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Best Decongestant For Sinus And Ears

Things To Consider When Buying An Ear Decongestant

Ear & Sinus Problems : How Do Nasal Sprays Work?

It can be hard to find the best decongestant for ears because some viable options dont readily state that purpose on their packaging. Because of this, its important that you learn what makes a good ear decongestant to help you pinpoint which products you can use even if they dont necessarily explicitly state it on their labels.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when buying ear decongestants to get the best value for your money and the best relief for your ears.

  • All Around Decongestants. The reason why you tend to feel increased pressure in your ears when you have a cold is because of the Eustachian tube. This small canal connects your nasal cavities and throat to your middle ear. The purpose of this tube is to normalize the pressure in your ear so that its equal to the pressure outside of the body.

When you have an overproduction of mucus, this tube can easily become clogged as well because of its connections to the throat and nasal cavities. That said, if you resolve the congestion in your nose and throat, you can indirectly address the discomfort in your ears as well.

For that reason, many of the decongestant medications available on the market can also easily resolve ear congestion. While this isnt explicitly stated on many of their labels, they do perform this function as a positive outcome of their original purpose.

These products come in many different forms, but the most common include:

Looking After Yourself At Home

If your symptoms are mild and have lasted less than a week or so, you can usually take care of yourself without seeing your GP.

The following tips may help you feel better until you recover:

  • Take over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen to relieve a high temperature and pain check the leaflet that comes with your medication first to check it’s suitable, and never give aspirin to children under 16 years of age.
  • Use over-the-counter nasal sprays or drops to help unblock your nose and allow you to breathe more easily these shouldn’t be used for more than a week at a time.
  • Apply warm packs to your face to soothe your pain and help mucus drain from your sinuses.
  • Regularly clean the inside of your nose with a salt water solution to help unblock your nose and reduce nasal discharge.

The Right Way To Treat A Sinus Infection

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Your head is throbbing, especially around your eyes. You cant stop coughing, and for some reason, your breath is terrible. Blowing your nose is a mess.

Bad news: You could have a sinus infection. Most frequently triggered by the common cold, over 30 million American adults are diagnosed with sinusitis yearly.

So, what exactly are sinus infections? How can you tell if you have one? And holy cow how can you feel better as quickly as possible?

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Otc Medicine For Sinus Congestion

When your sinuses become inflamed and congested, this means that the tiny, air-filled spaces that are connected to your nasal cavity have been blocked or are unable to drain normally. This buildup of mucus then causes a feeling of pressure or fullness in your forehead, eyes, or jaw. Luckily, OTC medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can alleviate pain caused by the pressure buildup.

Here are the most common types of OTC medication for sinus congestion:

1. Decongestant: Nasal decongestants are available in tablets, liquids, and nasal sprays and work by reducing blood flow to the sinuses, ultimately reducing nasal swelling and inflammation. Popular nasal decongestants include:

  • Phenylephrine with brand names Sudafed PE, Vicks Sinex, and Pretz-D.
  • Pseudoephedrine with brand names Sudafed, Dimetapp Decongestant, and 12 Hour Cold Maximum Strength.

2. Pain reliever: There are two main categories of pain relievers:

3. Antihistamines: Antihistamines are commonly used to treat allergies, but they can be used to treat stomach problems and the common cold among other ailments. Antihistamines work by blocking the effects of histamine, which your immune system releases to protect against foreign invasions. Histamines cause symptoms like inflammation, congestion, a runny nose, and sneezing. So antihistamines are designed to alleviate those symptoms. Popular antihistamines include cetirizine and fexofenadine .

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Who Can Take Decongestants

10 Best Decongestants for Ears 2020

Most people can use decongestants safely, but they’re not suitable for everyone.

They should not be used by the following groups of people without getting advice from a pharmacist or GP first:

  • people taking other medicines
  • men with an enlarged prostate
  • people with liver, kidney, heart or circulation problems
  • people with increased pressure in the eye glaucoma

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Medicine For Clogged Ears Caused By An Infection

If your clogged ears are caused by an outer ear infection your doctor might recommend acidic ear drops to prevent bacteria or fungus from spreading. They might also suggest antibiotic ear drops for bacterial infections, steroid ear drops to reduce swelling, antifungal ear drops for fungal infection, and antibiotic tablets if the bacterial infection is severe or ongoing.

For infections inside the ear, antibiotics are not generally offered, as these infections usually go on their own . A painkiller such as paracetamol might be recommended for the pain .

This being said, you might be prescribed antibiotics in some instances, such as if your infection does not start to get better after three days, you have any fluid coming out of your ear, or you have an illness that means theres a risk of complications .

Is Pseudoephedrine Safe Why Is It Sold Behind The Counter

Pseudoephedrine is safe and effective when taken as directed. But some people use OTC pseudoephedrine illegally. They combine it with other products to make methamphetamine . Meth is an illegal and dangerous street drug. To help keep people from making meth, OTC medicines that contain pseudoephedrine are sold behind the counter. In most states, you dont need a prescription from your doctor to buy these medicines. But you will have to ask your pharmacist for them. Additional restrictions include:

  • Limit on the amount you can purchase each month.
  • You must show photo identification when purchasing the medicine.
  • Stores must record and keep personal information about customers who buy the medicine.

Some states have more requirements for medicines containing pseudoephedrine. These requirements may include a doctors prescription.

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Taking Decongestants With Other Medicines

Ask a pharmacist or GP before taking decongestants if you’re taking other medicines.

For example, taking decongestants alongside some antidepressants can cause a dangerous rise in blood pressure.

It’s also important to be careful when taking other medicines if you’re using an “all-in-1” decongestant remedy.

“All-in-1” decongestants also contain painkillers or antihistamines, so it could be dangerous to take extra doses of these medicines at the same time.

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Major Pharmaceuticals Sudogest Pe Generic

Sinus Conditions and Nasal Decongestants with Dallas ENT Dr. Allison Wyll

Formulated to temporarily relieve sinus congestion and pressure, Major Sudogest PE Nasal Decongestant is a non-drowsy medication that promises to clear out your sinus and ears just minutes after a dosage. The medication contains phenylephrine HCl which is one of the most popular decongestant ingredients available as an over the counter purchase.

The reason why this product has made it as the second best is because its reliable when it comes to flushing out as much mucus as possible. This makes it a great option if youre experiencing severe congestion of the nose and ears.

Effects of the medication last for only 4-6 hours, so you might need to take another dosage later on to sustain the relief. Regardless, its a reliable solution that you can depend on to get rid of that stuffy feeling when it starts to creep in.

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Tips To Prevent Sinus Infections

In order to avoid ear pain and temporary hearing loss due to clogged ears as a result of sinus infections one must prevent sinus infections. Here are some tips to help you prevent sinus infections and avoid the complications associated with it.

  • Control your allergies.
  • Keep hydrated, which keeps mucus thin.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption, which can worsen mucus.
  • Minimize exposure to people with cold or flu.
  • Always wash your hands and avoid germs.
  • Avoid chlorinated swimming pools.
  • Take a nasal spray or decongestant prior to flying.
  • Dont smoke, which can aggravate sinusitis, or quit smoking.

These tips can better help protect you against sinus infections. If you do develop a sinus infection, begin treatment right away to reduce complications.

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Ocean Saline Nasal Spray

When it comes to simplicity and safety, Ocean Saline Nasal Spray is a hard one to beat. This product incorporates very few components and uses salt as its major active ingredient. It draws out the mucus and dislodges accumulated phlegm to clear out the airways.

Ocean Saline Nasal Spray is highly effective, giving instant relief for both adults and children who use the solution. The only issue some users have with the product is that relief duration may vary, especially depending on the extent of congestion.

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How Do Nasal Sprays Unclog Ears

Your sinuses are connected from the nasal passage to the ears and down the back of the throat. A sinus inflammation or sinus blockage can create pressure inside the ear, thus causing a clogged sensation.

Nasal sprays shrink the blood vessels and tissues in the sinuses, thereby reducing swelling and inflammation. It also provides moisture and relieves sinus blockage.

Other Ways To Unclog Ears

Vicks Sinex Decongestant Nasal Spray
  • Use a humidifier or inhale steam to treat sinus inflammation and pressure.
  • Apply a warm washcloth or covered heating pad against the ear.
  • Blow through one nostril while blocking the other.
  • Drink plenty of water or other fluids to thin out nasal mucus.
  • Avoid caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and high-sodium foods to prevent worsening of congestion
  • Check for wax buildup.

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Visit Dr Goldbergs Office For Professional Help Resolving Your Ent Issues

Whether you are concerned about ear congestion alone, or you have a number of lingering sinus/allergy symptoms, Dr. Joshua Goldberg is a uniquely qualified choice for your care. The Greater Philadelphia areas patient-preferred otolaryngologist, Dr. Goldberg combines his years of expertise with a compassionate, individualized treatment approach to offer the highest level of care. If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Goldberg, you can reach us at 215-659-8805.

What Medicine To Avoid When You Have Clogged Ears

If you have an ear infection it is not recommended that you try either decongestants or antihistamines as they will not make a difference to your symptoms.

Of course, if this is not the cause of your problems they may help. Its useful to keep track of your symptoms to try to work out whats going on or visit a doctor for a diagnosis.

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Why Is Sinus Pressure In The Ears So Painful

When experiencing pain and pressure in the ears caused by sinus congestion, there are many questions that may cross your mind. How do I make it go away? The cause of the pain in your ears is usually due to sinus pressure. This is because sinus congestion and stuffiness can affect the pressure in your ears. The pressure in your sinuses affects more than just your nose. It can also cause pain in your ears, dizziness, and the feeling that your ears feel stuffed up or clogged. The good news is, there are several remedies to bring you relief.

How To Take Decongestants

Top 5 Best Nasal Decongestant Spray Review [2022]

Always follow the dosage instructions on the label or from your healthcare provider.

You can use most decongestants three to four times a day. Extended-release versions are used once or twice a day.

Nasal sprays work faster than oral decongestants. But don’t use them for longer than recommended. They can irritate your nasal passages and make congestion worse.

Some products contain a decongestant and a painkiller. Check the label before taking these with any additional drugs. That’ll keep you from doubling up on medications.

Your healthcare provider and pharmacist can tell you which drugs can be safely combined.

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How Often Can You Use Saline Nasal Spray

If youre using a saline nasal spray to relieve your stuffy nose, always follow the manufacturers recommendations for dosage. Overall, you can use a saline nasal spray as needed to relieve congestion and a stuffy nose. Its best to use it once or twice a day maximum if possible. Unlike medicated nasal sprays, saline spray does not have a rebound effect which means using medicated sprays too frequently could actually make your symptoms worse. When possible, try to use a saline nasal spray instead of medicated sprays for dry, irritated nasal passages and a mild stuffy nose.

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The 5 Best Decongestants For Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Philip Scolaro, MD

If you experience eustachian tube dysfunction, you know the feeling of fullness and pressure that fills your ears. Naturally, you want to alleviate this feeling however possible. But what is the best way to accomplish this?

Lets explore the best decongestants for eustachian tube dysfunction so you can you choose the one thats right for you.

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How To Use A Nasal Spray To Unclog The Ears

Nasal sprays should be used with care to reduce the risk of eardrum damage caused by the high pressure:

  • Keep your head in an upright position.
  • Shake the bottle well before use and read instructions carefully.
  • Gently squeeze or pump the bottle.
  • Inhale gently with your mouth closed.
  • Point the nozzle towards your neck or ear.
  • Bend your head and look at the floor as you spray into your nose.
  • Keep sniffing as you spray but only hard enough to feel it in the back of the nose.
  • Pinch your nose as you pop your ear and blow gently .
  • Never use the nasal spray in the ears, especially if you have ear discharge or a history of ear perforation.

Recall High Blood Pressure Medicine

Clear Sinus &  Ear Decongestant Capsules â SinCityScuba

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Mucinex Nightshift Sinus 6 Fl Oz Relieves Fever Sore Throat Runny Nose Sneezing

  • Both formulas help relieve sinus pressure and sinus congestion, and nasal congestion due to the common cold, hay fever, or upper respiratory allergies.
  • 20-count of sudafed pe sinus congestion day + night maximum strength decongestant tablets to temporarily relieve sinus pressure and sinus congestion for both day and night.
  • From the #1 pharmacist recommended brand among oral otc decongestants, this maximum-strength formula can be used by adults and children 12 years and older for powerful relief.
  • Each multi-pack contains 20 tablets of nasal decongestant, with 12 daytime and 8 nighttime tablets for powerful symptom relief throughout the day and while you sleep.
  • Each daytime and nighttime dose contains 10 milligrams of the nasal decongestant phenylephrine hcl and each nighttime dose also contains 25 milligrams of the antihistamine diphenhydramine hcl.

Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus oil can help relieve sinus congestion. Possessing strong anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties, this natural tonic may be what you need to get rid of sinus pressure.

Eucalyptus oil has emerged as an effective and safe treatment for sinusitis, mainly due to one key component: 1,8-cineole.

  • Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to hot water and inhale the steam. Repeat the process a few times until you get complete relief.
  • Also, dilute a few drops of eucalyptus oil with some carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil. Rub this gently on the affected areas around the nose, forehead, temples, and cheeks.

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