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Best Pillow For Sinus Sufferers

How To Sleep With A Stuffy Nose

Best Hypoallergenic Mattress For Allergies 2022 (Top 5 Beds!)

Wool PillowsHow to sleep with a stuffy nose? Start by preparing yourself before bed.

  • Keep your nasal passages moist: Create a steam bath by filling a bowl with boiling water. Put a towel over your head and breath in the steam for 5-15 minutes. Add eucalyptus or peppermint oil to the water to help soothe and open up your nasal passages to make sleeping with a blocked nose that little bit easier.


  • Blow your nose gently before bed: Try not to blow repeatedly and aggressively, as you will find it irritates the nasal passages and can make the problem worse.
  • Drink plenty of water: Staying hydrated can reduce the discomfort of having your nose blocked at night by helping to stop the mucus from becoming too thick.
  • Tackle allergies: One of the most common reasons for sinusitis and other kinds of sinus pain is a dust mite allergy, or sensitivity to other microbes or fungal spores, especially during the winter months. These allergens like to live in your bedding, mattress and other soft furnishings, causing a stuffy nose and breathing issues when youre shut in a room with them overnight.

The Best Pillows For Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is a condition where a persons breathing stops and starts while they are sleeping. A person may have mild, moderate, or severe sleep apnea. People with this condition may benefit from a particular type of pillow.

Investing in an appropriate pillow can help alleviate symptoms associated with sleep apnea, such as snoring and breathing difficulties.

Obstructive and central sleep apnea are the two main types.

Central sleep apnea happens when brain signals do not tell the muscles to breathe, and people who have this type may find that pillows do not help.

The most common type of sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea , occurs when the muscles in the throat relax, and using an appropriate pillow may provide benefits.

This article explores 5 of the best pillows for sleep apnea, discusses some alternative remedies, and answers some frequently asked questions.

If youre curious to learn more evidence-based information about the fascinating world of sleep, visit our dedicated hub.

Best For Use With Cpap Machine: Endurimed Cpap Pillow

Some people with sleep apnea may require continuous positive airway pressure therapy . This is a machine that helps a person with sleep apnea breathe.

The EnduriMed CPAP pillow contains contours designed to allow people to sleep more comfortably in their CPAP masks. It is adjustable so that a person can add or remove the foam pad inside to find the right elevation and comfort level.

According to the manufacturer, the design is suitable for front, back, and side sleepers. This pillows shape also allows people to move more freely in the night without risking the wires from their mask becoming tangled.

Positive reviews mention that it is a comfortable pillow that helps keep a persons CPAP mask in place. Negative reviews mention it does not offer enough support for the head or neck.

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What Types Of Wedge Pillows Are Available

While there is not much variation when it comes to wedge pillows, there are differences in materials and design that can affect how the pillow performs. These differences are important for shoppers to understand, as certain characteristics may be better suited for their needs than others.

Memory Foam:Memory foam is a viscoelastic polyurethane foam that responds to heat and pressure to closely conform to the shape of the body. This results in standout pressure relief, as memory foam offers a customized, cushioning feel. Wedge pillows may be entirely made of memory foam, or they may just use a 1- to 2-inch layer of memory foam on top of support foam for pressure relief.

Polyfoam: Polyfoam, or polyurethane foam, is commonly used in wedge pillows. This type of foam typically springs back to shape more quickly than memory foam, and may not conform as closely. Polyfoam can vary in firmness and density, but many wedge pillows are constructed with firm, dense polyfoam for durability and support.

Flat: Wedge pillows have a tapered, triangular shape, but the surface can be flat or contoured. A flat wedge pillow is better for back sleepers and those who want to use the pillow under their legs.

Contoured: A contoured wedge pillow has a curved surface. This type is considered to be the best wedge pillow for side sleepers, as it helps keep the spine aligned by following the curves of the neck, shoulders, and spine. It can also relieve pressure on these areas.

The 6 Most Common Types Of Headaches

Pillows for sinus problems(2021)

Below, Ill go into detail about the six most common types of headaches and their symptoms. While this section might be able to help you identify your headaches if youre having them infrequently, remember that it is no substitute for a doctors advice. If youre suffering from frequent or severe headaches, you should visit your doctor.

For a basic overview on all the different types of headaches, check out this National Headache Foundation chart.

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What Do We Look For When Choosing A Wedge Pillow

We look for a few crucial elements when selecting a wedge pillow, specifically one to help with sinus congestion.

The first attribute we look for is support this is generally dictated by the thickness of the mattress along with the type of material they have used.

Secondly, we look at if it has any hypoallergenic qualities because this can be useful, specifically when dealing with sinus congestion, allergies, and other issues.

The third thing we look for is any additional pieces does it come as a set? Are there ways to make this sleeping experience more comfortable?

We believe we have done the research and found some of the best wedge pillows on the market today, and hope we can help find you relief.

Memory Foam Wedge Pillows

Memory foam is the most popular material for wedge pillows because it withstands weight while maintaining its shape.

Memory foam can trap body heat and become uncomfortable. However, some types of memory foam are made with gel to help reduce heat buildup. You can also try adding a cooling pillowcase.

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Best Adjustable: Allsett Health Adjustable Bed Wedge Pillow

  • Not CertiPUR-US certified

For those interested in an adjustable option, we recommend the AllSett Wedge Pillow. Boasting a seven-in-one design, it can be folded into various configurations to support your head, back, legs, knees, or feet. While it’s not CertiPUR-US certified, the pleasantly firm memory foam is supportive and easy to fold.

We also like that this wedge pillow has a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. At 22 inches wide and 12 inches high, it fits on any bed, no matter your preferred position. You can also fold it into a 9-inch height when you want a little less incline.

Cover Material: Polyester | Fill Material: Memory foam | Firmness Level: Firm | Adjustable: Yes

How To Choose A Pillow If You Have Migraine

5 Sleep Aids That You Can Use TONIGHT!

When shopping for a pillow to help alleviate migraine episodes, start by assessing your sleep patterns.

Are you a back sleeper? A side sleeper? Back and stomach sleepers may benefit from a lower loft, while side sleepers may require a higher loft to keep their spine aligned.

The exact loft you need in a pillow comes down to maintaining cervical alignment. If your head is too elevated and nudges your neck up out of alignment, then your pillow is too high and may contribute to neck pain.

If you move around a lot , finding the right pillow can be tricky since different lofts are best for different positions. In this case, it may be best to train yourself to sleep on your back, as this position supports a neutral spine and may reduce tension headaches.

Always look for a pillow that will provide great support for how you sleep. You might want to try something thats contoured for head and neck support.

Also consider your migraine triggers, as well as what tends to help. For example, if you typically find that a cool cloth or ice pack helps your headaches, try looking for a cooling pillow. If you know scents bother you, look for a pillow that wont off-gas a chemical smell.

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Sleeping With Too Many Pillows

If youre waking up with headaches you might think the best pain relief solution is more pillows. But you should really only be using one good pillow under your head at night to align your spine and avoid pain. If youre sleeping with multiple pillows under your head they could shift at night and lead to muscle tension and headaches. That said, sleeping with extra pillows between your legs or under your arms could improve your sleep quality. Take a look at our how many pillows should you sleep with article to learn more.

Who Should Use A Wedge Pillow

Many sleepers may benefit from using a wedge pillow, including those who suffer from poor circulation, chronic pain, acid reflux, and sleep apnea. Well detail the kinds of individuals that may benefit from the use of a wedge pillow along with the general benefits of using a wedge pillow here.

Those with Poor CirculationSleepers with poor circulation can place a wedge pillow under their feet and legs to help encourage blood flow to the heart. This keeps blood from collecting in the lower legs and reduces pressure on the veins. Elevating the legs can help reduce swelling and aid in circulation to help prevent blood clots. Leg elevation is also beneficial for sleepers with varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. The wedge pillow should have a high enough incline to keep the legs above heart level.

Sleepers with Back, Neck, or Shoulder PainA wedge pillow can help promote proper spinal alignment and relieve pressure on the back, neck, and shoulders. Sleepers with chronic pain in these areas may want to consider a wedge pillow with memory foam that conforms to the shape of the body and helps relieve pressure. Those with lower back pain may benefit from a wedge pillow with a low incline that can be placed under the knees to relieve pressure on the lumbar region.

Back SleepersA wedge pillow can help back sleepers feel comfortable by supporting the upper body and promoting spinal alignment. A lower incline is often preferred by back sleepers.

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Have A Healthy Lifestyle

Sleep apnea tends to occur most frequently among those with diabetes and obesity. Thus, practicing a healthy lifestyle is one of the most crucial aspects of managing as well as preventing the condition. Consuming balanced, nutritious meals, following a regular sleep schedule, and exercising can help you function better during the day despite the apnea.

Why Trust The Spruce

Perfection Collection Migraine Relief Eye Pillow Masks, Flaxseed Filled ...

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Theresa covers bedding, furniture, and cleaning products at The Spruce and has personally tested products from Brentwood Home, Boppy, Serta, and The Company Store.

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What Is A Nasal Pillow Cpap Mask

Also referred to as nasal pillows, nasal pillow CPAP masks are a smaller-sized mask. These masks are simple to wear while sleeping since they rest right under your nostrils and come with unobtrusive headgear.

You insert your nasal pillow mask at the outer edges of your nostrils, rather than over your entire nose and it rests right above your upper lip. The two pillows or cushions seal to your nose and deliver pressure more directly than some other CPAP masks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedge Pillows

Can I use a regular pillow in place of a wedge pillow?

You may not want to use a regular pillow in place of a wedge pillow, since a wedge pillow will keep the head, neck, and shoulders, at an incline better than a regular pillow. Regular pillows tend to have a flat, rectangular shape, so sleepers may need to stack them to elevate the head, neck, and shoulders. Regular pillows are also more likely to shift throughout the night. A wedge pillow can be more beneficial for sleepers who suffer from sleep apnea, acid reflux, or shoulder pain. For those suffering from ailments that a wedge pillow may help, it is important to consult with a medical professional.

How much do wedge pillows cost?

The price of a wedge pillow will depend on the materials, construction, and brand, but most wedge pillows cost between $50 to $100. More expensive models often use memory foam or high-density polyfoam for increased durability. Budget-friendly models are often made with lower-density polyfoam, so these wedge pillows may not be as durable.

How do I clean a wedge pillow?

Always follow the manufacturers guidelines when cleaning your wedge pillow. Many wedge pillows come with a removable cover that can be hand washed, machine washed, or professionally cleaned. Foam should not be soaked in water or washed as this may damage it, so the interior foam pillow should be carefully spot cleaned as needed.

Where can I buy a wedge pillow?

How long do wedge pillows last?

Are wedge pillows adjustable?

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Reduces Snoring & Sleep Apnea Symptoms

For sleepers who have a problem with snoring or sleep apnea, wedge pillows may be the perfect solution. One of the benefits of a wedge pillow is that it can help with sleep apnea and snoring by keeping your head elevated. When your head isnt properly elevated, its easier for your tongue to relax and block your airways, which can cause you to snore and even wake up throughout the night.

When you have your head on a wedge pillow, gravity helps do some of the work to keep your tongue and other tissues from blocking your airway. That being said, its important to talk to your doctor about your sleep apnea before you invest in a wedge pillow. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that may require a CPAP machine, so its up to your doctor to decide whats right for you.

Best Portable: Serta Wedge Pillow With Antimicrobial Cover

Allergy Symptoms & Treatments : How to Cure Dust Allergies
  • Synthetic fabric cover

Need something you can bring on your next trip? You can’t go wrong with the Serta Wedge. Measuring 22 x 21 x 7 inches, it’s smaller than most others in its category without sacrificing versatility or comfort.

This portable pillow is made of medium-firm, gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool while providing ample support in any position. The super-stretchy ribbed cover zips off and can be tossed in the washer for easy cleaning. Though it may not be as breathable as cotton and other natural textiles, the fabric is treated with antimicrobial protection to keep sweat-causing odors at bay. There’s also a handle on the side for effortless transport.

Cover Material: Polyester | Fill Material: Gel-infused memory foam | Firmness Level: Firm | Adjustable: No

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Coop Home Goods Pillow Is Made Of Bamboo

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Hypoallergenic pillows are pillows that are designed to prevent allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and mold from accumulating on the surface and burrowing into the products filling. This can be imperative to those who suffer from allergies and asthma, as their bedding could trigger symptoms when theyre trying to sleep. Dust mites may be the most common trigger of year-round allergies and asthma, says Melanie Carver, the chief mission officer for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America .

Best For Neck Pain: Tempur

Courtesy: Amazon

  • Too firm for some

Tempur-Pedic has made it easy to address any neck pain while also making sure your allergies arent triggered when using its Tempur-Ergo Neck Pillow. The pillow comes with a 100% polyester knit hypoallergenic cover, which is formulated to seal off any unwanted allergens that might rest on the pillow. The cover is machine-washable, making it easy for you to clean it as often as needed to remove any dust mites. As for comfort, the pillow conforms expertly to your neck, helping to relieve any neck pain and tension. The pillow is more expensive than others on the market, but its comfortability and hypoallergenic cover makes it a good option.

Material: Tempur material and 100% Polyester Knit Hypoallergenic cover | Sizes Available: Travel-sized, small, medium, medium cooling, and large

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Choose The Right Pillow For Your Sleep Needs

So, you think your pillow might be the cause of your morning headaches? Then there are a few things youll want to consider to choose the right pillow to avoid headaches. The most common cause of pillow-induced headaches is neck pain and tension. So the first step is choosing a pillow that supports your neck. Our 5 best pillows for neck pain roundup is a great place to start.

In addition to checking out those options, youll want to consider the below factors when choosing a new pillow.

Pillow Type

The type of pillow you use has a big effect on how supportive it is and what sleeping positions it works for. Our 15 types of pillows you should know about article covers all the different types of pillows you may want to consider. As a general rule of thumb, side sleepers should look for firm, supportive pillows made of materials like memory foam and latex. Stomach sleepers should look for soft, flat pillows made of down or down alternatives. Back sleepers can choose what feels comfortable to them. Choosing a pillow with the right loft and firmness for you will have a big impact on aligning your spine and reducing headaches.

Allergen-free / Hypoallergenic filling

Right Loft for Your Sleep Position

Choosing the right loft for your sleeping position is the key to aligning your spine and preventing neck pain and tension. Which, as we know, prevents headaches. Take a look below to learn what you need for your sleeping position:

Head support

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