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Young Living Oils For Sinus Pressure

Pine Or Cedarwood Essential Oil

Quick tip for sinus infection using nose inhaler and young living essential oil

If you have an overproduction of mucus due to an sinus infection or inflammation, pine or cedarwood essential oil are effective treatments. The cool and almost astringent aroma helps loosen phlegm and mucus, thereby helping the respiratory system function properly.

Extracted from the leaves of the pine or cedarwood tree which are native to regions in North America, these essential oils have been used for centuries to fight against inflammation and bacteria. They have incredible antiviral, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties and can be used daily to help treat congestion, inflammation, and other respiratory issues.

Pine or cedarwood essential oils should be used via diffuser, humidifier, or steam inhalation. If you are in a hurry or on the go, carry a bottle of this potent oil with you and simply breathe deeply over the open container a few times whenever needed throughout the day. With repeated use, you will notice a marked difference in the performance of your respiratory system and a drastic reduction the the duration of your symptoms.

How To Use Essential Oils To Relieve Congestion

The best way to use essential oils to relieve a stuffy nose is through inhalation. You can inhale oils in a number of ways.

Steam inhalation involves combining essential oils with hot water to create therapeutic steam. NAHA recommends adding three to seven drops of essential oil to boiling water in a large pot or heatproof bowl. Use a towel to cover your head, and breathe through your nose for no more than two minutes at a time. Keep your eyes closed to prevent eye irritation.

Direct inhalation refers to inhaling the essential oil right from the bottle. You may also add a drop of oil to a handkerchief, cotton ball, or inhaler tube, and breathe it in.

Diffusers disperse essential oils throughout the air, allowing them to dilute before being inhaled. This is a less potent method of inhalation.

For an aromatherapy bath, add a few drops of diluted essential oil to your bathwater.

For an aromatherapy massage, add a few drops of essential oil to your favorite massage lotion or massage oil.

The Best Essential Oils For Nasal Congestion

Sinus congestion is a common condition that we all experience every now and then. While we all eventually experience a stuffy nose, having nasal congestion can be a considerable inconvenience. Sinus congestion can make it hard to breathe, talk, and sleep. This can negatively affect a persons quality of life. While there are many over-the-counter medications available to help ease a stuffy nose, some can less than desirable side effects. Feeling spaced out and drowsy is a common occurrence with many over-the-counter medications, but not everyone wants to feel like this. Many only want to take medication to feel better, not feel worse. Luckily, there are natural ways to clear congestion without the negative side effects.

However, before you use essential oils, make sure you dilute them before use and do not use them internally. If you are looking for a natural way to open your airways and ease congestion, check out some of the best essential oils for nasal congestion.

  • Clary Sage Oil Considered to be a natural antimicrobial agent, clary sage can help in the fight against sinusitis caused by bacteria.
  • Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil can help reduce inflammation, which can help with sinus swelling, relieving the symptoms of nasal congestion.
  • Rosemary Oil Rosemary is rich in antioxidants and is excellent for inflammation. This anti-inflammatory essential oil may reduce swollen sinuses, and may help with the management of metabolic syndrome.
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    How To Keep Sinus Pressure At Bay

    After you are feeling better, you dont want the sinus pressure to come back! We have 2 awesome ways to help support your body fighting seasonal or environmental threats! They are amazing and super easy:

    • Put 2 drops of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint in a veggie capsule, and take with water once a day. You can also put 1 drop of each under your tongue or in water.
    • Put 15 drops of each oil into a 10 ml roll-on bottle, fill with Fractionated Coconut Oil and rub on the bottom of your toes, morning and night.

    Like I said above, be careful about taking oils internally. I ALWAYS use oils that are CPTG . This way I know that what I put in my body is not only safe, its pure and will be therapeutic in fact, every single batch goes through 17 different rigorous tests to ensure quality! Learn more about Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

    How To Reduce Your Risk Of Sinus Infections And Congestion

    Pin on Essential Oils

    As with many upper respiratory infections, it may not be possible to completely avoid catching a cold or infection.

    According to doctors from the Mayo Clinic, one of the best ways of avoiding infectious sinusitis is to frequently wash your hands. This can help to prevent the spread of viruses or bacteria that can cause sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and other symptoms of sinusitis.2

    Its also important to address any allergy issues that may be causing inflammation in your sinus passages. If you are prone to sinus infections, then it is even more important to avoid breathing in cigarette smoke or other pollutants.

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    Essential Oils For Seasonal Allergies

    Integrative Registered Nurse

    When I was growing up in Chicago, I can vividly remember how I looked forward to the change of seasons — ALL FOUR OF THEM! The mid-west was an open, clean, fresh place to live. I spent most of my free time outdoors. We almost never played inside. We had many wonderful forest preserves, lakes and hiking paths. I loved being in nature.

    At the time, I was unaware of how pollen and grasses affected people. I never had a problem with any seasonal allergies. However, I knew several people that did. I would privately make fun of them, in my mind. I just could not believe that people could be suffering so miserably with allergies, hay fever, sinusitis etc. It seemed almost too dramatic for me. However, I tried to understand how maybe it affected them and make an effort to be sympathetic. They were always going for Sinus X-rays, CT Scans and using a plethora of antihistamines, decongestants and steroidal sprays and inhalers.

    Then, about 27 years ago, I moved to the East Coast. Initially the seasons were pretty much the same, but not for long. Everything started to change. Perhaps the unhealthy climate changes, our polluted environment and dramatic fluctuations in the barometric pressure contributed to my newly developing allergy symptoms: sinus pressure, headaches, congestion, sneezing, phlegm and an annoying cough. OH BROTHER, NOT ME, I thought!

    Eight Essential Oils That Can Help Relieve Your Sinus Congestion

    If your nose is congested and youâre fighting constant sinus drainage, you may be wondering about the benefits of essential oils for sinus infections and other issues. The good news is that thereâs a long list of what essential oils are good for, and relieving swelling and opening nasal passages are on the list.

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    Warm Essential Oils Bath

    Head into the bathroom to draw up this next headache remedy. Soaking in bath water mixed with essential oils can help reduce the effects of stress or tension headaches and is one of the most enjoyable home headache remedies.

  • Draw a comfortable amount of warm bath water.
  • Combine 1 2 drops each of Citronella oil, Laurus Nobilis, Lemongrass, Neroli and Rose oil with an equal amount of shampoo or liquid soap. Add to the bath.
  • Gently stir the oil and soap mixture into your bathwater.
  • Soak in the tub for at least ten minutes for maximum benefits.
  • The combination of the above essential oil ingredients creates a relaxing and enticing aroma of citrus, floral and spicy scents that make this once-a-day headache remedy quite divine.

    Essential Oils For Sore Throat

    Essential Oils – Sinus relief!

    Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. In a gargling solution, add 2 drops clove, 1 drop cinnamon, orange, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. If your child is too young to gargle, dilute this oil blend and apply to the neck and jawline.

    Natranix includes a blend of all-natural botanical ingredients in a great-tasting respiratory support formula that provides immune support during seasonal changes.

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    Upper Respiratory System Roller

    I have been doing Saline as well along with warm washcloth compresses on my sinuses. It is helping to open my passages up. Today is a lot better than it has been. I am pretty much pulling out all stops to get rid of this junk. Remember when you are doing this to also drink lots of fluids to flush all this out of your system. You want to stay really hydrated to help your body rid itself of the problem.


    I am not back to 100% yet but I am feeling a ton better than the day I wrote this post. I have also added a drop of Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oil with two to three drops of Jojoba oil. I just add this in my hand and then apply to my sinuses, and ears as well. My nose is starting to feel a lot better but my ears are still kind of clogged, but they are easier to pop now than they were when this all started. I am still using my roller as well, I use this more when I am going to be lying down to help my ears drain easier. I am still doing the warm compresses, just not nearly as much as the first two days, and I am still continuing to drink lots of water and fluids. I have also purchased a Netti Pot which I will be using once this clears up. I am hoping to use that to ward off future Sinus issues, as I get a lot of them when it is Allergy season. Which here in the West it has already begun because everything is in full bloom. My problem is more the flowering trees than the flowers on the ground.

    Natural Remedies With Essential Oils For Cough Or Cold

    Lets face it: whether youre in the throes of winter cold season, or youve come down with a stubborn cough or cold in the middle of summer, the waiting game is tough. Waiting for nasal congestion or sore throat and coughing to subside so you can get back to your daily rhythm, can leave you feeling restless and helpless.

    Try these easy natural home remedies to help make you more comfortable the next time youre feeling under the weather:

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    How Essential Oils Work For Sinus Infection

    Congestion arises for two reasons. The first is that your sinuses and/or nasal passages are producing more mucus than can be drained out normally, causing a buildup. The second is the possible inflammation of the sinuses, which exacerbates the first problem by narrowing the available space for mucus to drain out of.

    Most sinusitis therapies involve water since increasing moisture in the sinus and nasal passages will help liquefy the mucus and make it drain more easily. However, water does not affect inflammation, which is where the oils come in.

    The essential oils used for sinusitis are derived from herbs known to have anti-inflammatory properties and are delivered by mixing them in with conventional sinusitis treatments that relieve congestion. With this approach, the essential oils are serving as a complement to the more direct action of the water to resolve symptoms.

    For instance, steaming with tea tree oil for a sinus infection will both break up mucus and infuse the sinuses with the oil, providing a double-whammy of relief. Essential oils also smell nice, which can help keep you relaxed and calmalways a benefit when dealing with an infection.

    Essential Oils For Sinus Congestion And Pressure

    Relieve sinus pressure, Sinus pressure and Young living ...

    That which we call a “stuffy nose” is really just an inflammation in the sinus cavity or mucus membrane which causes a partial or total blockage in the passageways that carry air to the nose. More often than not, that stuffy feeling quickly turns to heavy congestion and pressure between the eyes and in the forehead, and sometimes even in the mouth and jaw, or behind the ears and running down the neck.

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    Ways To Use Essential Oils

    There are several ways to apply essential oils for maximum benefits. The steam inhalation process above is one of our favorites. Here are a few other options:

    • Diffusers: Essential oil diffusers come in many varieties, and each offers an efficient way to fill your space with beneficial plant essences. For best results, consult the directions for your specific diffuser model, then start experimenting with your favorite single oils or combinations.
    • Topicals: While essential oils can certainly be applied to the skin as either therapeutic fragrance or skin support, they must be diluted to a safe level to avoid potential health risks. In a 10 mL roller bottle, combine 5 to 10 drops of essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba, olive, or sesame oil, secure lid, and shake to mix. Then, apply the diluted oil under the nostrils or across the chest.
    • Inhalation: For on-the-go relief, you can inhale your sinus supporting essences directly from the bottle. Simply open the bottle, bring a few inches from your nose, close your eyes, and breathe in.

    How To Use Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Sinus Headache

    Dilute 10 to 12 drops of essential oil or oils from the list above into 1 oz. carrier oil of your choice. Gently massage a few drops onto your forehead, temples, and the back of your neck. Avoid the area around your eyes.

    It is good to remember that essential oils are too concentrated and powerful to put directly on your skin. Therefore, you should always dilute them in a carrier oil like grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil or sweet almond oil.

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    Where To Get A High Quality Diffuser

    Before we look at the diffuser blends for sinus infection, ensure to get a good high quality essential oils diffuser. If you want some good recommendations that have affordable prices, please check out Top 10 Essential Oil Diffusers Under $20 and Best Essential Oil Diffusers Under $50.

    One of my personal favorite diffusers is this TaoTronics Diffuser!

    Its under $50, noiseless, works very effectively, can be used in any area of the home. Its also a quality, long lasting product!

    Young Living Vs Plant Therapy

    Sinus Fighting blend [Young Living Essential Oils]

    Plant Therapy is surely one popular pick for essential oils with amazing features and benefits. They come with individual oils apart from including pure blends, hydrosols, and lotions as well. A lot of people prefer plant therapy for being an affordable solution.

    However, young living is an expensive choice without any doubt. But yet, the quality of manufacturing oils is unbeatable and for that sole reason, the price seems logical. If you wont compromise the slightest quality for anything else, young living is what you need in your life.

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    How To Use Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Mucus

    Excess mucus in your sinuses forms as the result of inflammation and irritation in your upper airways. Inhaling essential oils can help to reduce signs of inflammation and ease nose dripping, sneezing, coughing, and phlegm.

    To use essential oils in a diffuser to get rid of mucus and sinus congestion, this is what you should do:

  • Put 5 drops of eucalyptus oil, 5 drops peppermint oil, and 5 drops pine oil in your diffuser.
  • Inhale deeply to allow the expectorant properties of the essential oils thin mucus so it is easier to expel.
  • Repeat 2 or 3 times a day for instant relief from congested sinuses and help free constricted airways.
  • What You Can Do Now For Congestion Relief

    If you have sinus congestion, make sure you eat a healthy diet. Avoid dairy, chocolate, and processed foods. They may increase mucus production. Make sure youre drinking enough fluids to help thin your nasal mucus. Put a humidifier in your bedroom to increase the humidity while you sleep.

    If you have any of these essential oils on hand, try steam inhaling them a few times per day:

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    The 7 Best Essential Oils To Relieve Childrens Allergy Symptoms

    Spring has sprung, and that means its time for runny noses, itchy, watery eyes, and sinus congestion. In adults, these allergy symptoms are frustrating at best, but in little ones they can make springtime downright miserable.

    Essential oils are an easy complementary or adjunctive therapy to working with your functional medicine practitioner. They can help you get through allergy season smoothly so you and your family can enjoy spring without the burden of allergy symptoms.

    The Importance Of Immunity

    Pin on essential oil

    Building a strong immune system is the key to remaining healthy and infection free. If our bodies become weakened, run down, or compromised, viruses, bacteria, and other free radicals can break through our lines of defense and infiltrate our systems, bringing sinus issues, inflammation, and infection with them.

    This is why we, at UpNature, believe in the importance of establishing a holistic routine that includes healthy and clean eating, daily vitamin and mineral supplements, exercise, and essential oils.

    Essential oils contain concentrated amounts of the organic compounds extracted from plants that are extremely beneficial to any user. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in many different cultures, and with great and overwhelming success.

    So, if you are feeling like your systems could use a boost, consider harnessing the power of essential oils. With regular use, you will notice a difference in your physical, emotional, and mental health. And you never know, essential oils might just change your life!

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