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Inhaling Steam For Sinus Congestion

Use Steam To Remedy Your Allergies Today

How to do Steam Inhalation for Sinus Congestion

If you would like to begin remedying your nasal allergies today, then be sure to visit our website and learn more about our products. You will also be able to learn about the benefits of steam and why so many medical professionals recommend it. If you have any questions about our product or the benefits of steam, our helpful representatives will be able to help so dont hesitate to get in touch!

How To Choose The Best Steam Inhaler

These are the few things you have to consider while buying the steam inhaler.


Most of the steam inhalers are constructed by commercial grade plastics which gives a long lasting performance without acquiring any damage or rust. Since it is made up of plastic, it will be very light to hold and it also should be comfortable to use on your face.


Medical grade steam inhalers are the expensive ones but they give quality performance throughout its life span. Price varies depends on the quality of the product so if you buy a higher end model, it costs a little bit expensive but gives longer term performance and if you buy an entry level personal steam inhaler, it costs less and gives short term performance.

Steam generation

A good steam inhaler shouldnt tend to deliver hot water droplets instead of heated steam and the amount of steam generation varies depends upon the capacity of the inhalers.

Ease of use

While you buy the steam inhaler, consider the length of the power cord because if the power cord length is large, it is ideally suitable to use.


People with the breathing difficulties, need to take the steam inhaler with them everywhere they go, in this case you need a compact model so check whether the product is smaller before purchasing them.

Aromatherapy capability

If you want to add essential oils in your steam, you have to pay special attention while you choose the steam inhaler because not all the inhalers inherit the option to add oils into it.

Steam Inhalation Not Effective For Nasal Congestion In Sinusitis

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Advising patients with chronic sinus congestion to use nasal irrigation, a popular non- pharmacologic treatment, improved their symptoms, but steam inhalation did not. It can also cause burns. More than 25 million people in the United States and about 2.5 million Canadians suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis, or sinus infection. During sinusitis, the small air-filled cavities behind the cheekbones and forehead become inflammed and blocked. This leads to nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing, headaches and a compromised quality of life. To alleviate symptoms, steam inhalation and nasal irrigation are widely suggested as an alternative to common treatment with antibiotics, which are often not effective and contribute to antibiotic resistance. Nasal irrigation which uses salt water solution to clean the nasal cavity and flush out mucus, did help relieve symptoms.

Canadian Medical Association Journal

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Side Effects Of Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation is considered a safe home remedy if done right, but its very possible to hurt yourself unintentionally if youre not careful.

Theres a risk of scalding yourself if you make contact with the hot water. The biggest risk is accidentally knocking over the bowl of hot water into your lap, which can cause severe burns in sensitive areas.

To avoid burns:

  • Make sure the bowl of hot water is on a level, sturdy surface and cant be knocked over.
  • Dont shake or lean on the bowl.
  • Avoid allowing the steam to make contact with your eyes. Your eyes should be closed and directed away from the steam.
  • Keep the bowl of hot water out of reach of children or pets.

Steam inhalation isnt advised for children due to the risk of burns. In fact, one study found that most people who received burns from steam inhalation therapy were children. However, you can have your child sit in a steamy bathroom while you run hot water in the shower for a similar effect.

Steam inhalation systems that you can purchase online or in stores are generally safer, as the water is enclosed and cant easily spill on your skin.

Benefits Of Steam Inhalation

Vicks Steam InhalerNasal

A blocked or stuffy nose is triggered by inflammation in the blood vessels of the sinuses, where the blood vessels become irritated due to an acute upper respiratory infection like a cold or sinus infection.

The key benefit of inhaling in moist, warm steam is that it may help alleviate irritation and swollen blood vessels in the nasal passages. The vapour may also support thinning of the mucus in your sinuses, which permits them to clear out easily. It also relaxes throat muscles, lessen soreness and inflammation and dilates blood vessels improving blood circulation. This allows breathing to return to normal and help you to breathe well.

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Do Steam Inhalation At Least Two

Blame it on the nip in the air or pollutants, nasal congestion when the nose becomes inflamed and stuffy mostly due to a cold, flu or sinus is commonly-experienced by a lot of people in the winter months. While it usually subsides on its own, it can be extremely uncomfortable until it lasts. But, instead of relying on temporary measures and OTC medicines, look out for Ayurveda-based solutions, suggested ayurvedic practitioner Dr Dixa Bhavsar.

Heres how some ayurvedic herbs to come to your rescue.

Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler

The personal steam inhaler from Mabis helps you to breathe easily and it is very portable so you can take this personal steam inhaler with you wherever you go. This product is made up of plastic and it has a purple and white inhaler which adds decoration to your room.

It has the adjustable steam flow so you can get effective results from this device and the process will be under your control. It is a classic device for those who are suffering from cold, flu, cough, congestion and sinus infections. Since it is equipped with an extra tray, you can add essential oils to incense.

The main important feature of this steam inhaler is it is provided with an extension tube so you can extend the device based on everyone needs and it cools down the steam if it is hot. This Mabis personal steam inhaler gave many wonderful benefits to its customers so if you have any respiratory problems, buy mabis personal steam inhaler today and it will give amazing results.

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Steam Inhalation For Coughs

Most individuals suffer from coughing due to a change in the weather. The good thing is that steaming for coughs can be highly beneficial in helping you alleviate your cough. A study looked at the uses of steam inhalation for relieving cough symptoms.

The results showed that steaming for cough helps fight symptoms like shortness of breath, stuffy nose, and heartburn.

Neti Pot Beats Steam For Sinus Congestion Relief

Nasal Steam Inhalation for Clarity and Allergy Relief

Rinsing nasal passages with saline solution may improve symptoms, study says

HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, July 18, 2016 — Inhaling steam probably won’t open your chronically clogged sinuses. But nasal irrigation may bring some relief, a new study finds.

“People with chronic and recurrent sinusitis have poor quality of life, similar to having a major chronic disease,” said lead study author Dr. Paul Little, professor of primary care research at the University of Southampton in England.

“It is very nice to be able to provide something really simple that empowers people to manage this problem, helps them with their symptoms, reduces the need to take over-the-counter medications, and makes them less likely to want to see the doctor in future attacks,” he said.

More than 29 million American adults were diagnosed with sinusitis in 2014, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal cavities often caused by a virus, allergy, bacteria, fungus, or possibly an autoimmune reaction.

For those with chronic sinusitis, doctors often recommend steam inhalation or nasal irrigation — rinsing the sinuses with a saline solution.

The steam treatment group was asked to inhale steam for five minutes every day. They were directed to place a towel over their head and stand over a bowl of recently boiled water.

The results aren’t surprising, one doctor said.

The study was published July 18 in CMAJ.

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Doctor Warns Against Steam Inhalation As Covid

MANILA, Philippines With the heightened health and safety protocols brought by COVID-19, some Filipinos are now turning to steam inhalation as a treatment for sickness.

In a virtual symposium recently held by Unilab as part of its Alagang Unilab: HealthierPH Series, pulmonologist and biochemist Dr. Earl Louis Sempio helped shed some light on misinformation surrounding the treatment modality, as well as its pros and cons.

Steam inhalation is widely practiced, especially in homes, because of the relief that it gives a person who may be suffering from the common cold, nasal allergies, or sinus infections. These conditions bring nasal congestion that is very uncomfortable and makes it difficult for someone to breathe, Sempio said.

Steam inhalation, or “tuob,” is the process of inhaling water vapor to relieve stuffy noses brought by a cold or sinus infection. Some use it as a therapy for bronchitis or nasal allergies, while some resort to it when they have fever or flu.

The procedure involves lowering ones head about eight to 12 inches away from hot water and inhaling slowly and deeply through the nose for at least two to five minutes.

While steam inhalation alleviates the symptoms of nasal congestion, Sempio stressed that it is not a cure as it does not address the virus that caused it.

Whats important is to keep yourself hydrated you need to drink plenty of fluids to replenish what is being lost, he said.

Relief At Hand With A Steam Inhalation Machine

There are plenty of medical options out there that doctors will likely be keen to prescribe, but the truth of the matter is that sometimes the old methods work best and serve your body in a more fruitful way. We believe that the Mypurmist combines the best of natural healing with the most effective modern solutions to afford those that suffer from their sinuses a contemporary and efficient means to relief.

The Mypurmist empowers you to harness all of the steam inhalation benefits without the negative optics or the need to find a private place to find relief – anytime, anywhere.

Mypurmist is the world’s most advanced steam inhaler delivering revolutionary natural therapy for congestion relief. You can count on Mypurmist for symptom relief from sinus congestion, colds, flu and coughs. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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Herbs Most Beneficial For Steam Inhalation:

Many herbs can help increase the beneficial effects of steam therapy. Here are five popular choices:

  • Thyme: This herb is an expectorant and has antibacterial properties. “It’s my favorite essential oil for steam therapy because it has great benefits, and it’s not an irritant like some stronger oils can be,” says Jones.
  • Mint: Gershan likes to use mint leaves in steam therapy decoctions. “It has a nice scent, and it helps loosen mucus and is also antibacterial,” she says, but cautions against using peppermint essential oil for steam therapy, as it is very strong. Spearmint oil used in vaporizers may be a better choice.
  • Eucalyptus: Remember when your Mom rubbed Vicks VapoRub on your chest as a kid? That smell you remember is eucalyptus. It’s great for loosening mucus, but use it in small doses, as it can be overpowering.
  • Basil: This is another favorite of Gershan’s. It’s a decongestant and is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial.
  • Rosemary: This herb has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, says Gershan.

The best part of using these herbs? They are readily available locally, or even in your own indoor or outdoor herb garden.

Gershan says to add only the leaves of the plants, as some other parts are not safe to use. And, if you’re trying a DIY method, you can even mix some of the herbs together.

You can also find these herbs in essential oil form to use in a vaporizer at your local Whole Foods, health stores, and online, including .

Steam Inhalation For Sinuses

Vicks Personal Sinus Steam Inhaler with Soft Face Mask ...

Our machine is a medical device which has been developed by medical experts with countless decades in the industry. Using their knowledge and driven by personal allergies that required a superior solution the team has put together this natural and drug-free solution.

The drug-free aspect is a huge benefit, given that certain alternatives require some level of drug which people may not want to take for a number of reasons. Some people prefer to avoid the side effects that could come with those medicines, while some others are simply unable to take them.

This medical device uses nothing but natural steam, and heres how it works.

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Can Steaming Help Check Covid

Covid symptoms present in a multitude of ways and combinations, including fever, body pain, diarrhoea, runny nose, stuffy nose, and more. Steaming is helpful when presented symptoms are similar to that of a common cold, causing a stuffy nose and sinusitis.

It is incapable of preventing infection. It is also not capable of killing or destroying the virus or preventing its replication, as many sources have wrongly claimed.

Steaming is helpful in relieving congestion in the nose and upper respiratory tract, said Gagandeep Kang, virologist and professor of microbiology at Christian Medical College, Vellore. But it does nothing whatsoever to prevent Covid or treat the virus or affect the progression of the disease.

Even in cases of common cold, steaming can only relieve symptoms. It does not clear the infection any faster or kill the virus.

Additionally, any respiratory or breathing distress itself cannot be relieved by steaming, clarified Kang. That is caused by the disease, while congestion and cold-like stuffy nose are only symptoms that can be alleviated through steam inhalation.

Steam inhalation without congestion could worsen other respiratory conditions like asthma. Use of essential oils in steam could also potentially lead to seizures.

So exercise caution while opting for steam therapy. Its definitely not the cure all, that it is at times made out to be.

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Cvs Health Steam Inhaler

HSA/FSA Eligible

  • Helps provide relief support from allergies, sinus congestion, and colds
  • Quick and easy 5-15 minute treatment
  • Variable steam control for maximum effectiveness
  • Warm, 5-15 minutes of operation, personal use, 2 years warranty

If you’re suffering from a dry nose and the symptoms of allergies, sinus congestion, or a cold, the CVS Health Steam Inhaler can help. This compact steamer helps provide you with soothing vapor therapy. Water is one of the most important and essential nutrients for a healthy body. All of your bodily functions require sufficient hydration in order to work properly, and dry or arid climates can cause extreme discomfort.

When you have a cold or flu, it can dehydrate your body. This special steam inhaler produces soothing steam that helps keep your throat and nasal passages hydrated to give you temporary relief from coughing and congestion. The result? You may get better breathing support and more comfortable sleep at night. The fast treatment takes about five to fifteen minutes to offer support, and the unit features variable steam control for maximum results.

Product Type

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Does Steam Inhalation Help You Combat Covid

Amidst the rising number of coronavirus cases, people are looking for ways to safeguard themselves from the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus. Recently social media is stormed with a claim that says, steam inhalation can fight coronavirus. Read through this article to know about the fact and how steam inhalation benefits your health.

Why Do You Need Steam Inhalers

Inhaling Steam Does This To Your Body

Apart from relieving from the sinus problems, steam inhalers are used for various perspectives namely

  • Used by the people who are suffering from asthma, cold and flu.
  • It also clears and tightens your pores and also using the steam inhalers improve the blood circulation.
  • It rehydrates your nose, throat and relieves congestion.

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More Research To Prevent A Global Threat

It is not a coincidence that researchers are struggling to find alternative methods of treating sinusitis. There is growing concern about the overuse of antibiotics, leading to what is already considered a major scientific challenge: antibiotic-resistant bacteria, necessitating more research in this field.

This global threat is genuine, and we need to find alternative ways to educate and treat people who do not need antibiotics, added Dr. Little. All of this makes even more sense considering that only 2% of sinus infections are caused by bacteria, making antibiotics unnecessary in most sinus inflammation cases. But if that is so clear, why are antibiotics still being prescribed so lightly

What Are The Benefits

Due to acute upper respiratory infection such as a cold or a sinus infection, the blood vessels of the nasal passage may get inflamed which triggers the stuffy nose.

Steam inhalation helps to ease feelings of irritation and swollen blood vessels in the sinus area. Due to therapy, the mucus thins and leads to emptying of the nose easily.

This can allow your breathing to return to normal, at least for a short period of time.

Steam inhalation may provide some temporary relief from the symptoms of:

  • Common cold
  • Breathing problems caused by airway congestion
  • Dry or irritated nasal passages
  • Cough

In addition to helping clear the nose and throat, steam therapy is sometimes used to help with chest congestion.

For example, in a 2018 study on steam therapy with a small group of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , some participants experienced decreased respiratory rate and easier breathing.

Steam therapy may also help people sleep. A 2019 study showed that warm steam inhalation before bedtime helped participants relax and increased deep sleep, which led to improved sleep quality in adult men with mild sleep issues and anxiety.

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