tooth come in on its own. Tooth and sinus infections may require a round of antibiotic medication.

Could the root of your sinus pain really be a tooth problem? Find out more about how common dental issues can affect your sinuses at Touni Orthodontics. our office at 408-412-5249 or request an appointment online today.

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How Can I Relieve The Pressure In My Teeth

  • Cold compresses should be applied.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken.
  • Put salt water on the carpet after it has been cleaned.
  • Make sure you use a hot pack.
  • You can use acupressure to help you relax.
  • Tea bags made of peppermint should be used.
  • Garlic is a great way to start the day.
  • Use a guava mouthwash to rinse off the excess liquid.
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    What Links Teeth And Sinus Infections

    IT MIGHT NOT SEEM like sinus infections could have anything to do with our teeth, but endodontists know very well that they do. Tooth decay, cavities, and infections can indeed overlap with headaches and sinus problems. In some cases, a patient might only experience sinus problems, instead of any symptoms that would point to a dental issue, and they go to their regular doctor for help instead of a dental professional.

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    A Sinus Pain Has Very Similar Symptoms To A Toothache Heres How To Tell The Difference

    Sinusitis, more commonly known as a sinus infection, is a condition that affects many people on a daily basis. Sinusitis can have multiple causes, but the symptoms are generally very similar. Interestingly, a sinus infection can often mimic a toothache, especially on upper teeth. Many people, in fact, will consult a dentist for a painful tooth when sinusitis may be to blame. How does a sinus infection affect the teeth, and how can you tell the difference between sinusitis and a true toothache? Lets find out.

    How Sinus Infections Can Affect The Teeth

    It may seem improbable that a sinus infection could affect the teeth, but understanding the anatomy of the mouth and sinuses makes it perfectly clear. The Maxillary Sinus is a large cavity behind the nose and above the roof of the mouth. The roots of upper molars are in close proximity to the floor of the maxillary sinus, if not within the sinus outright. Thus, anytime the sinus experiences a bacterial or viral insult, the teeth can be affected.

    The pressure buildup from sinus infections exerts pressure on the roots of upper teeth, causing a sensation of fullness or even dull, mild pain in the teeth themselves.

    How To Distinguish Between Sinusitis And A Toothache

    If you are experiencing tooth pain and arent sure if it is due to a sinus infection, a trip to your dentist is probably in order.

    Spotting The Difference Between A Toothache And Sinus Pressure

    ã?ãã¹ãã³ã¬ã¯ã·ã§ã³ã sinus infection symptoms in adults teeth 120425

    by Social Eyes Marketing | Jun 8, 2022 | Tooth Health |

    A sharp or throbbing pain shoots out from the side of your mouth. You clamp your hand over it to try and alleviate the tooth pain with some sort of pressure, but it just doesnt go away. Unfortunately, this horrible feeling affects millions of people each year and will probably happen to all of us at least once in our lives. But did you know that this pain can be attributed to more than one source?Facial pain such as this is a common symptom of both a toothache and sinus pressure. While both have fairly similar symptoms, it is important to be able to spot the difference between sinus pain and a toothache as well as how they should be treated. After all, knowing whether you need to go to the doctor for sinus infection treatment or to the dentist for a potential root canal is an important distinction to make. Read on to learn how to identify the difference between the two.

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    How Do You Treat A Sinus Toothache

    Treating a Sinus ToothacheWarm drinks can be especially helpful. Steam can also help to open up your sinuses and allow them to drain, so you might want to steam your face or take a hot shower. Another solution is to rinse out your sinuses using a nasal spray, a Neti pot or a nasal irrigation system.

    Anatomy Of The Sinuses

    Sinuses are cavities that are filled with air. Small hairs called cilia line the sinuses. Cilia hairs help move air, mucus, and bacteria or viruses through for filtration.

    The sinuses allow a route for air to flow and warm the air that enters through the nose.

    Sinuses present in the skull include the following:

    • Frontal sinuses: These paired sinuses are above the eyebrows in the frontal bone that creates a persons forehead.
    • Sphenoid sinus: The only unpaired sinus in the head, the sphenoid sinus is slightly deeper in the skull, located near the optic nerve and pituitary gland in the brain.
    • Ethmoid sinuses: This collection of air cells is in the ethmoid bone between the eyes and at the top of the nose. This bone separates the nasal cavity from the brain.
    • Maxillary sinuses: These large, paired sinuses are behind the cheekbones on either side of the nose. They are pyramid-shaped and are the largest sinuses in the head.Without the sinuses, a persons head would be heavier. The sinuses also help determine the sound of a persons voice, as their voice resonates or changes with air vibrations in the sinuses.

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    What If Im Having Minor Sinus Problems After My Root Canal

    If you had sinus problems before your treatment due to an infected tooth, it may take a few days for your symptoms to go away. This is normal. However, if you were not feeling any sinus-related issues before your treatment with root canal therapy, itâs possible that your dentist opened up a âsinus communication.â This is a term that refers to a very small hole in your sinus lining.

    While your dentist is cleaning out the bacteria from inside your tooth, they will use special dental tools to remove decaying tooth material. Since the root of the tooth and your sinus lining are so close, itâs possible to accidentally puncture the lining during this process.

    If you have a sinus communication, you will likely experience symptoms like feeling air rush over your tooth when you breathe, and mild congestion or sinus pressure, which could cause pain and discomfort.

    Luckily, your sinus lining can heal on its own if the puncture is small enough, so your discomfort should go away fairly quickly.

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