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How To Naturally Stop Sinus Drainage

Why Do I Feel Like I Have Mucus Stuck In My Throat

How to stop sinus drainage in throat naturally and immediately Home remedies for post nasal dri

When mucus starts to build up or trickle down the back of the throat, this is known as postnasal drip. Causes of postnasal drip include infections, allergies, and acid reflux. As well as feeling the need to clear the throat frequently, a person with postnasal drip may also experience: a sore throat.

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Can Balloon Sinuplasty Help Your Chronic Sinus Drainage Issues

From chronic sinusitis surgery to the Clarifix procedure, and from septoplasty to nasal polyp removal, there are a wide variety of treatments to treat the underlying cause of your chronic sinus drainage issues.

One treatment, however, has become increasingly popular in the ENT field. Balloon sinuplasty differs from most other types of chronic sinusitis procedures in that it is minimally invasive and can be performed in-office. The procedure involves the inflation of a balloon that has been endoscopically inserted into the sinus cavity, opening the sinus passageways and restoring proper drainage in less than 20 minutes.

Also unlike traditional sinusitis surgery, balloon sinuplasty aftercare is easy, with patients often return to work within 24 hours. The procedure has provided thousands of patients nation-wide with long-lasting results and sinus relief.

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Nasal Saline Washes And Topical Nasal Corticosteroids

Additional treatment options include nasal saline washes, which help move thick secretions from the nasal passages, and topical nasal corticosteroid sprays that reverse inflammation and swelling. The latter also effectively shrink and prevent nasal polyps. Corticosteroid sprays do not get absorbed into the bloodstream and can be used for extended periods without the risk of dependency.

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How Do You Sleep With Mucus In Your Throat


Elevate your head and neck.Sleeping flat on your back or on your side can cause mucus to accumulate in your throat, which can trigger a cough. To avoid this, stack a couple of pillows or use a wedge to lift your head and neck slightly. Avoid elevating your head too much, as this could lead to neck pain and discomfort.

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Similar To But Different From A Common Cold

Its quite easy to confuse the symptoms of sinusitis with a cold they are almost mirror images of each other. But sinusitis tends to persist longer than an average cold. In addition, when left untreated, sinusitis can lead to further complications. In extreme cases, patients may lose their sense of smell or even experience reduced vision. It is therefore important to recognize the symptoms of sinusitis and be prepared to seek treatment if they dont soon improve.

What Causes Sinus Drainage

One of the main causes of sinus drainage is simply being alive. Every day the human body produces several liters of sinus fluid and mucus, and all of that natural liquid must go somewhere. In the case of sinus drainage, fluid from the nasal passages and sinuses drains into the back of the throat, where it is swallowed several times a minute. Eventually, most normal drainage is eliminated through the kidneys as part of a persons urine. Abnormal types of drainage, however, can be caused by factors such as bacterial infections, viral infections, allergens, acid reflux disease, irritating fumes or dehydration.

Some people may experience sinus drainage in the form of a runny nose after eating spicy foods or inhaling an irritating odor. Mucus-producing glands in the nasal area react to such irritants by increasing their production of a watery liquid similar to saliva in texture. By flooding the affected area, the body hopes to wash away the irritants and reduce the inflammation they trigger. This type of drainage is generally thin and clear, and flows freely down the back of the throat or out of the nasal passages. Once the irritant is gone, the drainage generally returns to normal.

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What To Do For Sinus Drainage

What to do for sinus drainage is a question that you may have if this common problem afflicts you.

Intervention revolves around relief of sinus irritation and inflammation and thinning out of mucus that clog the sinus cavities in order to facilitate its outflow through the nose while taking care of other symptoms such as pain. You will also want to eliminate any potential trigger from your environment.

We will discuss specific intervention measures in subsequent sections of this guide.

How Do You Dry Up Drainage In Your Throat

How you can Stop post nasal drip naturally!

How to stop postnasal drip Staying hydrated, which can also help to thin mucus. Use a humidifier or vaporizer to keep the air moist. Propping yourself up with extra pillows when you sleep, so the mucus doesnt collect in the back of your throat. An oral medication such as guaifenesin , which can thin mucus.

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Drink Fluids Especially Hot Fluids

Drink a lot of fluids to thin out mucus. The thinner the mucus, the easier it can pass through your nasal cavities.

Drinking fluids will also moisturize your nasal lining. Hot drinks, like tea or broth, are the best choice. The warmth of these beverages will thin your mucus.

Avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee, caffeinated tea, or soda. Caffeine has a diuretic effect, which may increase your risk of dehydration.

Treating The Underlying Cause

The right treatment for sinus drainage symptoms depends on the cause, which is often the common cold. A cold is a viral infection that goes away on its own, and antibiotics will not help.

If the flu is causing uncomfortable drainage, antiviral drugs may speed healing. However, these medications only work if a person takes them within a few days of noticing symptoms.

Antiviral flu medication is available by prescription only, so a person should see a doctor as soon as they notice flu symptoms.

If a bacterial sinus infection is causing sinus drainage symptoms, antibiotics may help clear the infection.

If an allergic reaction is responsible, a person should undergo allergy testing and receive a diagnosis. Some prescription medications can help.

Chronic sinusitis can also cause uncomfortable sinus drainage. Antibiotics and corticosteroid medications can help, but a person may require surgery if the sinusitis has caused a blockage.

Sinus drainage is a natural process, so a person cannot prevent it. The sinuses drain down the back of the throat and into the stomach. Each time a person swallows, they are swallowing some mucus.

Symptoms occur when there is an excessive amount of mucus, and the mucus is unusually thick.

Common causes of excess sinus drainage include:

  • infections, including the flu or a cold
  • allergies
  • dehydration
  • medications, which can thicken mucus

Also, an injury can affect the ability of the sinuses to drain properly or produce enough mucus.

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When Natural Remedies Fall Short

Natural home remedies are a safe and effective treatment for sinus infections however, you may find that the results are not meeting your expectations. Have you successfully used natural methods and find that you still struggle with chronic or intense sinusitis? If so, there is a safe and minimally invasive solution known as balloon sinuplasty. This simple procedure is done from the comfort of the doctorâs office and gently dilates the sinus cavity to return the body to its natural condition. Once the sinuses are free of blockage, normal flow resumes and the body continues the natural healing process. Imagine a life free of sinus infections and symptoms. Schedule an appointment today with one of our sinus care professionals.

Avoid Alcohol And Cigarette Smoke

Pin by Batie Patterson on Sinus Pressure Points Therapy ...

Avoid alcohol, which can lead to dehydration and worsen postnasal drip. This is especially important if your postnasal drip is due to GERD, as alcohol can worsen your symptoms.

You should also avoid cigarette smoke, including secondhand smoke. Cigarette smoke can increase mucus secretion and irritate your nose and throat. While quitting is difficult, your doctor can help you build a quit smoking plan that works for you.

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Whats Happening In My Body

Most sinus infections come from colds that start in the nose.

A lot of sinus infections are caused by coronaviruses.

These viruses replicate in the nose. Your immune system then kicks off an inflammatory response to help kill the virus. This can cause swelling in the sinuses, leading to your symptoms.

Unlike bacterial infections, viral infections dont respond to antibiotics and usually just need to run their course. But you dont have to take it lying down!

Natural Solutions For Symptom Relief

In addition to the solutions listed above, there are other natural methods that help to minimize the discomfort from sinusitis symptoms. These solutions may not address an underlying infection but can provide relief and improve quality of life during an episode of sinusitis.

  • Warm Compress â a warm towel or compress placed on the face in the area of the inflamed sinus cavity may provide relief from pain and inflammation. This is an effective natural home remedy for sinus headaches.
  • Hydration â Drinking plenty of water will help the body to naturally fight the infection and promote drainage. Hydration from healthy fruits and vegetables may also promote natural healing.
  • Humidifiers â Using a humidifier during the day or while sleeping will keep the nostrils moist and may prevent the build up of blockages. They work both to prevent blockage while also encouraging more effective breathing and sleep. Humidifiers are similar to vaporizers, but generally work with cool rather than hot water. Both humidifiers and vaporizers are effective natural home remedies for sinus congestion however, be sure to follow the directions and clean your humidifier properly to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Elevated Head â Keeping your head elevated when lying down will allow gravity to naturally boost sinus drainage.

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Natural Home Remedies For Sinus Headaches Work

These natural sinusitis home remedies are a safe and effective solution to avoid the side effects that come with using medication. However, they don’t treat the underlying causes of sinus infections, so if you’re suffering from frequent or recurring sinusitis you should see a medical professional.

Often, home remedies for sinus infections are not enough for chronic sinus sufferers. At Gulf Coast Breathe Free we offer a solution to your frequent sinus infections without the use of medication called Balloon Sinuplasty. Balloon sinuplasty is a safe, minimally invasive, in-office procedure that can give you long lasting relief. It is a small balloon that is entered into the sinus cavities and inflated to promote long term natural nasal drainage.

If these home remedies for sinus infections havenât been enough then schedule an appointment today to get long lasting relief from your chronic sinus issues.

Drink Plenty Of Water:

How to ease Sinus Congestion – relieve this naturally, at home

Increasing your fluid consumption will also aid in thinning your mucus and promoting your bodys recovery process. It can also help in keeping your nasal passages and your whole body well hydrated. Dehydration can aid in aggravating your signs and symptoms can even worsen the condition. There are also 2 ways for you to make use of this natural ingredient to deal with and beat off the nasal drip issue:

  • You just need to consume broths, vegetable soup, chicken soup, green tea, and hot lemonade.
  • Throughout the day, you should also consume an ample amount of water. You should choose warm water to drink for achieving the best results as desired.

Avoid drinking soda, alcohol, and caffeine, which can lead to dehydration.theoryofknowledge.net/wp-content/languages/new/where-can-i-type-my-essay.html

This is also one of the most effective tips on how to stop nasal drip naturally that people should learn and make use right today!

Dont think that water is just necessary for satisfying your thirst, it is essential for your nasal system, so try it out!

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Best For Eye: Clearup Sinus Medicine To Dry Up Drainage

Compared with other medicine in this category, the Clearup Sinus Medicine To Dry Up Drainage has a convenient design. The clearup sinus medicine to dry up drainage is designed to be worth every penny and it has provided relief. Its not a pill, nasal spray, or flush. Also, this is a modern, clinically proven way to clear congestion and stop sinus pain.

Most importantly, the clearup sinus medicine to dry up drainage can return for money back guarantee, is great for chronic sinusitis and it is young.

Almost all customers agree that the medicine is easy to use, only takes about five minutes. And, they strongly agree that the medicine can take 25 minutes to get the best result. Moreover, a few say that this machine greatly reduces sinus pain and is very easy to use. Without any doubt, this product passed the test and had very satisfied buyers eager to share their experience.

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  • This works for pain but maybe not for congestion.
  • This is a lot of work to get any benefit.
  • This has helped alleviate congestion.
  • This is not tested or recommended for use on children.

How Can I Prevent A Sinus Infection Naturally

The good news is that some individuals are able to get rid of their recurrent sinus infections by modifying aspects of their lifestyles. To help minimize your risk of sinus infections, you can:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Keep the inside of your nose moist with nasal saline sprays
  • Keep your allergies under control with OTC or prescribed medication
  • Maintain and allergen-free home
  • Avoid nasal irritants such as pollution and smoke

Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping away from allergens, and promoting healthy nasal passages may not solve the problem of how to prevent sinus infections for everyone. Some people are simply more susceptible to sinus infections, regardless of any preventative measures they may take.

However, those unable to prevent sinus infections with traditional methods can come to Sinus Solutions of South Florida for the innovative balloon sinuplasty treatment.

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How To Stop Sinus Drainage In The Throat

Mucus is a substance normally produced by the body. It serves an important role, as it moistens, cleans and protects the lining of the nose and sinuses. But when this mucus is abnormally thick or produced in excess, its presence can be more noticeable and annoying as it drains down the back of the throat.

This sinus drainage, or post-nasal drip, leads to coughing and irritation, and contributes to the misery of colds and seasonal allergies. While sometimes medical attention is indicated, this symptom can usually be alleviated by home treatments.

When Should I See A Doctor

Pin on Sinus Relief

These home remedies for sinus infections are great for acute infections in the upper respiratory system.

But if five days or so pass and youre not seeing any improvement, or if things are getting worse, its probably time to see an ENT doctor.

If you feel a lot more pressure behind your cheekbones and eyes or your nasal drainage has changed to yellow or green-tinged, its likely your sinus cavity has gotten infected from the blockage.

If you have symptoms like a fever, body aches, chills, chest congestion, or a cough, something more serious could be going on. Especially in this era of COVID-19, its a good idea to get checked out just to be safe.

If youve tried these home remedies without luck, contact ENT Associates of Lubbock to see what your next steps should be.

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Hum Your Way To Sinus Pain Relief

“Some people report that humming for one hour improves sinus pain,” says Das. Researchers in Sweden have found that humming can keep your sinuses clear. How could that be possible? Humming may increase both airflow through your sinuses and the level of nitric oxide in your sinuses. The combination of nitric oxide and airflow may reduce your risk of sinusitis. So if you have a common cold or allergies, want to prevent a sinus infection, and know a happy tune that you don’t mind hearing for an hour, you may want to try a little humming.

Causes Of Sinus Trouble

Your sinus trouble can be caused by a number of things, including sinusitis and rhinitis.

Sinusitis is an infection that causes inflammation and swelling of your sinuses. The Infectious Diseases Society of America states that 90-98 percent of sinusitis cases are caused by viruses, which cant be treated with antibiotics. Sinus infections are one of the leading reasons antibiotics are prescribed, but theyre only effective in treating 2 to 10 percent of these infections.

Chronic sinusitis is an inflammatory condition that normally lasts more than three months. Nasal polyps, which are noncancerous growths, often accompany chronic sinusitis.

If you have allergic rhinitis, your immune system triggers the release of histamines that irritate your nasal membranes. This leads to congestion and sneezing. Allergic rhinitis can lead to sinusitis.

Its time to see your doctor if you experience:

  • symptoms that last longer than 10 days
  • a fever of 102°F or higher
  • symptoms that get worse, including a spike in your fever or increased greenish nasal discharge
  • changes in vision

You should also see a doctor if you have asthma or emphysema or you take medications that suppress your immune system.

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