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How Much Does A Sinus Lift Cost

A Sinus Lift Is Often The First Step Towards A Completely Rehabilitated Smile

What is a sinus lift?
  • 1 Setting the Stage for Dental Implants

Like tooth roots, dental implants require a certain amount of bone tissue for support. Without adequate bone tissue, dental implants may not be an option for you. Over time you will lose bone in areas where teeth are not present. When working with the upper arch we are often able to make room for dental implants by lifting the sinuses.

  • 2 Long-Term Benefits

Dental implants halt the bone recession that follows tooth loss. With proper care, your augmented upper jaw will retain its bone tissue, allowing you to experience the benefits of implants for decades.

  • 3 Safer Treatment

Depending on the state of your upper jaw, placing implants could easily harm the maxillary sinuses without first undergoing a sinus lift.

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All our dentists who fit implants have undergone further postgraduate training and are fully qualified to offer implant treatment. If youre interested in implant treatment or think you may need a sinus lift, get in touch with your local practice to discuss your options.

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More about dental implants including sinus lift aftercare, bone grafting and what happens when you have an implant placed.

How Is A Sinus Lift Surgery Done

Now, we’ll go over what you can expect in surgery so that you’re fully prepared and confident as you go into your sinus lift. Here’s a general sequence of events that take place during sinus lift surgery:

  • The surgeon cuts the gum tissue.
  • The tissue is raised, exposing the bone underneath.
  • The surgeon cuts a small circle in the bone.
  • The surgeon lifts the bony piece into the sinus cavity space and fills the hole with a bone graft.
  • The surgeon closes the incision.
  • The healing process begins.
  • In about 4-12 months after your sinus lift surgery, your dentist will place your implants. This time in between gives the new bone time to merge correctly with your existing bone. The amount of time between your surgery and getting your implants placed depends on how much bone you needed. Your dental professional will let you know when they’ll be able to place your implants.

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    What Is A Sinus Lift Operation

    It’s a surgical procedure which grafts bone to the upper jaw at the position of the molar and premolar teeth. The maxillary sinus membrane is lifted upwards to make space for the additional bone.

    The sinus system has several parts but it’s the maxillary sinuses which sit closest to our teeth. You might sometimes get a toothache when you have congestion or a bad cold this is because the pressure on the sinuses transfers to the tooth roots in the upper jaw.

    The technical name for this procedure is a maxillary sinus floor augmentation but you may also hear the terms sinus augmentation and sinus graft used. A specially trained dental clinician, periodontist or oral surgeon carries out the surgery.

    Sinus Surgery Cost Have Increased As With Other Healthcare Procedures


    This situation has opened the door to abuse. Some surgeons code for multiple sinus interventions, which are either unnecessary or not even performed. Altruistically, this might have been done initially to ensure that the rebate to the patient and thus the final out-of-pocket costs were minimized for a relatively complex surgery involving time, skill and expertise.

    However, for some providers, its has now become standard to both over-apply coding and give a large patient gap , and rarely for complex surgery. This not only undervalues those performing complex surgery, but is a financial burden to both patient and health system. Importantly, it represents, unnecessary surgery and poor professional decision making, at best, and medicare fraud when the surgery isnt even performed, at worst.

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    Financing And Payment Options

    Dr. Anderson makes sinus lifts affordable to those who need it. Our practice accepts Medicaid as well as most types of insurance. We can assist with filing claims and providing documentation. Our practice also accepts CareCredit®, which breaks the total cost of a sinus lift into affordable installments. In-house financing plans are also available, putting a healthy smile within reach.

    Who Makes A Good Candidate For Sinus Surgery

    The ideal candidate is someone who suffers from chronic sinusitis, sinus infections, headaches, facial pressure, drainage, or teeth pain and has already tried a variety of remedies, including antibiotics, allergy medication, and sinus rinses.

    Some patients have breathing issues due to a crooked septum, which makes half of the inside of your nose larger and can cause your turbinates to grow larger as well, blocking breathing.

    You should be referred to an otolaryngologist to see if you need sinus surgery. For the best aesthetic results, find an otolaryngologist whos also a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

    They will likely request a CT scan to check for a deviated septum , enlarged turbinates , infected tissue, and polyps that might be blocking your nasal passages. Typically, surgeons will fix only what a patient complains about. For example, if the scan shows a deviated septum but the patient isnt having any breathing issues associated with it, they wont recommend a surgery that isnt necessary.

    The exceptions are if were doing something cosmetic to the outside of the nose, we sometimes fix it on the inside tooand sometimes we have to fix the septum just to have access to the sinuses, says Dr. Undavia.

    FESS is most successful in patients who have recurrent acute or chronic infective sinusitis. Patients in whom the predominant symptoms are facial pain and nasal blockage usually respond well. The sense of smell often improves after this type of surgery.

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    Closed Sinus Raise Surgery

    We perform the closed sinus raise surgery when the height of the bone area below the sinus is 5mm or more. We break the sinus floor with special tools called osteotome without requiring an extra surgical procedure from the area opened to place a dental implant. Then we perform the sinus raise procedure without damaging the sinus membrane.

    How Long Does It Take

    What is a dental bone graft/ sinus lift for dental implants?

    Nasal polyp surgery itself usually lasts a few hours. If youre undergoing general anesthesia, you may spend the day in surgery preparation and postsurgery recovery.

    In most cases, you should be able to go home the same day as your surgery. Some people may need to stay at the hospital overnight.

    Make sure youve arranged for a ride home and for someone to stay with you overnight to help monitor your condition.

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    The Cost Of A Sinus Lift Procedure

    Like any procedure, there is a cost that accompanies a sinus lift. This cost can typically range on anywhere between $1500 and $2500 per side, depending on which dentistry you go to and the location. This does not include the cost of the dental implants once you have healed from the sinus lift procedure.

    Sinus Lift Cost In India

    Unlike the USA where you have to pay a lot to treat this. You can get a sinus treatment for about 16 000 INR, what that simply means is that to get Sinus on both sides, you will pay about 32 000 INR. But you need to understand that this is not a fixed price, in a situation where you have to use more bone grafts coupled with bone graft putty, the cost will increase.

    Not to worry, Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center will put you through any questions you have on price costs amongst other things. Weve got capable hands that you can trust.

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    Sinus Lifts Surgery In Tijuana

    Dental implants are one of the best options for replacing missing teeth, but if you have insufficient bone mass in the upper back jaw, youll need to prepare the area first with a bone graft and sinus lift procedure. If you want to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of dental implants but you need a bone graft and sinus lift first, call BioDental Care at to schedule a consultation.

    What Are The Risks

    Dental Implant Cost Idaho Falls, ID

    The biggest risk associated with a sinus dental lift is that membrane could tear. If this happens during the surgery, youll either need a patch placed over it or to have the tear stitched. If this doesnt work, the surgeon might need to wait until the hole has time to heal before resuming.

    After the membrane heals, the surgeon can attempt the lift once again. It takes a few months for a torn sinus membrane to heal. Fortunately, it will likely grow back thicker and stronger, increasing the odds of success. Of course, there are other factors involved.

    Any surgical procedure carries the risk of infection but is rarely happens with lifts.

    Rarely, the bone wont integrate with the graft material, never allowing the area to gain a blood supply. If this happens, there wont be any live bone to support any implants, causing them to fail if installed. If your implants fail, you can repeat the dental lift procedure.

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    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Sinus Surgery


    • Recovery isnt typically painful, just uncomfortable , and you can usually head back to work after a week of downtime.
    • Results are permanent, and the revision rate for sinus surgery is low.
    • The surgery can be life-changing for people plagued with sinus issues.
    • Its almost always covered by health insurance, if you have a documented history of sinus and breathing issues.


    • You can expect drainage, congestion, and crusting for a few weeks after your procedure. You might also have teeth pain and numbness.
    • The surgery doesnt always resolve all sinus issues.
    • Some RealSelf members who rated the surgery Not Worth It were left with empty nose syndrome, a condition where the nasal passages are clear but the patient is still experiencing sinus symptoms and breathing difficulties.

    Understanding A Sinus Lift

    The sinuses are empty, or hollow, civilities throughout the skull. Even though they are hollow, they serve an important purpose to lighten the skull and produce mucus that is used to provide moisture in the nose. There are several different sinuses some are in the cheekbones, while others are in the forehead and behind the nasal bones. In particular, the maxillary sinuses, located in the cheekbones, are the sinuses involved in a sinus lift.

    A sinus lift is a bone graft it is a procedure that is performed when the patients upper jaw lacks the proper quantity of bone for an implant. During the procedure, an incision is made into the gum, revealing the bone. The dentist then cuts the bone and pushes it upward. As the bone moves upward, it also pushes the sinus up too, essentially lifting it. Bone grafting material is then packed into the space created by pushing the bone upwards.

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    What Is The Cost Of A Sinus Lift X

    Since sinus lifting is a semi-invasive procedure, it needs a thorough inspection from the dentists end. To get to the root of the problem, dentists need to run several tests. Before the surgery, dentists take a panoramic X-ray or CBCT scan to evaluate the condition of the maxillary alveolar bone and natural teeth. The average cost of sinus lift X-rays and other tests lies between $130 to $150. You can get in touch with our representative too for a break-up of prices related to the maxillary sinus elevation surgery.

    Is A Sinus Lift Worth The Money

    Post-Operative Guide To Sinus Lift Surgery | Dr. John W. Thousand IV

    A sinus lift is definitely worth the money because it is a corrective treatment that allows safe dental implant placement. Since it aims to reconstruct the bone structure of maxillary alveolar bone, your implants can also last for a long time. If you lost teeth and did not get replacement treatment, there is a high probability you need it because of bone loss. Not only does maxillary sinus elevation prepares the upper jaw for implants, but it also improves jaw alignment and facial asymmetry. Overall, there is much more to gain than lose from this treatment.


    The average sinus lift cost depends on several factors. It all boils down to the situation of the patient and how much bone loss there is in the maxillary alveolar bone. Moreover, factors such as graft material, whether or not both sides are affected, the preferable technique, etc. also influence the price.

    Maxillary sinus elevation is the most reliable and effective procedure for the reconstruction of the upper jaw bone after its deterioration due to tooth loss. It helps change your smile dramatically and enhances your jaw structure. It may be slightly invasive but it allows dentists to reinvent your smile by placing implants safely. Therefore we can conclude that sinus lifts are crucial for the success of your implants if you want durable and problem-free implants in the future.

    How much does a sinus lift cost? CostHelper. . Retrieved August 11, 2022, from

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    What Are The Potential Risks Of Sinus Lift Surgery

    1) Puncturing The Sinus Membrane

    Several complications can happen after you have had sinus lift surgery. The most likely risk is puncturing the Schneiderian membrane.

    During a sinus lift surgery, it is impossible to see the sinus. Thus the surgery is done blindly so there is a risk of accidentally damaging this membrane. When this happens it may lead to other issues. There is a possibility of developing sinusitis.

    A punctured sinus membrane may also cause the maxillary sinus and oral cavity to communicate abnormally. Other complications include, the nose shedding graft particles or nose bleed.

    2) Inadequate stability for dental implant

    Another risk of sinus lift surgery is inadequate stability. If the procedure is not done properly it can affect the stability of the dental implant. For the implant to be successfully inserted and last, the height and width of the bone must be sufficient.

    If the sinus lift surgery is not properly done the bone volume may not be enough to accommodate the dental implant. This will prevent the implant from having adequate stability.

    3) Infection

    An infection is the most common complication associated with surgical procedures. The site where the operation was done can become infected for various reasons. This may be due to bad oral hygiene or the sinus being diseased. Also, the surface of the implant or the graft material may be contaminated. Keen attention must be given by both medical professionals and patients to avoid infections.

    What Are The Risks And Potential Side Effects Of Sinus Surgery

    All surgery carries some risk from the anesthesia and the possibility of infection during recovery. The most common side effect of sinus surgery is nosebleeds, which can be avoided by not blowing your nose or being too active for the first three weeks.

    Some patients report a decreased sense of smell or tasteit is temporary in most cases but potentially permanent. A few people have also noticed that their voice has changed, either in resonance or quality.

    Another potential downside cited by Stanford Health Care is that the surgery doesnt help allergies. If you have significant allergies causing the nasal polyps, youll need to continue taking sinus medications, though maybe less frequently or at a lower dose.

    Rare complications include:

    • Injury to the eye or tear ducts, resulting in excess tear production or permanent double vision or blindness.
    • Damage to the surrounding structures of the face and a chance of bleeding into the eye socket, which can lead to vision problems if not caught early.
    • Fluid leaking out of the brain cavity or the spine, causing meningitis.

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    What Is The Average Cost Of Sinus Lift Surgery

    The average cost of this surgery can vary depending on the factors as mentioned above. The procedure can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars due to the Sinus lift surges in Los Angeles.

    Be sure to discuss all of your options with your dentist or oral surgeon before doing the procedure. It will help you better understand what to expect in terms of cost.

    Sinus Lift Surgery For Teeth Implants: Procedure Costs And More

    Sinus Ct Scan Cost In Chennai

    Being told you need a sinus lift before getting tooth implants may seem daunting, but there is no need to worry. It’s a relatively common restorative surgical procedure that can make it possible for you to have implants even after suffering bone loss.

    Here you can read all about what a sinus lift for implants involves, what sinus surgery costs in the US, and what to expect afterward. Don’t miss our tips for reducing the cost of the procedure it’s possible to save hundreds if you know how!

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    Ways To Save Money On Sinus Surgery

    Getting teeth implants is costly enough without having to fork out hundreds or thousands of pounds just to prepare your mouth for them. Fortunately, there are ways you can save money on your sinus lift procedure costs.

    Firstly, enquire about prices with several different dental clinics in your area. Not every dentist has the specialist training to perform this procedure, but among those that do, you might find quite a variance in price.

    Secondly, consider getting your sinus augmentation treatment abroad . The cost of oral surgery in countries like Hungary and Turkey is much lower than in the UK but clinics are subject to the same high standards. They are also cheap to reach with a low-cost airline.

    Below is a table showing average sinus lift costs in different countries:


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