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Which Sinus Medicine Is Best

When Should I Call The Doctor About A Cold Or Sinus Infection

OTC Sinus Meds

Most colds go away without medical treatment. If you have pain around your face or eyes, along with thick yellow or green nasal discharge for more than a week, check with your doctor. Also call them if you have fever or symptoms that are severe or don’t get better with over-the-counter treatments.

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Why Should I Buy A Best Nighttime Sinus Medicine

You can tell if you need or want a best nighttime sinus medicine by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you can’t bear to go with the old one, you could always sell it and put the money toward the purchase of a replacement.Finishing your project in this manner is a lot of fun and simple to do.

How Long Will It Take To Feel Better

Sinus infections are usually caused by viruses and typically will get better over five to seven days, Dr. McCormick says. If the symptoms persist for longer or the symptoms get better but quickly return, patients should see a doctor to determine if they need antibiotics or if there is another cause for their symptoms, he adds.

While these medications will help you feel better, they wont necessarily wipe out your symptoms completely. And, because sinus infections are usually caused by a virus, you just kind of have to ride it out. Dr. McCormick also recommends doing saline irrigations with a nasal spray or neti pot to help you feel more comfortable while you wait.

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Is Pseudoephedrine Safe Why Is It Sold Behind The Counter

Pseudoephedrine is safe and effective when taken as directed. But some people use OTC pseudoephedrine illegally. They combine it with other products to make methamphetamine . Meth is an illegal and dangerous street drug. To keep people from making meth, OTC medicines that contain pseudoephedrine are sold behind the counter. In most states, you dont need a prescription from your doctor to buy these medicines. But you will have to ask your pharmacist for them. Additional restrictions include:

  • A limit on the amount you can purchase each month
  • Customer purchasing history

Some states have more requirements for medicines containing pseudoephedrine. These requirements may include a doctors prescription.

Boiron Sinuscalm Tablets For Sinus Pain Relief Runny Nose Congestion Sinus Pressure Headache 60 Count

PhysiciansCare Sinus Medicine Packets, 50 / Box (Quantity)

Features :

  • Targets sinus pain with a stuffy or runny nose.
  • Non-drowsy and wont mask symptoms of a more serious condition
  • Homeopathic multi-symptom sinus Relief medicine, non-habit forming and no risk of a rebound effect
  • Slightly sweet pellets melt under the tongue without water, chewing, or swallowing pills. Pellets can also be dissolved in water for children or seniors. Recommended for everyone ages 6 and up.
  • Available over the counter in a box of two multidose tubes for home or on the go

Additional Info :

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What Is The Most Common Medication Allergy

Penicillin is the most common drug allergy. If you have an allergic reaction after taking penicillin, you dont necessarily have a similar reaction to related medications such as amoxicillin. But it is more likely to happen. Allergies to epilepsy drugs, aspirin, ibuprofen, and chemotherapy drugs are also common.

Can You Take Sinus Decongestants If You Have High Blood Pressure

Phenylephrine is not considered to be safe if you have high blood pressure. Sinus decongestants that contain pseudoephedrine may actually raise your blood pressure and counteract the blood pressure medication that youre on. If you have high blood pressure, you should speak with your doctor about which decongestant they recommend for you.

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Prescription Medication For Sinus Congestion

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that you see your healthcare professional if over-the-counter medications are ineffective in reducing inflammation and relieving sinus congestion within a week. Your doctor may prescribe prescription drugs, such as antibiotics, for acute sinusitis . Also, you should get medically reviewed if you have a fever , worsening symptoms, or frequent sinus or nasal congestion.

Try: Vicks Sinex Severe Sinus And Nasal Spray

Tivic Health ClearUP uses microcurrents to relieve sinus pain without medication

Just like oral decongestants, Vicks Sinex works by shrinking swollen nasal membranes. But thanks to the direct contact of the active ingredient, oxymetazoline, relief lasts longer: 10 to 12 hours. As it starts to work, it may cause temporary stinging, burning, or sneezingbut youll be breathing more comfortably in no time.

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Best Cold Medicine For Sore Throat

A sore throat can be uncomfortable, and even prevent you from consuming the nutrient-rich foods that will help with your recovery. Local anesthetics, like a chloraseptic spray or throat lozenges, can help with this discomfort. A sore throat may also be caused by postnasal drip, and using an OTC antihistamine can provide symptom relief, as well. If your sore throat persists, you might want to be checked for strep throat.

What Home Remedies Can Help Relieve Sinus Congestion

When your nose is stuffy and congested, you can keep your nasal passages and sinuses moist by:

  • Using a humidifier or vaporizer
  • Inhaling steam from a hot shower or pot of hot water
  • Drinking plenty of fluids to thin out the mucus
  • Using a saline nasal spray to keep your nasal passages from drying out
  • Applying a warm, wet towel to your face to help open up your sinuses
  • Avoiding chlorinated pools
  • Trying a neti pot or nasal irrigator to flush out the sinuses
  • Keeping your head elevated when lying down
  • Avoiding blowing your nose too forcefully, which can force the mucus into your ears or other parts of the sinuses
  • Applying eucalyptus oil to a tissue paper and sleeping next to it or adding it to hot water and inhaling the steam

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Boiron Sinuscalm Tablets For Sinus Pain Relief Runny Nose Congestion Sinus Pressure Headache 120 Count

Features :

  • SinusCalm tablets relieves nasal congestion, sinus pain and pressure, and headache due to the common cold or allergies.
  • The non-drowsy, quick-dissolving tablets are phenylephrine-free and wont interact with other medications. Free from preservatives and artifical colors & flavors.
  • Non-habit forming and no risk of a rebound effect
  • Tablets dissolve quickly under the tongue without water, chewing, or swallowing pills.
  • Available over the counter in a box of two multidose tubes for home or on the go

Additional Info :

Diabetes Eye Injection Medicine

Sudafed PE Sinus Pressure + Pain Relief Decongestant Tablets, 24 ct ...

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Urgent Advice: Call 111 For Advice Now If:

  • you take too much pseudoephedrine

Taking too much pseudoephedrine can be dangerous.

It can make you restless or your heartbeat fast, and make you feel sick or vomit. You may also have difficulty peeing.

Go to or call 111.

If you need to go to A& E, do not drive yourself. Get someone else to drive you or call for an ambulance.

Take the pseudoephedrine packet or leaflet inside it, plus any remaining medicine, with you.

What Is The Best Home Remedy For Dog Allergies

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Got Allergies Consider An Antihistamine

Swelling of the nasal tissues, especially when caused by allergies, often triggers increased mucus production, which can further obstruct your airways, explains Dr. Auth. Over-the-counter antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine and loratadine , can help dry up excessive mucus, he says. If youre taking an antihistamine during the day, check the label carefully and choose one labeled nonsedating.

Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Nasal Mist


Nasal saline is a solid day-to-day way to clear out your sinuses and can be used as often as five to six times per day when you’re feeling the brunt of sinus pain and congestion, says Dr. Zalvan.

This is portable, preservative-free, sterile, and most importantly, aerosolized, allowing for deeper access to the sinuses, he says.

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When To See A Doctor

In some cases, at-home remedies might not do the trick. If you arenât feeling better after a few days, have a fever that isnât going away, are wheezing, or canât seem to shake the infection, make an appointment with your doctor. Chest congestion may indicate a condition more serious than the common cold or bronchitis.

Below are some ways you can feel better while your body fights off acute bronchitis:

  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Use a clean humidifier or cool mist vaporizer.
  • Use saline nasal spray or drops to relieve a stuffy nose.
  • For young children, use a rubber suction bulb to clear mucus.
  • Breathe in steam from a bowl of hot water or shower.
  • Suck on lozenges. Do not give lozenges to children younger than 4 years of age.
  • Use honey to relieve cough for adults and children at least 1 year of age or older.
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist about over-the-counter medicines that can help you feel better. Always use over-the-counter medicines as directed. Remember, over-the-counter medicines may provide temporary relief of symptoms, but they will not cure your illness.

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    What To Do About Your Stuffy Nose And Congestion

    A stuffy nose can be an annoying condition that can linger for days or even weeks. There are many underlying causes for a stuffy nose , but, contrary to popular belief, the nostrils are not clogged by mucus.

    This article explores the causes of a stuffy nose and the various drug and non-drug treatments. It also explains when to call a doctor if the symptoms persist or are a sign of something more serious.

    Boiron Sinuscalm Tablets For Sinus Pain Relief Runny Nose Congestion Sinus Pressure Headache

    Best Medicine For Head And Sinus Congestion
    • Non-habit forming and no risk of a rebound effect
    • Tablets dissolve quickly under the tongue without water, chewing, or swallowing pills.
    • The non-drowsy, quick-dissolving tablets are phenylephrine-free and wonât interact with other medications. Free from preservatives and artifical colors & flavors.
    • SinusCalm tablets relieves nasal congestion, sinus pain and pressure, and headache due to the common cold or allergies.
    • Available over the counter in a box of two multidose tubes for home or on the go

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    Otc Medicine For Sinus Congestion

    When your sinuses become inflamed and congested, this means that the tiny, air-filled spaces that are connected to your nasal cavity have been blocked or are unable to drain normally. This buildup of mucus then causes a feeling of pressure or “fullness” in your forehead, eyes, or jaw. Luckily, OTC medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can alleviate pain caused by the pressure buildup.

    Here are the most common types of OTC medication for sinus congestion:

    1. Decongestant: Nasal decongestants are available in tablets, liquids, and nasal sprays and work by reducing blood flow to the sinuses, ultimately reducing nasal swelling and inflammation. Popular nasal decongestants include:

    • Phenylephrine with brand names Sudafed PE, Vicks Sinex, and Pretz-D.
    • Pseudoephedrine with brand names Sudafed, Dimetapp Decongestant, and 12 Hour Cold Maximum Strength.

    2. Pain reliever: There are two main categories of pain relievers:

    3. Antihistamines: Antihistamines are commonly used to treat allergies, but they can be used to treat stomach problems and the common cold among other ailments. Antihistamines work by blocking the effects of histamine, which your immune system releases to protect against foreign invasions. Histamines cause symptoms like inflammation, congestion, a runny nose, and sneezing. So antihistamines are designed to alleviate those symptoms. Popular antihistamines include cetirizine and fexofenadine .

    What Is The Best Sinus Relief

    The best relief for sinus infections and headaches may require a combination of treatment tactics. Remedies often include medication for infection and pain. and allergy medications may help, too. Some people also use humidifiers and other methods for keeping the air they breathe moist.

    For those who have a sinus infection, antibiotics are the usual course of treatment. To ensure they work well, patients should follow their doctors instructions for taking their medication and be sure to finish all of it. If a patient discontinues his antibiotics before hes supposed to, his symptoms may return. In fact, ending a course of antibiotics too early can cause bacteria to grow stronger and resistant to the prescribed antibiotic.

    Many people use over-the-counter pain relievers in order to get relief from sinus headaches. Medications that fight pain and inflammation can provide effective sinus relief. For example, ibuprofen and aspirin can provide effective pain relief. Acetaminophen may help as well.

    Antihistamines, medications that reduce allergy symptoms, and decongestants, medications that dry congesting mucus, can be helpful for treating sinus headaches and infections. They help a sinus patient breathe easier. Over-the-counter nasal sprays may work well, too. A doctor may suggest that a sinus patient limit his use of nasal sprays, however, as extended use can lead to addiction.

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    When To See Your Doctor For Nasal Congestion

    See your doctor for nasal congestion if your symptoms last more than ten days, dont respond to over the counter treatment and lifestyle changes, your nasal discharge is yellow or green, or if you experience a fever.

    A fever is an indicator that your symptoms are a result of bacterial infection, which will require prescribed antibiotics.

    Oral Decongestants And Decongestant Sprays

    Doctor: Tried And True Methods For Sinus Relief Are Still Best

    Congestion in the nasal passages and sinuses occurs when blood vessels become swollen with excess fluid. Decongestants help reduce sinuses’ swelling and relieve sinus congestion by reducing blood flow to the nasal passages. OTC nasal decongestants are available as nasal sprays:

    • Oxymetazoline-containing products: Afrin, Zicam Sinus Relief, Nostrilla, Dristan, Vicks Sinus Nasal Spray
    • Naphazoline-containing product: Privine
    • Phenylephrine-containing products: Rhinall, Neo-Synephrine, Little Remedies Decongestant Nose Drops.

    Examples of commonly-used oral decongestants are Sudafed PE and Sudafed . Both of these oral decongestants are available without a prescription, except Sudafed is kept behind the pharmacy counter and available upon request. This restriction on pseudoephedrine is due to the fact that this chemical can be used illegally to manufacture methamphetamines.

    Always use a nasal decongestant according to the package instructions. An OTC decongestant nasal spray should be used for a maximum of 3 days to avoid rebound congestion, i.e., worsening nasal congestion that wont go away.

    You should not take an oral decongestant for longer than 7 days without being medically reviewed, especially if your symptoms worsen or you start having a fever.

    Oral decongestants are not appropriate for:

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